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Mother’s Day is 11 Days Away

I’ve been a contributing blogger for several years now, so I figured you might like to know  that I’m a devoted fan of the Old West. I live on a rural ranch in the High Desert, love the ghost town trails and a bit of off-roading.

All it takes is a rustic bucket and a bunch of field flowers

All it takes is a rustic bucket and a bunch of field flowers

I collect almost anything rusty and rustic. While I do admit to having too many irons in the fire, one passion is bringing history to children in my traveling museum just for kids. In fact, my collection doesn’t fit in one car now, so I’m hoping to get some money together for a box trailer in which to haul my displays and Civil War tent.

Those who know me, weren’t surprised when I was elected as the President of our local museum association. I can be the curator of a large collection of outdoor farm implements and mining equipment — each one is rusty — so I’m in my element.

My husband has put up with my crazy need to share Old West history with everyone I meet. So after 34 years of marriage and Mother’s Day just around the corner, what does he think will be a good gift?

How about you? Does it get harder to find that something special for that special someone? Flowers are nice, but why not go the extra step and have a plant in a designer pot with a nice photo of you in the card? Take a “selfie,” print it out and attach it. It will mean that you took some extra time to really make a point.

Back to Mother’s day gifts. I’ll let you know what he sprung on me. Enjoy your Mom on this special day —  get her something nice and memorable.

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