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The Myth That Blogging is Dead, Again!

It’s like that mythic story that returns every 50, 100, 300 years. A legendary tale of caution and fearful warning. Why would someone today keep perpetuating the idea that blogging is dead? There it is again. And today, blogging is stronger, more businesses are employing the strategy, and the number of them in general has reached the billion mark. Yikes!

Solid Blog

Solid Blog

At least in this context, my Guest Blogger, Ruth Zive, has placed a spin on the myth and given some excellent examples worthy of bringing power back to the blog.


This post was shared back in 2013 when Ruth, a Canadian, was also punching holes in blog myths through the highly read and popular blog established through It was and still is the go-to web site to learn the best habits as a neophyte blogger.

Blogging is Dead – For Any Company Making These Mistakes

By Ruth Zive and as Guest Blogger in 2012 with

I’ve put a lot of my professional eggs into this basket.

So have thousands of other folks blogging as a means to drive business.

And since I started blogging, almost every week I read another provocative story about the limitations of social media, the nonsensical and unsustainable nature of blogging, and the over-exaggerated accounts of business growth as a result of content marketing.

I say baloney. With mustard on top! As far as I’m concerned, when it’s used strategically, as part of a comprehensive content marketing initiative, blogging is a brilliant and affordable way for companies to:

  • enhance their brand
  • engage stakeholders
  • network with industry thought leaders
  • drive traffic to their website
  • solicit customer feedback
  • and create a strong following … and more

But the skepticism persists. The naysayers continue to herald the limitations of blogging. A colleague recently sent me an article proclaiming in the headline that “blogging is dead.”

I’ve read that headline before. It’s an attention-getter, that’s for sure (notice I’ve used the same headline ). But I read the article, start to finish, and followed up on the research that informed the headline in the first place. And you know what?

Blogging on a Schedule Helps Maintain a Regular Readership

Blogging on a Schedule Helps Maintain a Regular Readership

Blogging is not dead silly people! And if you read through to the comments of the aforementioned post, even the blogger acknowledges that blogging is actually a growing medium and the research that he references is wrong.

But indeed, some companies that have failed to develop a blogging and content marketing strategy that works have abandoned blogging. And that makes sense – why would someone continue to invest in a strategy that isn’t working?

But I contend that the failure of those companies in this regard has less to do with blogging as a platform and more to do with how they actually leverage that platform. Instead, companies should take time to understand how blogging works.

You can’t just create a blog ‘tab’ on your website, throw up some content, and expect the dollars to flow.

Businesses and small companies are arguably the worst culprits of blog misunderstanding, notoriously tooting their own horns, showcasing their success stories and re-purposing dry, technical content as blog posts. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I share with you now the top mistakes made by companies that destine them to certain blogging failure. Take heed – for avoiding these mistakes will help ensure a long, healthy, and profitable blogging life.

1. Your posts are company-centric Blogs are meant to be interactive. The whole point of a blog is to engage your stakeholders, build their sense of investment and make them feel more connected to your brand. If every post is blah blah blah about your company, with no consideration of your customer’s needs and interests, your blog will surely fail.

Make your blog customer-centric. Ask questions, host contests, post polls, and questionnaires. Show you care. Answer back to those who took the time to contact you.

2. Your posts are difficult to share. So many companies go to the trouble of creating a blog and posting content – but there are no social sharing buttons anywhere to be found. Blogging works when ideas are channeled through different social media hubs and shared vigorously. And you need to make that as easy as possible for your readers.

Make Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ buttons easy to find and easy to use. Paste them in good locations on your web site so at anytime they can be accessed

3. You post every few weeks, or worse – every few months. Set an editorial calendar, plan to blog at least once every week, and stick to it. Establish a rhythm and an expectation so that your readers know when they return to your blog, there will be fresh content available.

If you find it difficult to generate a post every week, ask the help of other bloggers in your company, or hire a professional copywriter. Offer Guest Blogging to others in your industry.

Bottom line, if you are not blogging regularly, you might as well not have a blog. You are sending a message to your readers and potential customers that you don’t have anything important to say and that you don’t particularly care to engage them in discussion. They might even think you’re not at the cutting edge of your industry. Ouch!

Now It’s Your Turn

Blogging isn’t dead, at least not as far as we’re concerned. Blogging is a long-term marketing investment. It takes commitment and research to find content that keeps your readers returning It is not a quick fix.

Blogging at a Corporate Level

Blogging at a Corporate Level

It’s an important opportunity for companies, willing to take the time, to cultivate their blogging skills. Corporations have worked blogging into their marketing plans, but they have also looked to other strategies, other campaigns, and more exposure to gain higher ground. They don’t stop; they adjust to the market they serve. And so should you.

What do you think? Is blogging dead? How can you attract blog readers to join your tribe?

Those are great pointers for all of us. I wish to thank Ruth for sharing her insights with me at BizBloggerNation three years ago. The reason I brought an old story back for reviewing was to show that blogging is here to stay and you’ll find more blogging strategies as well as blogging interests right here at


Rusty LaGrange

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