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Antique Shopping in the High Desert

Planting pink flowers in pots

Pink Aster

Mother’s Day is the second most popular gift-giving day of the year! Fashion, coffee shop, and antique shop gifts and gift cards are among the most favorite Mother’s Day gifts women receive. The other three things high on that favorite list are cards, flowers, and going out to eat at a restaurant.

“Give it some thought,” one young wife said she told her husband when he told her she’s hard to buy for. “It doesn’t take much – a card, some flowers, and take me out to eat, and I’m happy,” she said.

Make Mother’s Day meaningful for someone. Know someone whose mother doesn’t live near or a mother whose children live afar? Take her to one of the antique shops in the high desert. Browsing the vendor shops can bring back wonderful memories.

There are several nice antique and gift shops to consider such as Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures and Antique Station out in Oro Grande and The Desert Cottage on Bear Valley Road in Hesperia.

Carriage House Antiques is having a spring sale Saturday, May 10th, 9:00 AM-6:00 PM. Take a pleasant stroll through the vendors’ shops while listening to the special music by Quiet Fire. Fun, food, giveaways and great prices are part of this antique shop’s spring sale day.

Mother’s Day can be filled with mixed emotions.  It’s a day to honor our mothers. If you know someone feeling down, missing a mother, grandmother, aunt, child or other loved one, perhaps you can be that one to bring some cheer by going with them to an antique shop for tea and a cookie.

A smile, a thoughtful word, a card, or flowers will be appreciated. Make it a special day.

There’s a reason why traditional works

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend and all over the high desert you can see vendors selling their wares for those who haven’t already purchased a gift for that special person. As for myself, I go with the standard gift, flowers. They’re a traditional way to say I love and appreciate you.

There are quite a few locally owned florists, such as Allen’s Flowers & Plants and Fairy Tales Flowers & Gifts (both have been serving the High Desert for many years) with a variety of bouquets and plants to choose from and helpful staff members ready to assist in finding the right gift.

Another couple of options for fresh flowers would be going to local Farmers Markets or reating a bundle of posies from your own garden.

Simple Bouquet

Simple Bouquet

We have Farmers Markets during the week (Hesperia – Wed, Victorville – Thurs, and Apple Valley- Fri). Unfortunately, I missed them all and quite frankly, I was worried about the flowers not staying fresh till Sunday.

Yes, flowers have become the stand-by gift for Mother’s Day but there’s a reason why.

They’re a handful of joy, a rainbow of colors, and nature’s own perfumes being bestowed upon someone as a token of affection.

Should an arrangement of flowers be considered a trite gift?

I think not.

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Frugal Living on Mother’s Day Weekend

Frugal things to do on Mother’s Day in the High Desert

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading High Desert Blogging today! Do something fun for yourself today. If it’s a lean time for you, fun can include frugal ways to enjoy this beautiful day. I’ll begin with a few ideas. But do me a favor, and add your own list in a comment. Let’s see how many ideas we can come up with. Here goes:

  1. Plant flowers to honor your mother – or just because you love flowers.
  2. Put a cutting off of a another plant into a glass of water.
  3. Sit outside in a chair in the shade for at least half an hour and just listen to birds.
  4. Make iced tea and take your favorite magazine to a chair; sit awhile and enjoy your tea and magazine.
  5. Walk around the block with a friend and enjoy all the neighbors’ flowers.
  6. Wear your favorite clothes.
  7. If your mother is deceased, sit down and write a letter to her and tell her how much you love and miss her.
  8. Light your favorite candle, or burn your favorite incense.
  9. Spray your favorite fragrance inside your house.

Who will make the next comment? Invite your friends to comment on this blog post today. Many mothers don’t have their children near, and many daughters don’t have their mothers with them anymore. It helps to have friends to make this day special and sweet. We can make each other smile today with pleasurable ways to enjoy the day.

This morning I planted flowers in honor of my dearest mother and mother-in-law who are no longer with us. Flowers always made them both smile. Planting flowers brings joy and happy memories to me – and I smile.


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