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A Small Act of Kindness Shows in the High Desert

I was traveling on Hwy 18 on my way to a High Desert Blogging meetup Saturday morning when I came up on a Jeep Wrangler. It was parked on the side of the road with its flashers on. As I got closer, I noticed that a large breed dog had become road kill.

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I felt sad at seeing the situation but I also became warm-hearted for the driver who took time to defend a nearly indefensible space. The Jeep driver was protecting the animal from being hit any further. Traffic was racing by. Some drivers noticed the dead dog, slowing and moving away. Others just flew by.

In the short time that I viewed, analyzed, and drove by, I thought that perhaps the driver had hit the dog and felt badly enough to find if it was licensed and tagged. If it was, perhaps he had called the owner. Cell phone service is not known for being reliable in this stretch of the road. I thought: what a nice person to stop, and even nicer to call.

My curiosity kept me watching my rearview mirror. And ahead of me was a large 4×4 truck coming at a fast pace. I watched. As he passed me and headed for the accident, his brakes came on and he pulled over. My heart sunk again.

Now I felt so troubled for the possible owner to find his beloved chocolate lab just a mound alongside the road. Maybe he had left the gate open, maybe a friend stopped by and the door was left ajar. My mind raced through scenarios of how the escaped dog had made it down to the highway. That, I will never know.

No matter the truth, if my pet was found on the side of the road, I would hope that a passerby would be thoughtful enough to call me. I would rather know that it was a tragedy with closure than to wonder why my pet never came home. And I would hope that the first driver who came across the pet, or saw the accident, was able to become mentally relieved that he had done something that is often considered rare. A true act of kindness can make your day.

Even under extreme conditions.

I have a warm spot glowing in my heart today.


Rusty LaGrange

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