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More Superbowl Menu Ideas

Hosting a Superbowl party is a great way to bring people together, but the responsibility of putting together a menu for game day can be challenging.    First, the food must be easy to eat while camped out in front of the TV.  A few weeks ago, High Desert Blogging posted a list of recipes to help with your menu selection, but we have found a few more that are worth sharing.

Simple ingredients produce a delicious corn and black bean salsaFirst, we have corn and black bean salsa from   We like this recipe because it’s similar to a salad.  Light and refreshing, it tastes good when eaten with a fork, but it’s a substantial and chunky salsa that’s sure to please all the men in your life.

If you’re looking for something different, give the recipe for Creamy Tacos from a try.  The final product is similar to queso dip, but with the addition of meat,beans, and corn, it makes for a hearty filling for a tortilla.  We rolled ours up burrito style.  The best part is that it can all be made in a crockpot.  Creamy TacosOur next selections are some stuffed jalapenos that we found over at  The first one is stuffed with cream cheese and bacon and topped with crushed tortilla chips. tortilla crumb topped stuffed jalapenos with cream cheese and bacon fillingThe second is stuffed with Tuna Salad and topped with cheese before being baked in the oven.  tuna stuffed jalapenosDid you know that chili is one of the most frequently served menu items at Superbowl parties?  No list of menu ideas would be complete without including a few chili recipes, too.

A good thing about chili is that it can be made a couple days in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  Then, pull it out and reheat it in your slow cooker on game day.  The flavors tend to intensify and blend together when chili is made ahead.  This means that the leftovers have more flavor than the fresh chili.

For a traditional chili recipe that can be made in the slow cooker, check out this recipe at chow hound.

imageWant a vegan chili option for your guests? This recipe from Simply Healthy Eats fits the bill nicely.

The opposite of vegan is this recipe for a paleo friendly chili from meatified.  The recipe uses 5 pounds of meat, so it will keep your carnivores happy.

yak meat in black bean chiliIf you want to impress your friends with your trend setting tastes in sustainable food, check out this recipe for Yak Chili. (The recipe can also be made with chunks of beef or with venison.)

All that’s left to discuss is dessert.  No Superbowl party menu is complete without dessert.  Here are a few of our favorites.Chunky Banana Pudding

Chunky Banana Pudding always works well for feeding a crowd.

Another option is the Texas Sheath cake.  I can’t believe I went my entire life without ever hearing about this delicious chocolate cake.

If you’re looking for more figure friendly and healthy dessert options, there is always the option of a fruit platter served with creamy coconut fruit dip, or Baked Maple Cinnamon Tortilla Chips served with Sweet White Bean Dip.    I know that last one sounds really weird, but it was delicious.  It goes well with sliced apples, too.

There you have our updated list of menu ideas for your Superbowl party.  What are your favorites from our list?

Food for the Big Game

It’s almost that time of year again.  You know, the time of year when friends get together to to watch two amazing football teams face off against each other to determine if the AFC or the NFC has the best team this year.

My house will be exempt from a large gathering for a Superbowl party because our TV is smaller than the ones owned by most of our friends.    Unfortunately, many of my friends know that I’m a good cook, so I get lots of calls during the weeks preceding this asking if I can bring something or if I can tell them how to make something that will impress their guests but that won’t be too difficult to put together.

I’ve been scouring the internet searching for easy ideas for Superbowl menus and I’ve come across quite a few ideas.

This pizza pull apart bread is from pattycakespantry.comA popular idea last year was the pull apart pizza bread.  It’s easy to make, and easy to eat.  We liked this recipe from  A  review of this recipe can be found at  I know this is last years big idea, but it was well received, so why change it?  We served ours with a side of easy marinara sauce for dipping.  It was very good.

Another simple solution is to have hot dogs heated in some water in a crock pot.  Did you know that the method of cooking hot dogs by submerging them in water is called “the dirty water method”?    Of course, Mario Batali from The Chew adds a few extra ingredients to his water.  This adds extra flavor to his dogs, but I’m content to just submerge my dogs in plain water.

The idea behind a crock pot full of hot dogs is that you can then set up a hot dog bar with traditional toppings like onions, relish, mustard, and ketchup.  You could also have another crock pot with some chili, a bowl  of shredded cheese and some jalapeno coins.  That would let your guests make chili dogs as well.  shredded cheese and jalapeno coins top the chili dog. Photo credit PattyCakesPantry.comThis same hot dog bar could also be expanded to be a nacho bar by adding a large bowl of tortilla chips that people can top with chili, cheese, sliced green onions, diced tomatoes, sour cream, and black olives.  I know that it’s strange, but I also like to put some shredded lettuce on top of my nachos.  It makes me feel less guilty because it’s like I’m eating a nacho salad.  A bowl of salsa and another containing guacamole would be great here, too.  Chili cheese nachos topped with lettuce, tomato, green onion, sour cream and black olives. Photo credit pattycakespantry.comThere’s a post at Patty Cake’s Pantry that discusses Make Ahead Recipes for the Big Game that includes recipes for two ingredient chicken wings, three ingredient crock pot meatballs, and stuffed mushrooms.   superbowl plate 3If you or your guests are on a low carb diet, you can find tons of tips and links to recipes for Low-Carb Super Bowl Party Foods over at   I really like the recipe for spicy pecans.

For those who are trying to watch their weight and eat healthy, Lisa Lillien, the Hungry Girl, has some tips and tricks for eating healthy at a  Superbowl Party.    We always try to put out a tray of fruit and one of vegetables in addition to the other foods.

These are a few of our favorite ideas for putting together a Superbowl party.   We always consider that the guests will be eating and drinking in the living room, so foods need to be easy to eat with a plate balanced on their laps.

Please click on the links above and  give these recipes a try.   Leave a comment to let us know what you think and share some of your favorite Superbowl menus and recipes?

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