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Joshua Tree National Park Day Trip

Looking for a place in the high desert to take your family on a day trip? Visit Joshua Tree National Park. The park is beautiful and worth taking a day to visit. Overnight camping is available.

IMG_2499 IMG_2463

Pack a lunch. There are plenty of picnic tables with nature’s beauty and quiet to enjoy while you eat.


Don’t forget the grapes and apples! Enjoy nature AND natural organic fruit in the peaceful surroundings of the park. Other than a tourist driving by, there is total quietness.

Plan a picnic at Joshua Tree National Park

Picnic at Joshua Tree National Park

Be careful while hiking or walking near the rocks to take pictures. I didn’t see any snakes on our trip, although I’m sure there are plenty of them at the park. Encountering a lizard as I had leaned back on a rock while my hubby took my picture made me more watchful wherever I walked. Lizards are fine with me at a distance. Running where my arm just was is not far enough away for my comfort.

September is a good time to go to the park. The days are warm, but there aren’t as many triple-digit temperatures. My blogger friend, Rusty, has been a long-time high desert resident and says Joshua Tree Park is also beautiful with snow.

Whenever you decide to take your family on a tour of the park, consider stopping by Pioneertown, about fifteen minutes from Joshua Tree. It was built in the 1940s as an Old West motion picture set. A couple of the Mane Street shops were open when we went, the saddle/leather shop and a pottery place. In fact, I was able to get my leather belt ties redone at the saddle and leather shop.

Old West town, Pioneertown, CA





The Joshua Tree National Park day trip is only about an hour and a half from the Victor Valley area. Start out early and you can be home before dark, including the Pioneertown excursion to boot.

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