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Work with a 2018 List — no Resolutions

List Yourself as Done with Resolutions

Resolutions can be as useless as a screen door on a submarine. No resolutions free your guilt-laden soul to do other things that make you happier. Work with a list this 2018 year to help keep you on track.

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Promises are easily broken. So for me — even though I have kept some of my personal and work-related resolutions over the years — it’s just not healthy to sweat over the inability to perform under all that angst.

Use sticky notes like they’re going out of style.

I use whatever I find on sale: any color will do. Find a color you will pay attention to, or better yet, select a pad that is graphically pleasing. so many to choose from. I enjoy using shapes: an arrow pad for important items, a flower for some whimsical idea, long lined styles for a list of things to do. Green ones for something new.

Sticky notes are not new my any means but maybe it’s good to bring them back and avoid relying on your cell phone apps to prod you to a goal. Is it becoming easier to dismiss alarms and reminders the longer you have the cell with you? A paper note can live in your work area without harping at you like a 2-year-old. Studies are now showing it may be better to give yourself a disconnection break  — daily.

What? Give Up My Cell?     

cell phone

Cell phone needs a time out

notes are a great tool

Use your notes

Well, no. Not really. Just separate yourself from the total connectivity that you share with your device and give it a rest. Your brain is wired for stimuli, so when you constantly feed it with constant use through your phone’s apps, well, then it becomes an additive habit.

Just think of the days before cell phones … we never talked and walked our way through the market unless we had a friend with us. We never attempted to drive with our phones crammed into our neck while having three conversations. Driving takes a lot more concentration than most 20-year-olds think. Texting and driving? Don’t even go there. Too many have died supporting their need to communicate and feed their habit.

Does It Feel Like You’ve Lost Time?

I use my cell phone. I use several devices. I also know how to ignore them. My neighbors will attest to the fact that I don’t always return calls immediately. I don’t because I chose to control a large amount of my time. If I can accomplish tasks without the bother of calls and texts, then I feel more efficient. I feel that I have completed my tasks in a timely manner.

That satisfaction is worth hours away from the devices that are designed to help us. You see, the more you succumb to the control of the company’s that sell you their products, the more you will retain your personal energy and spirit to do what makes you feel accomplished.

New Year

Enjoy No Resolutions this New Year

Electronic notes available on your desktop or laptop can work just as well. Notes on the bulletin board still work for the family reminders. Using up scrap paper for an unlimited supply of little notes … I can go on and on. The point is keeping reminders around you help you to focus on your goals. You don’t need resolutions written in blood. Your life is in capable hands if you remind yourself who is in charge.

Rusty LaGrange

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