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Desert Reptiles to Beware in the High Desert

Coiled Rattlesnake Ready to Strike

Have you ever slept with the devil? I’m not referring to your spouse. But really did you wake up facing death? Here in the High Desert at times you will find a spider in your boot or shoe.

When I was in Iraq I met a military guy who told me a story. He was on patrol and his captain told him to set up a gunners nest on the side of the hill, so he did. He  spent the night on the hill in the desert. The next morning he woke up, looked over his side, and saw a rattlesnake curled up next to him sleeping (I feel the warm fuzzy love here, don’t you?). Well he couldn’t just get up or try to jump and run because rattlesnakes, when they’re in a deep sleep dreaming about eating mice or chasing kids across the yard, they don’t take it too kindly when someone suddenly wakes them up. So using great wisdom and patience, he slowly picked up  pebbles and lightly bopped the snake on the head. After a very long time that felt like an eternity the rattlesnake finally got mad and left.

When you set a goal to blog, it will seem like every snake in the grass will show up to distract you. The snakes of  frustration, busyness, sickness, relationships going south, bill collectors, and the list can go on and on. This is what you can do to that mean old snake; throw a blog at him. At first he may not budge, but keep bopping that ugly mess on the head with more and more blogs. Keep blogging till he leaves.

Remember, you don’t have to sleep with the devil. Enjoy your next blog, my friend.

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