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Love Those First Days of Spring in the High Desert

I saw her just the other day.

A bluebird migrated through here, navigating between storms, and I just knew Spring was arriving soon.

Sure enough, a day later, as the last of the clouds blew out of the valley, the vultures began their return trip from Mexico.

Do you look forward to the changes? Or do you dread having to fight off the new weeds popping up everywhere?


I love the little hints of Spring. I take time to watch how quickly the green seedlings take a foothold.; how the buds on early fruit trees begin to swell; and, how hard it is to find tissue boxes on the market shelves. Well, that part must have to do with allergies and the rise in pollen.


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Needless to say, even though this season as lingered in a frigid theme of freeze and thaw, the desert is greening up. And with the small flowers, low to the ground — belly flowers — you’ll notice the emergence of the insects that gather. The ants have been digging out for a week now. The first robber fly crouched on the rake handle scanning for a juice fly. And, my favorite eight-legged creatures — the turret spider —  opened its rock-lined trap door and sticky funnel to sit, basking in the sun, waiting for his first victim.

Do you sit outside with a cup of coffee and watch the show? Do you call your children or grand kids to let them know that if they look down they’ll see a magic kingdom at work?

Please share with us what you enjoy about the first days of Spring.

Rusty LaGrange

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