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Cadillac Antiques Cruises Into the High Desert


The quaint pueblo-styled building that once housed Country Styles Western wear for many years is now home to Cadillac Antiques in Lucerne Valley. It’s the most appropriate spot for the new venture run by two local couples, Char and Dave, Patty and Ralph. Or was that Dave and Patty, Ralph and Char? Their shop opened with a bang on July 4th, but this weekend is its Grand Opening.


Step into Cadillac Antiques

Vintage Dressy Doll and Carousel Horse

On Saturday visitors to the antique shop indulged in free hot dogs and sodas out on the open patio, while inside, shoppers wandered through every little nook and intriguing corner. It will take hours to investigate it all. Cadillac Antiques did take advantage of every room to display their ceramic and glass figurines, furniture, handcrafted items, vintage dolls, mid-century collectibles, and jewelry.

There’s even something for the guys,” said Patty Muldoon, pointing to the long back wall that stretched from one end of the building to the other. “We have unusual ‘garage art’ items that are repurposed auto parts, even mid-century bicycles finding a second life as chromed lamps, statues, and what Dave and Ralph call ‘car-lectibles.'”

Garage Art

Repurposed Auto Parts Get a Second Life


Grand Opening of Cadillac Antiques

Char and new vendors show excitement during the Grand Opening

Cadillac Antiques is gaining staff support and antique variety through its eight vendors, who will be learning the ropes and working behind the counter. Patty said that they select their vendors by the quality of the vintage and antique items that they have displayed in other locations around the Victor Valley. It’s one way of keeping the selections of high quality. They also take items on consignment.

Local shoppers who remember the style of the pueblo building will be very comfortable walking into the front parlor. They’ve repainted and redesigned the layout but left the character of the old wood floors and plaster walls in place as a welcoming grande dame of the valley.

Chrome and Upscaled Bike

Up-Cycling a Cycle

For those who want to tell all their antique-hunting friends, Cadillac Antiques is at 32090 Highway 18 on the north side as you enter town. Their hours are currently 10-5 Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Mondays. Their phone is 760-248-2829. Tell them that Rusty sent you.


Rusty LaGrange

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High Desert upcycling your old grader

How to upcycle a grader

Many of us always wondered how do you upcycle a grader.  I’m sure there are volumes of books written on this subject, but I in my most humble way will try to help. First you must have a grader. Make sure it’s clean by using soap or, what I use, is compound – the kind you use on cars.

old antique grader

Next you’ll need a base and any type of material will do. You can use iron,wood, cement, anything that you have that you think will do.I decided upon a wooden platform. Because the wood looked unantiquish, (that is a word because I just made it up), so I took a sledge hammer, hack saw, chisel, and small hammer and beat the tar out of it. Now it looks old!

old beat up wooden platform

At first I put wood stain on the platform but I really didn’t like it, so I painted it red. Then I took the grader and drilled two holes in the handle. I also cut a little piece of aged weather beaten wood to put in the bottom of the grader.

tools of destruction

piece of old wood in the bottom of grader

After the paint dries, take the grader and flip it upside down and screw it into the platform. Now you have a planter or a container to hold your kitchen utensils, grader piggy bank. I also drilled a hole in the back so if you want to hang it on the wall inside or outside then you can. And if you want to change the color to better match your decor just push the bottom wooden piece out, unscrew the wood screws, take the grader off and paint.

upcycled grader

I’m sure the real professionals can do a better job , but this is the best I can do today. Look around at what can you see that you can upcycle at home. Have fun!!

Upcycling and Re-purposing Vintage Creations

Something about vintage pulls me like a magnet.

Recent Vintage Crate Find

That’s why I frequent vintage, thrift, and antique shops and stop for yard sales. Thus, you’ll find me blogging about vintage shopping places and finds in the High Desert.

Do you ever slow down while passing by a yard sale but don’t because you think it’s mostly clothes? Do you know what those clothes can be upcycled into? And don’t ignore the little treasures hiding from the road. Of course, if you don’t stop to check it out, you’ll never know what you missed anyway. However, just in case you do decide to pull over and browse through the yard sale items, you might happen to come across a special item – like I did yesterday. I found a pizza wheel cutter for twenty-five cents. It was a kitchen utensil that I didn’t have and have previously wished for when I occasionally baked pizza at home. I always got by without it, but for a quarter? Finds such as this add to the joy of vintage shopping. Even the small things count like pizza cutters. When is the last time you purchased a pizza cutter at the supermarket? How much was it? I’m just saying.

Then there are particular items I look for called upcycling tools. Upcycling is not only in. It’s fun. Discarding an item you don’t use anymore can easily be turned into a usable commodity. So don’t throw your “no-cycles” into the trash. Your no-cycles can become a treasure hunter’s “upcycles” and be turned into a re-purposed creation that the receiver of the item is going to absolutely be tickled pink over.

So yesterday I also purchased a few tools for upcycling. These tool types are unlike the typical ones you can find at any hardware store. My upcycling tools are whatever fits the need for re-purposing my vintage projects such as these I listed in my Etsy shop the last few days:


Seven Up Bottling Company Los Angeles Upcycled Wall Shelf

Dominoes Magnets











Other vintage items like this little weather-worn jewel makes you want to sit in the garden with a glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon!

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