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New High Desert Bloggers May Earn as They Blog

About the Blogger “Earnings” tab

If you use Blogger. com as your blog platform, you will be able to host ads on the sidebar organically.

That means that Google’s AdSense program will automatically check your blog, sense the amount of traffic, and assign an appropriate ad to run on the sidebar.

The Earnings tab in Blogger makes it easy to enable AdSense ads on your blog. Once your account has been approved, Blogger retrieves your earnings data so you don’t need to visit the AdSense dashboard to access basic earnings information.

Just visit your AdSense dashboard to access basic earnings information.Blogger Earnings tab for new interface

Click on Earnings.

AdSense Report

Once you start generating AdSense impressions, you’ll begin earning money when people click on ads that appear on your blog. The earnings report (visible when you click the Earnings tab) includes a drop-down bar with Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, This Month, and All time.

Selecting an option will retrieve the relevant report directly from AdSense.

All time

If you’re an existing AdSense user, you’ll notice that Blogger created a new channel (with the URL of your blog) in your account. If you have had AdSense ads on your blog before using Blogger’s AdSense integration to insert ads into your blog, note that All time will retrieve data only from the time you connected Blogger to your AdSense account.

Try it and let us know when the first of your free posted ads show up.

Rusty LaGrange

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Copy and Pasting Photos from Pinterest to Your Blog Entry

bokeh photo: bokeh b5.jpg

Fancy Sandal, Fancy Pasting

New Bloggers have asked how to gather photos and place them into their blogs. I started with because it was, and is, one of the easiest sources to work from.

There are as many photo sources as there are eggs in your Easter Basket. Many photo sources post restrictions and charge for one time use. So please check the web site’s Terms of Use before you decide. For Pinterest, the basic photo collection is scrolling in front of you.  Your eyes lock on to a terrific photo for your blog topic. Great! Now to capture it to add to your WordPress blog post follow these basic steps and you’ll be blogging and pasting with the pros.


To begin, you will have a window open for Pinterest and a different window open for your Dashboard blog page.

In your blog page, where the photo will appear, you will leave your cursor at that point, then go up to the upper edge of your content window and select html (two tabs to choose from: “visual” or “Html” that will change the mode of your photo elements)



You must also be aware that once you learn how easy it is to paste photos, you’ll spend exorbidant amounts of time persusing through pages of photos. Next thing you know, the day has past you by… and you still haven’t chosen your photo!!

Source: via Holly on Pinterest


Leave your blog and locate the photo you wish to use on Pinterest. “Click” on the photo with the left mouse button (not the right or you will get into a different mode)
A new window opens of the photo with a right column.
Click on “Embed” and a new window opens. The html code is what you want. Just place your cursor in front of the coded paragraph and it becomes blue highlighted. Copy it.
Now you have captured the photo.

Return to your blog pane and paste it in. You will see machine coded html stuff. Ignore that.
Switch to the Visual Tab and the blog pane should show your words and a magical new photo with its credit line below it.

After you practice a few times, it becomes easier.

Once you place the photo, you can right click on it to change the size, ratio, add description, tag, caption, and all of those elements that help your photo, blog, and links work together.

Rusty LaGrange

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Earn Money By Blogging

By Guest Blogger Laura M. Sands


Earn Money By Blogging

Just about anyone with a computer and a WiFi connection can earn money by blogging. Sound too good to be true? Trust me, it isn’t. Scores of people around the world of varying ages and from all walks of life do it every single day. I know this, because I am one of them. As a freelance writer, I am not only paid to blog professionally, but I have also managed to earn money by blogging on my own site.

Let Me Count the Ways…

Essentially, there are two ways to earn money blogging. One approach is to build your own blog and monetize it and another is to provide paid blogging services to others. Some people, like myself, even use a combination of both methods.

Jeremy Schoemaker of

For now, we’ll keep things as simple as possible by focusing solely on how to earn money by blogging for yourself. While blogging for others can be fun, rewarding and profitable, blogging for yourself is a far more lucrative option. I kid you not when I tell you that the sky’s the limit when it comes to making money online by blogging. So without any further adieu, let’s get to it, shall we?

How To Earn Money By Blogging For Yourself

In order to earn money by blogging, it’s important to first understand a concept known as niche blogging. Basically, this involves selecting a topic, narrowing it down as much as possible and then offering regular blog posts on your now very focused niche.

Niche blogs can be monetized in a few different ways, such as through:

  • Google AdSense
  • Selling Ad Space
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Development
  • Donations

Google AdSense

Without getting too technical here, earning money from Google AdSense requires that a blog owner first sign up for the program (which is free) and agree to allow Google to place contextual ads on a blog. Each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads, the blog’s owner receives a portion of what the original advertiser has agreed to pay Google per click received. Once this amount reaches $100, Google sends the owner a check or direct deposits the total amount earned for that period into the owner’s specified banking account.

While a lot of ads only pay a few cents per click, bloggers who target AdSense revenue typically place a fair amount of effort behind attracting clicks that pay several dollars each and to make sure as many people as possible visit the blog. This is done largely through things like keyword research and a variety of different traffic building strategies. All of this may sound complicated, but as you begin to learn more about earning money from blogging, you’ll find it all coming together. Understand, however, that one must have laser focus, a commitment to tinkering around with a blog to get it right and more than a little bit of patience before the bucks start rolling in.

Most also find that that it is easier to earn money by blogging with multiple blogs in different niches in order to double, triple or quadruple earnings. It’s not unusual to find people who juggle 20 different niche blogs. It is also not unusual to find people making several thousand dollars per month in the process.

Selling Ad Space

You may also sell ad space on your blog. Through direct communication with advertisers, you can offer space on your blog in the same way that a newspaper or a magazine would. While this is a very profitable business model for some, it should be noted that advertisers are generally only willing to pay for display space on niche blogs that have fairly large amounts of traffic. This avenue does, however, offer you more control over which ads appear on your blog, how long they appear and how much you actually profit from their presence.

Affiliate Marketing

People also use niche blogging to turn a profit via something known as affiliate marketing. Basically, this involves using a website or a blog to promote and sell a product that someone else owns. For example, someone with a fitness blog may blog about diet and exercise topics while pushing an affiliate’s book, special workout gear or exercise videos. Entire sites such as Clickbank, Commission Junction and ShareASale exist primarily for the purpose of connecting bloggers and others with affiliates who are anxious to have their products featured all over the web.

Product Development

Similar to affiliate marketing, product development is also an excellent way to earn money by blogging. In this model, instead of promoting someone else’s product or service, you create your own and design your blog around its promotion. For example, if you have a blog devoted to gardening, you may also want to sell a book on the topic, sell gardening videos or create a starter kit for new gardeners. The possibilities really are endless here.


By simply advertising on a blog that donations are appreciated and offering visitors a way to contribute, some blog owners are able to keep their blogs afloat. This model probably won’t be useful in earning enough to pay a mortgage, but it can support a blog in other ways, such as covering hosting costs and other services that a blogger may use behind the scenes (like graphic design services, list building, etc.).

Want to Know More?

Of course, everything shared so far is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you really want to earn money by blogging, I strongly suggest that you join the High Desert Bloggers Meetup group. As a blog network, the focus is on all things blog related, including how to earn money by blogging. Whether you blog for fun or for business, it’s where you belong.

I’ll also advise that you check out the following links for more info on blogging, building traffic, Internet marketing and a host of other related topics:

The Smart Passive Income Blog



The Warrior Forum

And for you Facebook enthusiasts, check these pages out:

Blogging Tips

Darren Rowse (aka ProBlogger…aka, that rich blogger dude, lol)

Savvy Blogging

Helen Hayes Quote
— Helen Hayes

Your Turn!

Do you blog? Care to share any additional tips on how to earn money by blogging? Have questions about how to make money blogging? We love swapping ideas and answering questions, so be sure to leave a little something for us in the section below.

High Desert Vintage Gypsies Flea Market

Vintage Gypsies Flea Market Day, March 2, 2013










Vintage Gypsies of Apple Valley, CA chose the perfect day for their flea market, gorgeous and sunny on March 2nd. It has been a fun day meeting individuals shopping for vintage or handmade items displayed such as vintage hair accessories made by Ellen from

Ellen, Dragonfly Design Coompany,

Ellen makes vintage accessories for girls of all ages. One of her popular items is for brides:











The crowd was entertained by music and dancers in their colorful costumes.

Vintage Gypsies Flea Market Day Dancers










A special little visitor, Summer,  also entertained guests. Summer is a mini greyhound, also known as Italian greyhound dogs. Summer does fancy tricks. In this picture she is praying:

Summer, praying










Flea market day comes and goes, but you can visit Vintage Gypsies through the week and shop for vintage lovelies as often as you’d like. Discover upcycled items such as this sweet bench:

Vintage Gypsies Upcycled Bench










If you have questions about consignment or a vintage item you saw at Vintage Gypsies, contact them on their Facebook page.

Let know if you are having an event coming up. Email us at to request us to list your event on the Events page of our blog. Find out how you can join our blog network. Don’t have a blog? Blog with us. Learn more about blogging at


Be On The Lookout For Higher Traffic Sites

Sitting idly on the bank of a quiet stream and fishing, is not the best way to catch fish. Sure, it works but you need to spend longer hours waiting for a nibble. The same is true when trying to attract traffic to your website. You can sit and dangle small enticements, hoping to catch a few visitors… but ultimately the amount of traffic coming to you will be miniscule.

Source: via ≪≫≪ L I A N N A on Pinterest

Source: via Deniece on Pinterest



Wouldn’t it be better to grab traffic from a  wild stream… er…active websites that offer more activity and the better links?

Be on the lookout for sites that generate higher traffic to their sites. Are they compatible with yours? Will their traffic enhance your ranking? Ask them to link and be sure to ask for them to link to you. The additional traffic that they receive should help generate more traffic to you. You should be able to see the change in a few days.


In this case, you’re tossing in your fishing line, guaranteeing some activity, and then “the fish” is tossing his hook at you… well, sort of.

Rusty LaGrange


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Vintage Gardening Giveaway at High Desert Blogging


and to the lovely hostess, Beverly!


High Desert Blogging is commemorating this special occasion with a

vintage garden giveaway:


a pink bird cage

(It’s a smaller version than this but similar to this one)

Pink Bird Cage Giveaway

The bird cage is from one of my favorite vintage shops in the High Desert,

Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

How to Enter the Pink Bird Cage Giveaway:

  1. Subscribe to High Desert Blogging or “like” us on our Facebook page.
  2. Leave a comment on High Desert Blogging Giveaway post about one of your favorite blog post entries you read at Pink Saturday today.
  3. Leave a second comment about an idea of how you can use the pink bird cage in your vintage gardening.

High Desert Blogging Pink Bird Cage Giveaway Contest Ends at Midnight on Thursday, May 31, 2012!

Let’s Celebrate with Beverly for her Pink Saturday’s

4th Birthday!



Here are some pictures I took of the bird cage today. It’s actually at least as large as the one in the photo above if not larger. Also, the top is more square than rounded. It’s vintage, and I especially like the spacious opening – perfect for placing plants inside for your garden! The cage door works great. The metal piece in front on the bottom has been worn and bent – apparently because of moving the bottom tray in and out.

Pink Bird Cage, Compliments of High Desert Blogging Angie and Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

Pink Bird Cage







How to Attract Votes and Clicks to a Blog

Funny Cats and Dogs

America’s Funniest Video has been on TV for over twenty years, and they are just as popular today as they were then. What is it about us Americans that we love to watch others get nailed? The videos show some a dumb nerd running into a tree, table, glass sliding door, a person, lake, car, or pole, and we’re busting up over it. READ MORE »

Clutter in the High Desert

Messy Car

The economy must be getting really bad in the High Desert land. One sunny day sitting at a coffee shop next to Lowe’s in Apple Valley I was doing what I do best, sitting. A car pulled up to park. It was an older vehicle, and the driver looked around mid 30ish. There was something else I noticed. His car was full of paper, not like recycle stuff, but trash like Burger King wrappers and paper coffee cups, newspapers, lots of paper and junk. It was stacked up to the level of the top of the seat. The passenger seat next to him was full, the back seat completely full of trash. When Mr. Hoarder got out of the car, he shut the door then LOCKED it. You know, it’s a good thing he did. There are a lot of criminals on the streets these days, and if you leave your door unlocked, those bad guys will sneak up real slowly,  reach up, slowly open that door and steal a paper cup!

If you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you’re not a teenager or a college student. Most likely you’re in your fifties or older. Looking back I cringe at things I’ve said and done. Some of it I meant well, and other times it was out of pure stupidity on my part. Hindsight is a learning time and a time of regrets. But no one can change the past, and the only option we have now is working on changing the future  in our short lives.

In your clutter life it’s time to clean out the trash. Open all the doors, and start ripping out all the papers, wrappers, and coffee cups. Then do yourself a favor. Burn that old car, set it on fire so it will never tempt you to go back hoarding your past. Truth will set you free, and now you’re free to blog some awesome blogs.

Need Traffic for Your Blog? Join High Desert Blogging Network

Problogger Bill Belew

Do people still make money blogging? Bill Belew does.

He pays his Silicon Valley mortgage through “advertising revenue ONLY generated purely from traffic to his blogs.” Who is Bill Belew? Author of How to make money blogging (50 steps to effective blogging and serious web traffic) and mini-series on How to Create a Blog. A problogger who blogs daily. Blogging coach and author of blogging advice tips that you can have access to when you join High Desert Blogging Network.


What is High Desert Blogging Network, and who is it for? It’s:

  • a blog network that bloggers can join to grow their blogs.
  • for individuals who want to drive traffic to their blogs.
  • for entrepreneurs who want to advertise products and services to High Desert cities.
  • for authors who want to promote their books.

Do any of these fit you? Are you committed to making money through blogging? Maybe you have a service or product to sell but don’t have a blog. You can set up a blog and either do the blogging yourself or hire a blogger. Blogging works. It doesn’t work, however, if nobody’s blogging on the blog.

Ready to see your blog traffic numbers grow? We can help you make that happen when you become part of our blog network. Experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technicians do what they are good at. That is the tech stuff it takes to drive the traffic from our network to your blog, from your blog to our network. You don’t have to worry about figuring out the SEO tech info. Leave the SEO details to the techs and just blog.

How do you join the network? There is an initial set up that connects your blog to our network. Three set-up fee options are available. View options, and choose the one that is best for you.

Grow your blog. A blog that makes money has traffic.


Write About the High Desert

Angie, High Desert Blogging

Want to write? Write about the High Desert, and submit your article to High Desert Blogging. It’s a blog for writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. If you are either one of these, which of the following categories fit your niche or genre?

  1. Writing/blogging about High Desert people, events, places, things to do
  2. Products specifically for the High Desert
  3. Landscaping/Gardening
  4. Photography
  5. Book reviews
  6. Poetry
  7. Short stories
  8. Marketing in the High Desert
  9. Churches in the High Desert
  11. Networking
  12. Other

The list of twelve topics above are certainly not the only ones we write about on this blog. Write 250-500 words. Comment on one of our articles. Subscribe to our RSS feed. Contact us about your article or short story. A fantastic writers’ group is held monthly in Apple Valley and is growing fast. Critique groups are available within this group. I recommend the critique groups for anyone interested in learning writing. What I like about the critique groups is the objective comments that help writers to improve their writing. No matter how long a writer has been writing, one always needs a critique group and editing Blog. Blogs. Blogging. Yes, they all refer to writing. If you are a blogger who blogs on your blog, then you need to be blogging all the time. When you do that, you are writing. Come blog with us. Free blogging and blog network opportunities are available. Entrepreneurs, we want to include you in this, too. I asked an entrepreneur friend down the hill this week how her business is going. “So-so” was the answer. She needs more people to find out about her product. I asked her if she blogs. Laughing, she replied, “I barely have enough time as it is.” I told her about our blog network opportunity to get the word out about products and services of entrepreneurs. “Let’s go to lunch one day. I want to hear more about that,” she said. My friend doesn’t own a blog but is receptive to someone blogging for her. Entrepreneurs are busy. That’s where we come in. We blog on our network, teach newbies how to set up blogs, and we blog for entrepreneurs. Let the High Desert know about your business products and services today. Come blog with us.

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