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Making Time to Read


Families in America typically lead hectic lives in this rat race society. Those who have long-distance commutes to jobs, like a few people I know from So Cal’s high desert that drive “up and down the hill” every day, get their reading in by listening to CD’s. That works. Do whatever you can do to see that reading doesn’t become a lost art in your home.

Parents juggle schedules, jobs, school functions, and soccer practice. By the time they get home in the evening, there’s only enough time for homework, preparing children for bed and making lunches for the next day. If there is any time left, that’s spent watching TV. No time is left for reading unless it’s when they finally make it to bed. Then sleep overcomes them after a page or two.

Kids love to read. Parents can join their children in a program like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library where nearly 700,000 kids are registered. See about launching this program in your area.

Phantom Seven display at Glen Avon Library Festival

A lady in her fifties that grew up in Southern California was telling me yesterday she stays at home and takes care of her young grandchildren. We were reminiscing about how it used to be when women like our mothers stayed home. We read books like Bambi and Goldilocks. My parents purchased a record player for me, and I listened to “books on record”. My favorite? Jack and the Beanstalk. Then we graduated into Nancy Drew mysteries. By middle school (or junior high like we called it), I loved checking out biographies and autobiographies – hence, my love for memoirs like Phantom Seven that I published.

Two Christian radio hosts were talking one day this week about a kitchen staple that our mothers or grandmothers used that is not used as much today. They asked listeners to call in to guess the item. What is your guess? I was surprised that one of the first callers guessed it so quickly. The answer was an apron. This is an example of how home life has changed now that most mothers work outside the home. Little reading. Little good old-fashioned home cooking. But more about that in my kitchen blog if you’re interested in life in the kitchen.

Reading requires time management priorities in the busy lives that we live. This week I decided that I will finish reading Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal, a business management book. It has not been on my top-priority list. Birthdays, holidays, anniversary, and other important things have taken precedence. The book is 408 pages long. Reading up to ten pages daily of The Goal’s 408 pages would take over a month to complete – too long. I’ve had the book since before Thanksgiving last year. My solution? “Complete The Goal book” has been placed as a top priority. What changes are you needing to make in your time management priority list? Start reading more books perhaps? I’d love to read your comment about how you make time to read or how you include reading as a family activity.

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