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High Desert upcycling your old grader

How to upcycle a grader

Many of us always wondered how do you upcycle a grader.  I’m sure there are volumes of books written on this subject, but I in my most humble way will try to help. First you must have a grader. Make sure it’s clean by using soap or, what I use, is compound – the kind you use on cars.

old antique grader

Next you’ll need a base and any type of material will do. You can use iron,wood, cement, anything that you have that you think will do.I decided upon a wooden platform. Because the wood looked unantiquish, (that is a word because I just made it up), so I took a sledge hammer, hack saw, chisel, and small hammer and beat the tar out of it. Now it looks old!

old beat up wooden platform

At first I put wood stain on the platform but I really didn’t like it, so I painted it red. Then I took the grader and drilled two holes in the handle. I also cut a little piece of aged weather beaten wood to put in the bottom of the grader.

tools of destruction

piece of old wood in the bottom of grader

After the paint dries, take the grader and flip it upside down and screw it into the platform. Now you have a planter or a container to hold your kitchen utensils, grader piggy bank. I also drilled a hole in the back so if you want to hang it on the wall inside or outside then you can. And if you want to change the color to better match your decor just push the bottom wooden piece out, unscrew the wood screws, take the grader off and paint.

upcycled grader

I’m sure the real professionals can do a better job , but this is the best I can do today. Look around at what can you see that you can upcycle at home. Have fun!!

Upcycle in the High Desert

Hi everybody! Do you know what time it is ? It’s upcycle time. Today you’re going to learn how to upcycle with me, High Desert Greg. Are you ready? OK, let’s get started.

First, you need a picture frame. You can buy one at the store or a yard sale or take one off your wall. Now take off the wire clips and the cardboard and glass and save them for upcycling on something else.

wood frame


Next, you will need paint, brush type or spray. Take the frame and sand it a little so the paint will stick. Paint outside where it is well ventilated because painting on your couch is not a good idea. While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, get a sifter. New is nice, but old is better.

nice old sifter

We need to clean the sifter, and I use rubbing compound, the type you use on cars. Then you need an old toothbrush. I always save my old toothbrushes because you never know when you might need one. If you don’t have an old toothbrush, then use your spouese’s. Wet the toothbrush, put some rubbing compound on it, and clean off the dirt that’s on the sifter. Use water to rinse off the sifter and your spouese’s tooth brush.

spouses tooth brush

The paint should be dry now so go pick a spot where you want to put this on the wall. Drill holes in the frame and with two wood screws, screw the frame on to the wall. Next, drill two holes in the sifter. Take two more wood screws and screw the sifter within the picture frame.  Now you are an upcycler.

Mounted on the wall.

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