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High Desert Mailmax Postal Center in Hesperia, CA

Hesperia printing and mail center

Mailmax Postal Center
Hesperia, CA

High Desert Blogging is a blog focused on the community of Southern California’s Victor Valley, its people, businesses, arts and crafts, desert gardening, places to shop and eat, and events, etc. Introducing entrepreneurs, writers, and artists from the area is an important part of what our bloggers enjoy. When finding out information on local services offered by businesses, books written by authors, or art advertised for sale, getting to know the owners or individuals behind those products and services is appreciated by consumers.

One of the High Desert’s entrepreneurs is Angel Gonzales, a friendly face you often see when walking into the Mailmax Postal Center on Main Street in Hesperia.

High Desert mail and printing center

Mailmax Postal Center
Hesperia, CA

A Time Spent at Mailmax Postal Center

By Angel Gonzales, Mailmax Postal Center

A few weeks ago I had the blessing of my son’s visitation from the U.S. Navy for his annual family reunion, and like all the other times he visits, that thought of how quick the time will go still gnaws me to death. I was under the impression that perhaps something was wrong with me in feeling this way until my son began describing to me the very same feelings that I frequently had while he was home. In fact, he shared a story with me about a conversation that he had with a peer that worked in his department on how he communicated his feeling of not wanting to come because he hated the leaving to return to base in Georgia from his home in California. I do some serious soul searching regarding this phenomenon of mine, and what I came up with is two things.

  1. God really cares about even the smallest things that concern or move you
  2. He provides hope when all odds seem against you for God delights Himself in the impossible situations of your life to prove himself strong on your behalf.

Let’s start with the first. So here we are on July 15th, 2015 on a Wednesday at 12 Noon headed for the Ontario Airport to drop off my son and his girlfriend April to board their flight at 2:00 pm ending our two-week, fun-filled time together. My mind had played the scenario so many times during those fourteen days while he was with us. The heavy sadness would plague me as I would have to say goodbye for now, and now we were here on that day living it out. While driving down the 15 freeway headed south approaching the 10 freeway about to head west, and as we were passing the Ontario Mills Shopping Mall, I say to my son “Look, Dave and Busters, my favorite hang out.” I told him that the next time he visits, we would have lunch there. He simply responded with, “Yeah, Dad, next time.” The walk up to the terminal felt like someone strapped a 500-pound iron yoke to my neck, I was so heavy with sadness. As we approached the U.S. Airways counter, the lady at the computer terminal informs us that their flight was delayed a whole day and that they would not arrive on their military base until the 16th and very late at that. So after a short convening between the two of them, they decided to call the higher ups and explain the situation regarding their air flight which happens a lot in the military world. Their superior simply replied, “See you guys in a day or so.” I turned and looked at my son and say to him, “Dave and Busters?” He lets out a laugh, pats me in the back and we head back to our car to reload their luggage to our lunch destination to…well, you know where!

While walking towards the Ontario Mills, my wife along with my son and April followed about 10 feet behind me as I laughed and praised God exceedingly for removing the stigma of what I anticipated becoming a very sad day to a day of rejoicing and a good time awaiting us just one more time. In the midst of all this, I heard a still small voice speaking to my inner man that said, “I gave you not only this day, but the desire of your heart is about to come to pass.” It was as if the Lord did this one act to show me that he can and will, plain and simple.

The days that followed would prove my second point in that God moves the impossible for you. My son, being slightly determined to reenlist in the Navy, was pretty adamant about going international with his next move. It really felt like someone just knocked all the wind out of me. I will never manipulate the Lord for my will, but I will certainly make my voice and feelings known to him and with that said, before I knew it, my son sent me a text three days after he got home informing me that he put in for a transfer to San Diego, California Naval Base which is only a one and a half hour drive from our home. God surely moves mountains.

So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. (MATTHEW 17:20)



Mailmax Postal Center, 15555 Main St., Ste. D-4, Main Street in Hesperia offers printing services, faxing, mailbox rental, and is an authorized shipping center for FedEx, UPS and USPS. 
(760) 244-6867


More Crafters Find New Customers at Santa Fe’s Craft Day

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

lthough the craft days with Santa Fe Trading Co. is over due to the excessive heat, crafters are always looking for new venues, shows, and cool places.


Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

At the last event there, April Bracy showed her handmade soaps and lotions and creams. This health trend is growing and “Garden of April” is producing and marketing with her booth at different locations this summer.

Presentation of products is important

Presentation of products is important

Her line of products have been carefully researched and tested prior to selling to the public. If you’d like to contact her about the products she makes go to or call (760) 963.4793.



Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

A regular vendor of quartz, crystal, gems, and unique stones are Janet and Mary Lou Flecher under the name of Lizzie Designs. Each time I run into them at Western events or craft fairs, their collection of gems are always fascinating. They carry the cabochons and beading findings for other crafters as well as large pendant crystals popular in statement jewelry.

Mary Lou’s artistry is featured in their necklaces and bracelets. You can find more about them at Email to Janet at Mary Lou can be reached at Give them a call at (760) 985.5432.



When I checked the products offered by Ursula McGrue, I found that she loves pink and black combinations in her jewelry creations.


Newest vendor -- Ursula McGrue

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

Although just getting started in crafting and selling to the public, she is a military wife and always on the move. This is her way to make a few new friends and some extra money while stationed in the High Desert.

She always has her Facebook page at to bridge the miles between customers. Contact her by phone at (913) 702.4986.


Variety of Styles

Variety of Styles









A wife and husband team, Candee and Bob Paredes, find that each can provide what’s needed to take a raw mineral specimen, grind, cut, or polish it to make it ready. That’s what Bob does.

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

And Candee takes it to the next level creating some awe-inspiring stones mixed with beading and weaving. With their unique artisan designs and creative concepts, Plumdragon attracts many admiring customers.

Another of their products is the highly praised wire-wrapping of fossils pieces into a variety of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Called amolite, these can be used in a variety of ways to show off their color and shape.

I asked where the idea of “Plumdragon” came from. Candee said it was her favorite color — plum — and collectible — dragons. I should have guessed. You can reach them by phone at (760) 617.7051 or by email


Vintage Designs by Angel

Vintage Designs by Angel

It seems that every crafter using gem rocks, crystals, and beads can develop their own unique design ideas. One that stands out is Liz Dyson who offers natural cut glass and naturally ground glass art pieces tumbled from the sea. She likes to collect glass that she can work into statement pieces with striking light and color.

Her designs caught the eye of other fine art artisans who recently asked her to join their guild. With recruitment like that you may see some of her designs in more shows in the future. Liz also likes to embellish wine bottles with woven bead overlays that really make a statement as a gift to a wine lover.  Making unusual designs is her forte. She can be reached by email at or by phone (909) 660.9128.

If you visited any of these vendors recently, let them know you liked what you saw by commenting here or contact them directly.

Rusty LaGrange


Networking at Santa Fe Craft Show Works for Entrepreneurs


This new network of High Desert business people gain information and workshop together about running a business through a popular Meet Up group site. They also meet face-to-face and this time promoted their wares with a shared booth at the seasonal craft show held at Santa Fe Trading Company on Seventh Street, Victorville.

Natural Art of Healing

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Sun Yoo is an RN and promotes Natural Art of Healing within her Sun & Soul Retreat in Apple Valley. She provides classes and services in Energy Cleansing and Healing for professionals, Yoga Meditation including self-empowerment and grieving, and home care in healing. Being a reverend, she also performs non-denominational services. Call Monday – Friday for appointments at 949.228.3100. Check her website at: and contact her by email:

Turner Document Mobile Services

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Also sharing the booth was Dayna Turner of Document Mobile Services. She can help with different documents that a standard household might need, such as probate forms, licenses, rentals and agreements, and soon with Notary Public mobile services. Many people are not aware that legal forms are available online. Dayna provides access to such documents. She can be reached at 760.900.8674 or at

Mary Langer Thompson

Mary is a published author, also shared the HD Entrepreneur’s booth promoting her latest book:  “Poems on Water,” published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts. Her book of poetry received National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist status. Her book can be found on just search for the book title. Mary’s subjects are thought-provoking, real, and often aimed at social reform and peering into the workings of social conflict.

Mary Langer Thompson's book -- Poems on Water -- now available

Mary Langer Thompson’s book — Poems on Water — now available

As a retired English and poetry teacher, Mary also hosts a critique group about poetry on behalf of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club. Within that organization, she also became active with the a writing program for inmates at the federal correctional complex at Adelanto. You can reach her through her Facebook page at

High Desert Blogging and Angie Horn

Angie Horn developed the HD Entrepreneurs Meet-Up group to help promote people she met while selling her books. By sharing a booth at the Santa Fe Trading Company’s Craft Show, she was able to help new business folks just starting out to find an new audience. Marketing and exposure is one of the hardest parts to overcome, and sharing expenses is one way to help.

High Desert Blogging Members

Angela Horn

She first began High Desert Blogging while deciding how to publicize her first book: Phantom Seven: Secret Heroes of World War II and OSS, a book based on her father’s memories and six others who translated codes and messages for allies through a secret system of underground connections. She also has other books and one about cooking eggs.

You’re at High Desert Blogging right now, reading about how you can join the blogging community to share info about your business while getting wider exposure for what you offer. If you like what you see here, you can be a guest blogger, comment regularly, even buy ad space for your business. Without a network plan, you will be working harder to let people know what you do and how your business grows.

Rusty LaGrange

How Can Someone Else Write a Blog For Your Business?


Your business can rely on Blogging

Blogging is direct Internet connections for your business

I don’t believe it’s fear that holds back the idea of allowing an outsider to write for their business. I think it’s the concern that an outsider to any business, just won’t be true to the name, the brand, or have the depth of knowledge or nature of the company.

This is often the second question that comes up. The first question is: How much?


So how much to you pay for a good pair of shoes? Are you on the cheap end and figure $50 for a pair of sneakers or a page of content is enough? Are you the middle-of-the-road entrepreneur who wants to look good on the outside yet keeps the budget in mid-range of $75 per blog or dress boots? Or are you the dashing example of clean lines, solid foundation, and a leather loafer with over $100+ to spend on high-end shoes and a daily blog?


 a team of bloggers and writers

A team behind you 100%

A good content writer and blogger knows how to reach down deep and pull out some gems right away. Certain contract writers will not go after a blog position in, let’s say, the jet plane industry because they aren’t aware of the industries finer points. Research plays a large part in deciding if the content writer is even capable. It does take skill to write for someone else.

However, a content writer can excise information from a subject-matter person (SME) behind the scenes who can quickly assess and glean the best of the industry insider. There is a knack to extracting fine points.

Cavve is home for this Blogger

Your Blogger Can Live Almost Anywhere


A blogger will usually gain a good grasp of those items being sold or manufactured. So much so, that you as the reader would never know it was written by an outsider, often living in another state.

Judging a content or contract writer or a blogger for your business is just like hiring a new employee: you’ll check for examples of his work, his knowledge of the area of expertise, his ability to express himself, and then testing him for his writing ability to stand-in for your tone, brand, and voice.

Actually, the best way to consider a blogger is for her to offer a sample blog. She will be able to sample your online web site, talk to key employees that can “teach her the ropes,” and, may even talk to select customers who work directly with the company.

A blogger is a chameleon who can stand in place of your company’s field agent. They make every effort to blend in, while trying not to cause concern for those who hire them. One tool that helps is a “writing style guide.” These are often developed when several writers come onboard to help with advertising, web content, blogging, and PR outside the office. A second tool is a signed promise of non-competing, where a writer will not write for the competition, or share its secrets.

A Blogger is a Chameleon who can blend in easily

A Blogger is a Chameleon who can blend in easily



A second tool is a signed promise of non-competing, where a writer will not write for the competition, or share its secrets.

Will using third party writers be an effective strategy for getting a great amount work done while keeping staffing costs low? Yes, in most cases. By using the right content writing service, you can often save time, energy and money while building your brand with powerful content. You won’t need to provide insurance or paid vacations, either. Whether it’s a single writer or a writing service, your overall exposure on the Internet will increase the chances of more sales.

If the blogger’s entries, over time, improve your number of prospects while keeping your brand and company out in the public eye, then your choice to use a writer as an essential part of the team has paid off.

No one will really know until you try a business blogger.


 Rusty LaGrange

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Cadillac Antiques Cruises Into the High Desert


The quaint pueblo-styled building that once housed Country Styles Western wear for many years is now home to Cadillac Antiques in Lucerne Valley. It’s the most appropriate spot for the new venture run by two local couples, Char and Dave, Patty and Ralph. Or was that Dave and Patty, Ralph and Char? Their shop opened with a bang on July 4th, but this weekend is its Grand Opening.


Step into Cadillac Antiques

Vintage Dressy Doll and Carousel Horse

On Saturday visitors to the antique shop indulged in free hot dogs and sodas out on the open patio, while inside, shoppers wandered through every little nook and intriguing corner. It will take hours to investigate it all. Cadillac Antiques did take advantage of every room to display their ceramic and glass figurines, furniture, handcrafted items, vintage dolls, mid-century collectibles, and jewelry.

There’s even something for the guys,” said Patty Muldoon, pointing to the long back wall that stretched from one end of the building to the other. “We have unusual ‘garage art’ items that are repurposed auto parts, even mid-century bicycles finding a second life as chromed lamps, statues, and what Dave and Ralph call ‘car-lectibles.'”

Garage Art

Repurposed Auto Parts Get a Second Life


Grand Opening of Cadillac Antiques

Char and new vendors show excitement during the Grand Opening

Cadillac Antiques is gaining staff support and antique variety through its eight vendors, who will be learning the ropes and working behind the counter. Patty said that they select their vendors by the quality of the vintage and antique items that they have displayed in other locations around the Victor Valley. It’s one way of keeping the selections of high quality. They also take items on consignment.

Local shoppers who remember the style of the pueblo building will be very comfortable walking into the front parlor. They’ve repainted and redesigned the layout but left the character of the old wood floors and plaster walls in place as a welcoming grande dame of the valley.

Chrome and Upscaled Bike

Up-Cycling a Cycle

For those who want to tell all their antique-hunting friends, Cadillac Antiques is at 32090 Highway 18 on the north side as you enter town. Their hours are currently 10-5 Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Mondays. Their phone is 760-248-2829. Tell them that Rusty sent you.


Rusty LaGrange

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Do “Moochers” Tie Your Sales in Knots?

Selling content, whether it’s in a book, CD, DVD, a training program, or content on a blog,  a case study, or for a large web site, has the same inherent problem of facing the “moocher.” You write a piece of advertising hoping to hook a buyer by offering little free goodies: an e-Book; a free article; a discount; an item sent through surface mail, the list is


The “moochers” seem to troll the streams of opportunity looking for freebies. And while that’s not illegal, it costs time and resources to others who are truly looking for advice or a product you have.

Moochers come in all sizes. They like free stuff. Never mind that the free DVD on raising worms in your backyard is furthest from their mind. They’re just little hoarders.

The problem is that a lot of people, who were not qualified  prospects for those services, would call and demand the free CD anyway.  This wasted the time and money it cost to fulfill these requests  for that free CD.

This is what happened to Bob Bly, a long-time guru in Direct Marketing for large clients as well as  selling his helpful how-to books to entrepreneurs. For him it was worse!

“I resented these freeloaders — big-time. It annoyed the bejeezus out of me, truth be told.

“Why?  These moochers knew I offered the free CD to get copywriting  clients.  They knew they were NOT potential clients — and yet they were  telling me to send the CD because, after all, I had advertised it.

“Recently I changed the offer from a physical audio CD to a  downloadable PDF e-book, so as to eliminate the expense of  fulfilling the requests.  But I had the same problem: non-prospects who had no intention  of buying my paid services mooching free stuff off me.

“This problem is not unique to me, by the way.  It is a universal flaw in the content marketing model:

“Namely, when you offer valuable free content as a bribe to get  response, you generate a lot of response from people who want  the content only but have no interest in your product or service. So, here is my easy solution for stopping these “content moochers”  cold.

“I humbly recommend it to you, too — if you, like me, don’t want to waste time and effort giving away valuable free stuff to people who are not potential customers and never will be.  To get my free e-book, you have to type into your browser the URL of a landing page where the book can be downloaded.

“The landing page copy used to say — “fill in this form to get your  free e-book” — which to me says anyone and everyone can get it.

“But a few months ago I changed the landing page copy to say —  “fill in this form to see if you qualify to receive this free  e-book.”  This clearly communicates that not everyone is entitled to it.

“You have to qualify. And who decides whether you qualify? I do — based on how you fill in the order form. Importantly, I believe the copy, as worded, frees me from the
obligation to send the e-book to anyone I don’t want to. And I don’t. It’s my call — at my discretion.

“It’s a small thing, but I came to resent the freeloaders who  wanted an e-book that regularly sells for $49 for free.

“So I don’t send it to just anyone any more. It’s only for  prospects I might consider taking on as clients — (or customers we might sell a book to) —  a very small subset of the universe.

“If you are using landing pages to give away free content, and you want to separate qualified leads from freebie seekers, here are a few tips:

** As stated, change “to get” for the phrase “to see if you qualify” — clearly indicating that whether they get the freebie is your  call, not theirs.

** Also have a separate check box they can use to request more  information on your product or service. If they only check the box for the free content and not for more information on what you sell, they are most likely a bad lead and you can act accordingly. Exceptions? Of course.

** Require them to give you their web site. By clicking on it you can instantly see whether they are a real prospect and a good fit for your services.

** If they disrespect you by filling in fields on the form with nonsense or gibberish — don’t respond or send them a thing.

** Make phone number and e-mail addresses required fields. If the information they fill in is fake, again they are not a good lead.”


Thanks to Bob Bly’s insight, we can tighten up the sales funnel and make more sales through prospects that are actually interested in the products, books, or services we sell.

Now that makes sense.

Bob Bly, Copywriter / Consultant and author of over 70 books, can be reached at or

Rusty LaGrange

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A Blogger’s Interferences

Angie's Facebook PhotoWhat can a blogger do when faced with impossibilities that hinder blogging? Frustrations like major computer problems can be a major setback. Sometimes you just have to wait. Put blogging on hold when circumstances do not allow for posting.

Recently my computer started freezing up. A friend was so kind to work on it for me though he recommended that I purchase a new computer. Blogging became impossible. The computer continued to freeze up after 20 or 30 minutes. There was the possibility of going to the library but no time in my schedule to do so. Friends would offer to let me use their home computers. Half an hour occasionally might be fine, but blogging takes more than thirty minutes per week. There was nothing to do but wait until I could get another laptop, an investment I consider necessary for a person who is serious about blogging. Off to Black Friday computer sales I went with my daughter and son-in-law and my tiny-tot granddaughter.

I was reminded of an important lesson during my few weeks of slacking in blog posting. When events happen that you can’t control and that you can’t back up to do differently, you have to face the inevitable. You must deal with the reality of your situation and go forward. Do something inspiring. For instance, I chose to participate in the annual November fiction and nonfiction writing. Although a goal of 50,000 words I didn’t reach, I did accomplish a decent word count for my next book about blogging.

Technical computer difficulties, busy schedules, holidays or vacations may cause your blogging to come to a halt. You can ask others to submit guest posts for you during this time. If you have a network of consistent bloggers, ask for their assistance. Accept the change that has set you back, and look for ways to become creative. Read books. Listen to music. Meet people. Visit with friends. All of these can inspire you. Once you’re back to blogging, you’ll be ready to inspire others.


Fighting Off the Blogging Vampires

When you create a blog, design it and then post regularly to it, it becomes part of your work schedule. Whether you blog several times a week, once a week or once in a while, it still is yours to manage.

You have some protection in the blogging format you use, whether you have an  ISP provider or own a template for your own blogging website. Hackers are everywhere. Like Vampires sneaking around at night trying to infiltrate any bit of software they can find. Why do they attack a basic, middle-of-the-road web site?

Because they can.BLOG-letters-in-lead

Your best garlic-defense against these vampires is to change your passwords several times a year. You can also ask your provider to review your web site process to see if you have easy hacker-access. Most will be diligent to keep your site secure. Sometimes you may need to purchase protection from your provider by upgrading your standard package.

But what happens when the computer you use is attacked by a series of angst-ridden pleas for help from a “friend stranded in the Philippines” … a common phishing email hitting many email addresses in the High Desert? What happens when you find your blog posts have been redirected to another location that you have nothing in common with? And what happens when someone posts a full-page advertisement on your site for a pricey diet formula that you’ve never heard of?

Yes, these have happened … to the chagrin of web site owners.

Sometimes vampires just lurk at night and never return at the light of day. Some of these high-jacking problems can be fixed by reloading your posts, or changing your password access, or stripping back the number of guests that you allow on your blogging web site. Have a conversation with your technician at your ISP location, wherever that might be.

As you learn to manage your blog and all the maintenance that comes with it, you might wonder why you even bother. But please be diligent and secure your site, your computer, and your email by using standard protection available from vendors,  your ISP or filters for your email.

The benefits of blogging will help you construct a stronger presence on the web, will help you develop more links among other businesses, and define a stronger platform for your voice and the services you provide.

Beat back the vampires with better anti-virus protection, password security, and a dash of garlic.

 Rusty LaGrange

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Allow Thoughts to Percolate, Then Write

 As soon as the weather cooled and thoughts of seasonal foods popped up in the blogs, I began thinking of the cozy places I like to be on an Autumn day. Do you find that a place near a sunny window with a steamy cup of tea or coffee is just the right way to start the day?

But who wants to limit the morning to just coffee and steamy tea? Often I will sit and write a poem just because that cozy spot near the window helps my thoughts to flow. I may enjoy the coffee more than the raw verses I’m working on, but eventually the poem takes shape and I read it through one more time to be satisfied.

The question of “what do I write?” and “how can I be inspired to wri

A writer needs the time to think before writing

A writer needs the time to think before writing

te something?” can cause a new blogger to grow self-doubt. It’s better to be ready to write than to sit at a blank screen and struggle to produce something. Your mind can be tricked into working for you.

While you are busy doing other things your mind can be prompted to think of good topics for your blog. Let’s look at a few tactics that can help:

a) If you have a themed blog where you discuss and share ideas about a certain topic, then paying for a subscription to a magazine in that topic or field will be a handy tool to rely on.

b) When you are reading the newspaper or scanning through an online web paper, jot down short notes about topics that may be related to your theme. Always watch for the odd stories that can prompt your Muse in a heartbeat.

c) If you come across an email or a newsletter in your surface mail that may relate to your blog, write it down.

d) Once you have collected several of these leads, you’ll need to research them all a bit to produce a good starting idea.

e) Keeping a camera with you at all times, will make you rely on using it more often. So, if your blog is general news or trends, you’ll have a simple way to snap a photo and write about it. At many of our guest bloggers come across new ideas without trying. Some of them go to public events, walk and talk to the people who are enjoying the event then ask for a photo and their name. In just a few minutes, you have a strong story idea, pictures to go with it, and sudden enthusiasm to get home and write.

f) Sometimes, no matter what you try, the words won’t come to you. It’s best to get up and walk away. Take a short walk outside for some fresh air, do a small chore that will take your mind off of the blog for a few minutes. But, never let yourself fall into the trap of procrastination for the blog’s sake. No, no.

All writers need time to allow their thoughts to percolate. They need the uncluttered space to let ideas swirl and combine until a creative action arrives. Relaying on a few researching tools had already prompted your mind to work on those topics. It primed the mind to focus, and while you were busy with other ideas, it focused more intently on your selected subject. Moments later the thought will arrive and your readers will be enriched by it.

And you know all of those ideas that you didn’t choose today, they can each be prompts for upcoming blogs. So you are that much ahead!


Rusty LaGrange

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Good News — Blogging And Business Trends

 During the rise of blogs, (can you believe it’s been nearly ten years) they were largely a personal medium for idealistic stream-of-consciousness communications made by young writers, moms at home filling time, and a few entrepreneurs who saw the potential connectedness … accessible worldwide via the web.

Today, blogs have morphed into a legitimate business-to-business (B2B) marketing tool rich in content. It took awhile before corporate blogs rose through the clutter to become online powerhouses in their own right. Most are often ghostwritten by paid freelance or staff writers under the direction of the blog owner, usually a company executive. And most savvy business owners, who once posted a large business card as their website, are now seeing the benefits of interactive blogs and posts, chatroom and newsletter engagement, and sending instant sales and coupons without the large print expenses.

Crafters Sales from a Home Business

 The thing about blogs is that everyone is on equal ground when it comes to using the tools and following the trends of blogging. A new business owner, looking for exposure, and an inexpensive way to gain a following, can start a blog from home or office. A blogger can choose how much to write, the topics, and the quantity of posts. He can use it to keep in touch with old clients and entice new customers. She can post a catalogue of items, whether handmade or purchased, and be in complete control. They can run a business from home while nurturing  young, active family.



Here’s the Good News

A study of 2,531 small and medium-sized businesses found
that those that blog have 55% more web site visitors – and 92%
of companies that blogged multiple times a day acquired a
customer through their blog.

That’s encouraging to know. If you continue blogging, keep your content interesting and fresh, entice your followers with sales, contests, or freebies, your growth potential can only go up.

Those with blogs who drop out, lose interest, or never saw the benefits in the first place, will resume their positions in the largest, undisturbed, muddy, web puddle on the Internet.tadpole

Even tadpoles know when to climb out.


Rusty LaGrange

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