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Kid-Friendly Gardening in the High Desert


Gardening with Toys

Recently, I drove over to one of my favorite antique shops, Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Camera in hand, I was ready to capture blogging inspiration. That happens to me when I walk through Linda Marie’s mini outdoor vintage village. I tell her, “LM, your shop is like a playhouse for all the little girls at heart.” That goes for us grandmommies, too.


Grandma's Are Just Antique Lil' Girls


That inspiring moment happened when I met a young lady who had found a rooster treasure. She was passing through on Route 66 and couldn’t resist stopping by the enchanting vintage shop. Commenting on the unique vintage roosters she was carrying, I further asked, “Do you mind if I ask what you’re going to do with the roosters?”

“I don’t know. I’m taking it back to my shop.”

“So where are you from, and where is your shop?”

“Vancouver, British Columbia.”

While I was taking a picture of Anna and her cute little rooster group, she introduced me to her shop partner, also “Anna” who had also discovered a unique vintage find. The two Anna’s were enjoying their shopping trip, and it was a pleasure to get to meet them.

Vintage Roosters

Anna's Vintage Roosters





Vintage Roosters

Anna with her new roosters

Anna and Anna, Duchesse Vintage and Such shop owners from Vancouver, British Columbia

Anna and Anna, Duchesse Vintage and Such shop owners from Vancouver, British Columbia

Vintage whiskey treasure from Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures, Oro Grande, CA

Anna's whiskey treasure from Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

Vintage roosters and whiskey treasures

Anna and Anna with their rooster and whiskey treasures from Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures in Oro Grande, CA, Route 66

The next time you go on a road trip to British Columbia, visit Duchesse Vintage and Such and see what interesting treasures you might find. Perhaps you’ll meet Anna and Anna – and possibly rooster and whiskey treasures.

Before I met the two Anna’s that day, my intentions were to find toys used in a garden setting. Linda Marie is exceptional with her gardening ideas. She comes up with fun ideas for flower planters, and I was on a mission to find garden toy planters. Kids love to dig in the dirt. Kids love to play with toys. Combine the two, and teach them how to create their own little gardens with toys that need to be replaced. Don’t trash the toys. Use them in a garden, and let the kids plant the flowers.

Toys for Gardening

Wagons, tricycles, bicycles with training wheels, and doll cribs could make a fun kid’s garden. If you have young children, or grandchildren that visit, look around for toy ideas to make a flower garden. No toys on hand? You’ll find plenty at yard sales for a minimal purchase price. Choose a couple of vintage toys you like, and create a toy garden for your own fun and fond memories to cheer that antique lil’ person in you.

Bicycle with Training Wheels

A Girl's Bicycle with Training Wheels

Red Tricycle

Garden with a Tricycle

Garden Wagon

Garden with a wagon

Doll Cradle

Garden with a doll cradle


Wagon and Dump Trucks for Boys

Gardening for little boys with wagons and dump trucks

Wagon Hayrides

Garden Inspiration: Hayrides and Wagons







































I’d love to hear your own creative ways to garden with toys and how you include your children and grandchildren when you garden. Take a moment to comment about your own kid-friendly gardening.

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