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Challenges of Committed Blogging – Hunger and Circulation

Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Two challenges that face a committed blogger who is determined to blog several posts for an upcoming week are hunger and circulation. Take care of that circulation problem. That’s not a good thing. Make yourself stand up, move your feet, stretch your legs, do leg exercises while you’re sitting. Walk around the house, or the coffee shop if that’s your blogging office. Walk outside. Even five minutes at a time will help. You’ve gotta move.

A number of remedies can help your leg circulation problem if you’re sitting for hours while blogging. Try foot massagers and hot baths. Both will relax you. According to one article, you should take a bath as hot as you can stand.

Hunger is another challenge a committed blogger may face. A hunger challenge in America? READ MORE »

Best High Desert Hamburgers

Stop for a hamburger while you are Christmas shopping this week in the High Desert. Today I asked a few people who live in the High Desert the question, “What is your favorite hamburger place in the High Desert?” Here are the answers:

    • In N Out – 4 votes
    • Burger King – 1 vote
    • Red Robin – 1 vote (1 with blue cheese & onion strings)
    • McDonald’s – 1 vote
    • Richie’s Diner – 2 votes
    • Tom’s – 1 vote

Can you guess which votes came from the little people under ten years old? Send in your vote of your favorite High Desert hamburger place to High Desert Blogging. Add to the list if you don’t see your favorite.


Friendly High Desert Restaurants

This weekend I pulled through a High Desert In-N-Out drive through. While I waited in line, the people in the car ahead of me gave cash for their order. How I know is one of their dollar bills flew on the ground when they handed it to the young lady waiting on them. It was a little windy, and no one got out of the car at first to get the dollar. I almost jumped out to go after it for them when a young girl got out of the back seat to go grab the dollar. Finally, the dollar was retrieved, and it was my turn to pull up to the pay window.

Curious, I asked the window payment attendant, “What do you like the most about working at In-N-Out Burger?”

Caught off guard, Miranda replied, “It’s fun! It’s never boring.”

Have you ever wondered what people like about their jobs? There have been times I’ve gone through restaurant drive-throughs and waited on by window attendants that didn’t seem to like their jobs like the one at a Mexican food drive-through I went to once with my daughter. The attendant was obviously having a bad day. When I pulled up to the window, she accidentally hit the facility’s window hard as it pushed out. I know it must have hurt and asked if she was okay. Appearing frustrated, she said she didn’t have help. Others who were scheduled to work hadn’t shown up. Then I checked my order and needed hot sauce. When I asked for it, the young woman didn’t reply. She walked away and came back with a bag stuffed with hot sauce. I thanked her and drove away but up ahead pulled over to the side. My daughter and I counted the packets of hot sauce – 70!

Unlike the taco place attendant, Miranda was very friendly and helpful, and I explained to her that I blog about the High Desert and love the “real” hamburgers at In-N-Out. When I pulled up to the second window, I asked the same question of the young man, Andy, that handed me my food. Smiling, he said, “I’ve never been asked that question before.” He added, “There has never been a day that hasn’t gone by fast at this job.” Days that drag along on the job are not much fun for any of us, are they? That’s why it helps to do what you love when making a living. Apparently, In-N-Out tries to provide pleasant working conditions because they treat associates like family, and the associates treat customers in a friendly and helpful manner.



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