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High Desert So Cal Route 66 Day Trip

High Desert Bloggers, Route 66 Molly Brown's

High Desert Bloggers at Molly Brown’s on National Trails Highway











High Desert Bloggers recently enjoyed a day trip on Route 66 and began at Molly Brown’s for breakfast. It’s the perfect place to start a fun Route 66 day. Portions are huge, and the food is absolutely delicious – even special orders like an egg-less, cheese-less vegetable omelet.


Breakfast without bread

Turn left from Molly Brown’s and go about a mile to The Bottle Tree Ranch on the right. The bloggers wandered around taking pictures and met up with Folk Artist Elmer Long who created this amazing place. He doesn’t claim to be an artist, however, but has collected bottles of all types and colors that he enjoys displaying. The collection began when as a young boy he would go gallivanting with his father to places where they could find old bottles. It’s a place worth visiting, and it’s FREE!

Route 66 Folk Art Bottle Tree Ranch

The Bottle Tree Ranch, Oro Grande, CA











Like vintage shopping? Continue east on National Trails Highway about six miles to Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Linda Marie’s is a vintage-filled cottage, but the antiques don’t stop there. Go outdoors, and it’s like entering a vintage village. An inspirational delight for vintage-loving bloggers!

Vintage hunting at Linda Marie's

Ms Vi at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures










Save time for the next stop, Antique Station, that is only walking distance from Linda Marie’s. A quick walk-through might take you thirty mintues. On the other hand, at least an hour is a must for true enjoyable vintage shopping. In fact, one could easily spend two or three hours while shopping at this place.

antique shopping at Antique Station, Oro Grande, CA

Antique Station vintage shopping, Oro Grande, CA










The High Desert Bloggers Route 66 day trip was a break-away-from-the-computer outing. Getting out to enjoy nature and meet people is just as important as actual blogging. The day trip was an incredible way to get inspired for the next blog post and get the blood flowing.

Old West Vintage Shopping at Linda Marie’s on Route 66

High Desert Blogging Editor, Angie

Angie, NeriumAD Brand Partner

The High Desert has charmed me with its variety of antique shopping venues. I’m captivated by the personalities of the shop owners, vendors, and visitors from near and far. Browsing through vintage nooks and crannies of the individually designed spaces creates an aura of nostalgia.

Shopping at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures on Route 66 in the High Desert’s Oro Grande is like going back in time to an old western village. Step inside the front gate into a yard of garden art, antique finds, and all kinds of vintage goodies. The latest addition, Deadwood Mercantile, celebrated a grand opening last Saturday, March 16th. Y’all have to come by this fun place where you’ll chuckle at the comical signs. You’ll leave wantin’ to go saddle up your horse just so you can go sportin’ the vintage western gear you found at the mercantile.

Deadwood Mercantile vendor space at Linda Marie's

Jesse and Marie's Deadwood Mercantile at Linda Marie's

Deadwood Mercantile

Jesse and Marie, Deadwood Mercantile vendors








Owners Jesse and Marie are mighty delightful, so much you want to sit down for a visit over a cup of lemonade or iced tea. These are the kind of folks that make the blogging life fun.

Saturday was a day of sunshine, fun, and snacking while celebrating with Jesse and Marie. Cookies and water were offered to all who attended the grand opening. An anti aging NeriumAD cream display was also featured in the front yard. Two names were drawn for giveaway prizes, an adorable floral basket planter and rooster hanger, rocking chair planter and plant. Festivities on a sun-shiny day with beautiful people made the day a memorable one.

You’re invited back to view the photo collage later Tuesday and to meet another vendor, Vee. The collage includes photos taken by Angie at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures on Saturday, March 16th, 2013,

High Desert’s Holiday Cheer at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

Meet Ms. Linda Marie from Linda Marie’s Enchanted

Treasures in Oro Grande:

Linda Marie from Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

On Route 66 in Oro Grande just past the Antique Station on the left, you see what appears to have been a small house at one time. It doesn’t take long, however, to notice that it has been turned into a quaint antique shop. At first you may think, “I’ll zip in and out of here in a jiffy,” (that is if you’re from Texas or understand Texan lingo). Not so. You might zip inside the door alright, but you’ll turn a corner and discover some lovelies, then another corner to discover more lovelies. Have you ever been to Zion or Bryce Canyon National Parks? You drive along amazed and think you’ve just seen the most beautiful scenery ever. Then you turn a corner and stare in awe at even more beauty. That’s what Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures is like for a person who adores vintage treasures and antiques. You walk in and find a room of all kinds of vintage treasures. But you notice another room and another then find out that there are more exciting things when you walk out back. This adorable shop perfectly fits the “enchanted” of its name.

Shop owner, Ms. Linda Marie, invites you to a special occasion. Do go by if you can, and let the charming shop owner know that Angie at High Desert Blogging told you about her friendly welcome and enchanting shop.

Personal Invite by Linda Marie at Enchanted Treasures:

** Please Join us for some Holiday Cheer

Sat Dec 10 4pm – ? for Holiday Open House**

Refreshments, Special and Good Company…Guest Vendors to Include Deborah Mohr …Jewels by Park Lane …Timothy K. Sneed Sr…Author …Get your Book signed …Ann O’Lear of O’Lear Studios…Clothing Designer …A Ton of New Loot!



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