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Time to channel my inner gardner

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High Desert gardening seems to be on everyone’s mind lately. When should we start planting? What kind of vegetables should you grow? Do you follow the instructions on Pintrest/Google or the advice of your friends and family? And do you need a blueprint to get started?

Raised Beds

Honestly, go with your gut. A couple years ago my hubby and I started our first garden in a raised bed. Apparently, it was the best thing to do in the high desert because it helps the plants retain water and we were able to add vitamin rich soil to the beds. I found out later this was the way to go in our area when I was researching alternative gardening options.

Serendipity? I’ll take it.

In January, I cleaned my established raised bed and started
panicking a little bit about the strange weather we were having. I was
concerned about it impacting my gardening plans. But we went ahead and planted our seeds a couple weeks ago.

We also added large plastic tubs for a few other crops. One of those alternative gardening options.) They were less expensive than ceramic planters and less work than building another raised bed. We hit up a local dairy farm for the free fertilizer piled out front and got to work.

The tubs are for the strawberry plants, tomatoes, chilies, and carrots. We kept the squash, lettuce, cucumbers, and snow peas in the raised bed.

Now it’s just a matter of watering our precious crops, killing the weeds, and patiently waiting for our harvest to grow.

…it’s been almost two weeks; I’m already tired of waiting.

Patience by Krista Huot

A little bit of patience…

Grocery shopping in the High Desert can be like a revolving door of the same people every week. Sometimes this can be a good thing and others times not so much. A couple weeks ago, I was in line and I let a gentleman go in front of me. I had a cartful of groceries and he had only a couple of items. It seemed the appropriate thing to do at the time (I do this all the time, lol.)

I glanced behind me and standing there was a young man holding a Red Bull. I cut my eyes at him. “Really, you’re going to stand behind me with just a Red Bull.” Sighing, as if resigned to the inevitable, I motioned he could go ahead of me. He laughed and replied, “It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry. I can wait.”

“Are you sure? I feel sort of bad because you have one item.”

“Naw, it’s no problem. You’ll never get out of here if you keep letting everyone go ahead of you. I can wait.”

As I’m paying for my groceries, I reached over and grabbed his Red Bull. “I want to pay for this, too.”

After his initial protests of “No, wait…What are you doing?” he realized I wasn’t taking his Red Bull, I was paying for it. He thanked me for the Red Bull and I thanked him for his patience earlier.

Fast forward in time and who do I see at the store? The same guy! He stopped me in the parking lot and offered to help with my groceries. We chatted for a bit as we loaded up my car about this and that. I like to think we both left feeling a little bit happier and hopeful about our fellow man (or woman). And after hearing some of the things in today’s news, trust me I needed some hope.

“Pay it Forward”, “You Get What You Give”, or “Karma”, there are so many inspirational quotes I can go on and on. I guess the bottom line is for all the bad things we read and hear about on tv or the internet, kindness and good people can still be found in the world, even at the grocery store.

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