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High Desert Outdoors in the Spring

Planning Spring Activities Outdoors

What do you think of when you hear the word Spring in the High Desert? I think of several things, including:

  • gardening
  • pulling weeds
  • organic herbs and vegetables
  • outdoors
  • picnics
  • grilling
  • bugs
  • snakes


Growing a flower garden or herb and vegetable garden is good for nutritious eating but creates a reason to get exercise. Pulling weeds is one of those necessary outside chores that is impossible to escape. Either you have to pull them or hire someone to do it for you. The next time it rains, watch those weeds pop up all over the yard. Pulling them yourself will ensure that you get healthy exericise.

Herbs and Vegetables

Plant several tomato plants, and you’ll have fresh tomatoes, tomatoes for salsa, and tomatoes to give away. They grow well in the high desert, but the neon hornworms love the tomato plants and before you know it, they’ll eat all the leaves. Take a flashlight out at night to see them light up. Then can’t hide so well then.

Peppers, green onions, carrots, and squash are a few vegetables that will grow in the high desert. Add herbs to your garden. Add flavor to your meals with fresh herbs from your garden. There’s nothing like eating organic herbs and vegetables from your own garden. It makes you want to eat more vegetables and cook healthier.

Natural Vitamin D

Gardening is a great reason to get some sun, the natural Vitamin D. Just spending fifteen to thirty minutes outside does wonders for you. The benefits of Vitamin D and serotonin is worth studying. You don’t have to know all the scientific effects to know that it makes you feel good just being out in the sun a bit.

Picnics and Grilling

It’s spring and a great time to get out the picnic baskets and grilling equipment. Do you have picnics in your backyard, or do you go to the park? Picnics are fun and usually include some type of activity. When I was a little girl, croquet was a game my family enjoyed playing in our yard. It’s not such a popular sport anymore, but it’s still fun to play. Be on the look out at vintage shops for croquet sets. Some people use the vintage croquet games equipment for various upcycled decor items.

Bugs and Snakes

There is one thing for sure. A high desert organic garden will attract bugs. Not only does the garden attract them. High desert bugs love to come inside the house. Bug spray should be kept in every room in the house. If not, by the time you run to another room to grab the spray, the bug is nowhere in sight.

A serviceman from Terminix told me that the worst thing you can do that attracts pests and snakes is to have a flower bed next to the house. I asked would it make a difference if you landscaped with rocks instead of a flower bed. He said snakes like rocks, too.

My mother loved flowers, and she always warned me to watch out for snakes in the springtime around the flower beds. I love the outdoors and flowers, but I do not like bugs or snakes. Bugs are tolerable in that they are small enough to squish. Snakes are a different story altogether. About a year ago in Texas, my cousin, Stephanie, and her children had just come home. As she was about to unlock her door, a poisonous snake slivered between her and her front door on its journey to wherever. Stephanie screamed and jumped. Her purse and keys flew. That is not a scenario I want to experience.

You can contact pest control for bugs and snakes. Like the Terminix serviceman informed me, there are things you can do to get rid of them. offers excellent ways to eliminate snakes from your house, yard, and garden.

Getting Rid of Weeds for Spring Gardening – High Desert Arid Zones

Spring planting in the garden

Spring has arrived!

Spring has officially arrived, and so have the weeds! The last good rain that the High Desert had made the weeds grow a foot higher it seemed. Pulling weeds is no fun though it does give one a good work out.

Planting is made easier when the weeds have already been pulled. When Spring arrives, gardeners get anxious to add favorite flowers, herbs, and vegetables in the garden. However, getting rid of the weeds is a must lest they take over the garden.

Hula hoe-ing is much easier when the weeds are small. If they aren’t taken care of then and a rain comes, you may need more than a hula hoe. Weed Eater trimmers can be a great help as well. George C. Ballas, Sr. in Houston, Texas came up with an excellent idea when he invented the Weed Eater trimmer. He got the idea from the spinning nylon bristles used at an automatic car wash.

Once the weeding is done, you can place newspaper (black ink) or plastic down as a covering to keep out the weeds when putting new flowers, fruits and vegetables, and shrubs in your garden and landscaping. Wet the newspaper first. I’ve read that the paper keeps the weeds away better than the plastic does.

Dorothy Stainbrook, on the other hand, hates black plastic and pulls it up from every bed she finds it in. She has a small farm and specializes in heirloom tomatoes and blueberries.

A Southern California gardener who always plants strawberries said he always uses plastic to cover the ground, and small critters and ants stay away from the strawberries.

Hula-hoeing may be impossible in tight spots like near rocks.  Sometimes you just have to pull the weeds with your hands. Wear gloves that foxtails won’t go through.

Killing the weeds can also be done with other simple ways that are chemical-free. Try boiling water, vinegar, or  cornmeal.

What other solutions have you tried in ridding your lawn of weeds?

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