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Honoring Veterans on Valentine’s Day

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I changed up a couple of shelves on my baker’s rack the other day to bring in a Valentine’s touch and felt comforted by placing a particular photo with a theme of pink and family. The photo is one of my parents during the World War II era. My parents were married in June 1943, and Dad soon went overseas to serve in the Office of Strategic Services. They spent nearly 65 years together. Since Mother’s death in 2008, Dad has expressed how different it is without her. He often speaks of how he loved her and that she was the only girl he was ever really in love with.

Last night I spoke with my WWII veteran dad on the phone, and he reminisced of his war days when he was putting out fires in London. Our conversation was one of those remarkable times that Dad told me yet another story I had not heard before. He and his WWII cohorts already gave me their memoirs that were published in a book, Phantom Seven. This most recent story he shared was about the caring treatment he and other soldiers received from the British people during the London Blitz . The British invited them in their homes for meals and a place to sleep. Veterans are honored at special times of the year but usually not on Valentine’s Day. This month, however, the United War Veterans Council is encouraging people to honor veterans during February, a time most veterans may feel forgotten.

Think about the veterans like Dad that you know who are in their 80’s or 90’s and have lost their beloved sweethearts they spent a lifetime with. Recognize them on Valentine’s Day. They might not have need of much material things, but they have need of one thing. Conversation. They love telling their stories to someone who is genuinely interested.You will be rewarded by the inner feeling of making a veteran feel loved on Valentine’s Day.

May you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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