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The Myth That Blogging is Dead, Again!

It’s like that mythic story that returns every 50, 100, 300 years. A legendary tale of caution and fearful warning. Why would someone today keep perpetuating the idea that blogging is dead? There it is again. And today, blogging is stronger, more businesses are employing the strategy, and the number of them in general has reached the billion mark. Yikes!

Solid Blog

Solid Blog

At least in this context, my Guest Blogger, Ruth Zive, has placed a spin on the myth and given some excellent examples worthy of bringing power back to the blog.


This post was shared back in 2013 when Ruth, a Canadian, was also punching holes in blog myths through the highly read and popular blog established through It was and still is the go-to web site to learn the best habits as a neophyte blogger.

Blogging is Dead – For Any Company Making These Mistakes

By Ruth Zive and as Guest Blogger in 2012 with

I’ve put a lot of my professional eggs into this basket.

So have thousands of other folks blogging as a means to drive business.

And since I started blogging, almost every week I read another provocative story about the limitations of social media, the nonsensical and unsustainable nature of blogging, and the over-exaggerated accounts of business growth as a result of content marketing.

I say baloney. With mustard on top! As far as I’m concerned, when it’s used strategically, as part of a comprehensive content marketing initiative, blogging is a brilliant and affordable way for companies to:

  • enhance their brand
  • engage stakeholders
  • network with industry thought leaders
  • drive traffic to their website
  • solicit customer feedback
  • and create a strong following … and more

But the skepticism persists. The naysayers continue to herald the limitations of blogging. A colleague recently sent me an article proclaiming in the headline that “blogging is dead.”

I’ve read that headline before. It’s an attention-getter, that’s for sure (notice I’ve used the same headline ). But I read the article, start to finish, and followed up on the research that informed the headline in the first place. And you know what?

Blogging on a Schedule Helps Maintain a Regular Readership

Blogging on a Schedule Helps Maintain a Regular Readership

Blogging is not dead silly people! And if you read through to the comments of the aforementioned post, even the blogger acknowledges that blogging is actually a growing medium and the research that he references is wrong.

But indeed, some companies that have failed to develop a blogging and content marketing strategy that works have abandoned blogging. And that makes sense – why would someone continue to invest in a strategy that isn’t working?

But I contend that the failure of those companies in this regard has less to do with blogging as a platform and more to do with how they actually leverage that platform. Instead, companies should take time to understand how blogging works.

You can’t just create a blog ‘tab’ on your website, throw up some content, and expect the dollars to flow.

Businesses and small companies are arguably the worst culprits of blog misunderstanding, notoriously tooting their own horns, showcasing their success stories and re-purposing dry, technical content as blog posts. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I share with you now the top mistakes made by companies that destine them to certain blogging failure. Take heed – for avoiding these mistakes will help ensure a long, healthy, and profitable blogging life.

1. Your posts are company-centric Blogs are meant to be interactive. The whole point of a blog is to engage your stakeholders, build their sense of investment and make them feel more connected to your brand. If every post is blah blah blah about your company, with no consideration of your customer’s needs and interests, your blog will surely fail.

Make your blog customer-centric. Ask questions, host contests, post polls, and questionnaires. Show you care. Answer back to those who took the time to contact you.

2. Your posts are difficult to share. So many companies go to the trouble of creating a blog and posting content – but there are no social sharing buttons anywhere to be found. Blogging works when ideas are channeled through different social media hubs and shared vigorously. And you need to make that as easy as possible for your readers.

Make Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ buttons easy to find and easy to use. Paste them in good locations on your web site so at anytime they can be accessed

3. You post every few weeks, or worse – every few months. Set an editorial calendar, plan to blog at least once every week, and stick to it. Establish a rhythm and an expectation so that your readers know when they return to your blog, there will be fresh content available.

If you find it difficult to generate a post every week, ask the help of other bloggers in your company, or hire a professional copywriter. Offer Guest Blogging to others in your industry.

Bottom line, if you are not blogging regularly, you might as well not have a blog. You are sending a message to your readers and potential customers that you don’t have anything important to say and that you don’t particularly care to engage them in discussion. They might even think you’re not at the cutting edge of your industry. Ouch!

Now It’s Your Turn

Blogging isn’t dead, at least not as far as we’re concerned. Blogging is a long-term marketing investment. It takes commitment and research to find content that keeps your readers returning It is not a quick fix.

Blogging at a Corporate Level

Blogging at a Corporate Level

It’s an important opportunity for companies, willing to take the time, to cultivate their blogging skills. Corporations have worked blogging into their marketing plans, but they have also looked to other strategies, other campaigns, and more exposure to gain higher ground. They don’t stop; they adjust to the market they serve. And so should you.

What do you think? Is blogging dead? How can you attract blog readers to join your tribe?

Those are great pointers for all of us. I wish to thank Ruth for sharing her insights with me at BizBloggerNation three years ago. The reason I brought an old story back for reviewing was to show that blogging is here to stay and you’ll find more blogging strategies as well as blogging interests right here at


Rusty LaGrange

Share Your Event with our Blogging Network

Like a Pebble Dropped in a Pond

Like a Pebble Dropped in a Pond

Does your business have a new event to share or mile marker in its history? A celebration? An anniversary? Get the word out to hundreds of blog readers who follow on High Desert then tell them about your shop.

How long have you been in business? What is your specialty? Are you only online or do you have a storefront as well? What’s your address? Do you sell to a certain age group or specific interest? Do you have an active web site? Please share with us.

What days are you open?

What hours are you open?

Do you have sales days or use coupons?

Can shoppers use credit cards, debit cards, or gift cards?

What’s your shop’s telephone number, fax number, and do you have a toll-free number?

These are the basic questions that readers ask us.

Don’t forget to list all of your supported social media connections. Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter. The list goes on …

In every case, you’ll find a new shopper, a new friend, and a new connection. That’s what blogging and networking is all about? Like dropping a pebble in a pond.

If you feel that networking and blogging are taking too much of your time, you can hire someone to do that task for you. Virtual Assistants and  business bloggers are all around. Let us know if you need some help.

Rusty LaGrange

Desert Cottage Joins Autumn Basket Give-Away


Grace and elegance are the best words to describe The Desert Cottage, a home repurposed into a fashion plate for vintage and antique pieces. It was such a pleasure walking slowly through what seemed like endless shops in one. Each room and cozy niche was tastefully decorated in vintage style with different themes. With 20 vendors, the mix is a true adventure.

A little bit camera shy, Yvonne and Anna, share a silly moment while showing the holiday decor

A little bit camera shy, Yvonne and Anna, share a silly moment while showing the holiday decor


Too many wonderful things… so little time. I think that’s my motto.


Anna at Desert Cottage

Anna at Desert Cottage

The Desert Cottage has also joined High Desert Blogging’s “Autumn Blog Basket Give-Away.” Their donor basket is filling fast with yummy foods, collectibles, and more, added daily. The drawing is scheduled for Saturday, December 6th at noon. A winner will be drawn from those who have signed in at the shop. Stop by and enter. There’s no charge, no tickets. It’s just the way that High Desert Blogging is giving back to High Desert  communities for their support these past three years.

Flower Arrangements by Yvonne

Flower Arrangements by Yvonne


For your visit there, be sure to talk to Anna, the owner and her long-time friend, Yvonne. They love to greet new visitors and cater to the many requests they receive from hunters looking for gifts and collections. Yvonne specializes in flower arrangements while Anna has a creative eye for vintage goodies. Her creations are placed throughout the main section. Christmas décor is beginning to fill in, so most vendors will have something for everybody.


The Desert Cottage can be found on Facebook and Instagram with latest sale items listed. Their hours are 10-5 daily with Sundays and Mondays closed, located at 15451 Bear Valley Rd near 11th Street, (760) 948-7225.


Autumn Give-away Baskets in the High Desert

Autumn Give-away Basket

A Close-up Look at The Desert Cottage’s Chosen Basket for the Give-away

If you’re reading this blog post, perhaps you are interested in our Autumn Give-away Baskets. There is a chance that you can win one. One way is to be in the Victor Valley area of southern California while certain designated antique/vintage shops are hosting these give-away baskets with our blog,

Baskets will be given away at five antique/vintage shops.  Three shops will host basket give-aways on Saturday, November 15, 2014. Include in your plans to stop by one of these shops between now and then to enter the drawing for a basket. The three shops hosting the basket give-away on November 15th are:

  1.  Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures, 19222 National Trails Highway, Oro Grande, CA 92368

    Autumn Basket Give-away

    Chosen Basket for Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

  2. Salvaged & Tattered, 19248 National Trails Highway, Oro Grande, CA 92368

    Salvaged & Tattered Give-away

    Chosen Basket at Salvaged & Tattered

  3. The Desert Cottage, 15451 Bear Valley Road, Hesperia, CA

    Basket Give-away

    Help Fill a Basket

Two more antique/vintage shops (listed below) participating in the Autumn Basket Give-aways will be announcing their winners on Saturday, December 6, 2014:

  1. Find Your P’s and Q’s Antiques, 15080 7th Street, Suite 11, Victorville, CA
  2. Vintage Gypsies, 21880 Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA (Across from Molly’s Country Kitchen)

Help fill a basket if you want to give to the community. Go to one of the designated shops listed above, and fill it with one or more of the items listed below:

  • a gift item at the antique shop you are visiting
  • one or more of these canned goods (pumpkin, cranberry sauce, chicken broth, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, green beans, French Fried onions, evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk)
  • a new journal
  • a new votive and votive candle holder
  • a new holiday home decor magazine

Local entrepreneurs and businesses may participate in donating to the baskets. Contact Rusty or Angie for more information at

Basket Give-away

Help Fill a Basket

The third way to win an Autumn Give-away basket is if you are not in High Desert’s Victor Valley area, but you are in the United States and want to enter to win a basket. If that description fits you, you may enter to win the one Autumn Give-away Basket being given only from To enter, email Rusty or Angie at and put “Autumn Give-away Basket” in the subject line. Then in the body of the email give us your name and the email for us to contact you.

You will enjoy shopping at these vintage shops hosting the basket give-aways. Already they have begun special holiday events. Saturday, November 8th, Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures hosted a western event with delicious chili and desserts. More about that in another post.









How Do You Use Conference Time to Your Benefit?

Everyone hears that to promote your company, your idea, or your service, you should network with other business owners. So you’ve just returned from a 3-day conference at “Universal Whatcha-Call-it.” You’re tired and just want to relax. Then you see the pile of business card you judicially collected during the weekend.


business cards Overwhelm

How Can You Manage Business Cards When You Get Home?

Don’t ignore them. They’re gold.

Here’s some ideas that will help you collect more than paper:


Business cards – Those simple cards are really each prospect, a live person that seemed interested in what you had to offer. Image that each card you collect is filled with the expectation that you generated. Will you follow up? You bet. They expect it.

Write a “selfie” prompt
– A keyword or two will help you remember.  Take time right now and write an association word on each card that can trigger your memory later. Your brain is still on overload. Just make a note so you can have peaceful sleep.

Shuffle the deck
 – Decide on four classifications that you can place a business card into. Use color coding with a marker across the top, or a rubber band. Consider these categories: a) a good fit, b) maybe an affiliate or Joint Venture, c) too general to be different, and d) not interested or way out of the categories that you feel comfortable in. Make the first two groups your contacts but make the first group a high priority.

Journal your thoughts or conceptions
 – You’re going to get some brilliant ideas that you will lose as soon as you leave the conference room. Those little thoughts that sprout into a Joint Venture are often captured in written notes, tapes, or personal recorders. Although, some use recorders, it can be intimidating; some use index cards and sort them easily. You decide.


Take lots of pictures and upload online – One of the newest trends is to take photos, associate them with the client prospect, and post them on a convention gallery. People love to see and be seen at events. There are ultra small cameras now that you can use with discretion. Be sure to get their name, business, and website — ask first for photo permission.


Use your sincere interest and listening skills – It’s good business practice to listen to the prime speaker in any group. Take time to analyze the subject, add your two-cents when appropriate, then listen some more. Try not to interrupt just to hand that person a business card. That’s rude. Are you a good fit for that business? Ask them a question or two, then decide if you might form a new friendship. Tell them your aptitude for business that will enhance theirs. They won’t know unless you ask.


Be a person of change – While you may not do anything resounding while in session, you might take a carload of attendees to a nice place for dinner, showing them around town can break the ice later. Maybe two people that seem like a good match would not have met unless you brought them together. Watch for possibilities. It’s not just about you.


Mingle in and out – Place yourself in an unfamiliar group. It’s tough for some to do, especially when they don’t see any friendly faces. Move on to another group. Cliques form quickly, so maybe you’ll find one by cruising and using your networking skills.


Take time to shop from the display tables – Sure there’s a lot of self-promotional materials there, but you’ll also find reduced prices, a speaker’s course options, and book sales. Bringing home a book from your favorite speaker will be more beneficial down the road.


Spend quality time to send out notes – Did you know that 90% of attendees never follow-up with a card or email note? You have all those business cards and connections. Remember how your classified cards and notes were arranged? Now it’s going to be easy for you to follow up. Send out a short, friendly email to categories, “a”, “b,” and “c”. If you can personalize it with a memory, do it. E-mails will be ignored just as fast as you scan through your email subjects after a long weekend. Take the time to catch their attention in the subject line. Warning! Never automatically send emails to all persons at once without using the “Blind copy” line on your email window. Business people abhor the overflow of spam and linked emails.


So you’ve made it through another long and busy weekend. When you begin calling on your potential prospects, don’t slam your foot in their door. Always be respectful and professional in order to gain new and beneficial contacts/clients.



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All Procrastinators Unite! … Tomorrow

It’s that nagging “procrastination” word. credits
Everyone says do what makes you happy. And if procrastination had a useful and monetary outcome, I would be queen of the hill. My husband does not own any procrastination genes; he keeps busy after work until the sun goes down. He’s also my first person who asks me what I did that day. I feel unfulfilled. In my mind I’ve accomplished a lot.

Me, I could get up late, think about the stuff I should be doing, “putz” around the house doing a load of laundry, moving this or that, stopping to watch TV, eat some lunch, even pay some bills, without getting a lick of writing work done. I do believe it’s my “mulling over it” phase. Other writers have said that, more than half the time, a writer is simmering on what to write. Yeah, that’s me. I simmer, and mull, and procrastinate.

When I am productive I need to set a timer to remind myself to take breaks. Someone said that the best work environment will be your most productive zone. So I do what makes me happy and listen to my wind chimes while I type, or play native flute music (I have an extensive collection) or play a few computer games to allow simmering before writing.

The bottom line is that procrastinators are always working… you just can’t see the outcomes physically until the mental work is done. Knowing that makes me feel better about myself …  and happier.

So how do you do the mulling in your mind before you write? Are you an early riser with a load of writing to get on paper? Are you typically a reader-researcher and then a writer? Are you feeling guilty for not committing to a 1,000  words a day? Who said that was a reasonable amount to set? Are you guilty for thinking you’re guilty?

Rusty LaGrange

Rusty is a guest blogger and life-long procrastinator, who knows just why she does what she does, and enjoys being happy in mulling. Read her other blogs at and




Allow Thoughts to Percolate, Then Write

 As soon as the weather cooled and thoughts of seasonal foods popped up in the blogs, I began thinking of the cozy places I like to be on an Autumn day. Do you find that a place near a sunny window with a steamy cup of tea or coffee is just the right way to start the day?

But who wants to limit the morning to just coffee and steamy tea? Often I will sit and write a poem just because that cozy spot near the window helps my thoughts to flow. I may enjoy the coffee more than the raw verses I’m working on, but eventually the poem takes shape and I read it through one more time to be satisfied.

The question of “what do I write?” and “how can I be inspired to wri

A writer needs the time to think before writing

A writer needs the time to think before writing

te something?” can cause a new blogger to grow self-doubt. It’s better to be ready to write than to sit at a blank screen and struggle to produce something. Your mind can be tricked into working for you.

While you are busy doing other things your mind can be prompted to think of good topics for your blog. Let’s look at a few tactics that can help:

a) If you have a themed blog where you discuss and share ideas about a certain topic, then paying for a subscription to a magazine in that topic or field will be a handy tool to rely on.

b) When you are reading the newspaper or scanning through an online web paper, jot down short notes about topics that may be related to your theme. Always watch for the odd stories that can prompt your Muse in a heartbeat.

c) If you come across an email or a newsletter in your surface mail that may relate to your blog, write it down.

d) Once you have collected several of these leads, you’ll need to research them all a bit to produce a good starting idea.

e) Keeping a camera with you at all times, will make you rely on using it more often. So, if your blog is general news or trends, you’ll have a simple way to snap a photo and write about it. At many of our guest bloggers come across new ideas without trying. Some of them go to public events, walk and talk to the people who are enjoying the event then ask for a photo and their name. In just a few minutes, you have a strong story idea, pictures to go with it, and sudden enthusiasm to get home and write.

f) Sometimes, no matter what you try, the words won’t come to you. It’s best to get up and walk away. Take a short walk outside for some fresh air, do a small chore that will take your mind off of the blog for a few minutes. But, never let yourself fall into the trap of procrastination for the blog’s sake. No, no.

All writers need time to allow their thoughts to percolate. They need the uncluttered space to let ideas swirl and combine until a creative action arrives. Relaying on a few researching tools had already prompted your mind to work on those topics. It primed the mind to focus, and while you were busy with other ideas, it focused more intently on your selected subject. Moments later the thought will arrive and your readers will be enriched by it.

And you know all of those ideas that you didn’t choose today, they can each be prompts for upcoming blogs. So you are that much ahead!


Rusty LaGrange

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Good News — Blogging And Business Trends

 During the rise of blogs, (can you believe it’s been nearly ten years) they were largely a personal medium for idealistic stream-of-consciousness communications made by young writers, moms at home filling time, and a few entrepreneurs who saw the potential connectedness … accessible worldwide via the web.

Today, blogs have morphed into a legitimate business-to-business (B2B) marketing tool rich in content. It took awhile before corporate blogs rose through the clutter to become online powerhouses in their own right. Most are often ghostwritten by paid freelance or staff writers under the direction of the blog owner, usually a company executive. And most savvy business owners, who once posted a large business card as their website, are now seeing the benefits of interactive blogs and posts, chatroom and newsletter engagement, and sending instant sales and coupons without the large print expenses.

Crafters Sales from a Home Business

 The thing about blogs is that everyone is on equal ground when it comes to using the tools and following the trends of blogging. A new business owner, looking for exposure, and an inexpensive way to gain a following, can start a blog from home or office. A blogger can choose how much to write, the topics, and the quantity of posts. He can use it to keep in touch with old clients and entice new customers. She can post a catalogue of items, whether handmade or purchased, and be in complete control. They can run a business from home while nurturing  young, active family.



Here’s the Good News

A study of 2,531 small and medium-sized businesses found
that those that blog have 55% more web site visitors – and 92%
of companies that blogged multiple times a day acquired a
customer through their blog.

That’s encouraging to know. If you continue blogging, keep your content interesting and fresh, entice your followers with sales, contests, or freebies, your growth potential can only go up.

Those with blogs who drop out, lose interest, or never saw the benefits in the first place, will resume their positions in the largest, undisturbed, muddy, web puddle on the Internet.tadpole

Even tadpoles know when to climb out.


Rusty LaGrange

5 Reasons Every Business Blog Needs a Professional Blogger

Hiring a Blogger MConnors at morgueFile

Now that you’ve read the 10 Reasons to Maintain a Business Blog, it’s time to discuss whether or not you need to hire a professional blogger. Certainly, you can write your own blogs or even assign the task to someone else in your organization. Before you decide to do either, however, consider these 5 very important benefits of hiring a pro blogger.

1. A Professional Blogger Has the Writing Talent You Desire

In general, if you can speak you can write. With that said, not everyone has a flair for blogging. In some cases, this goes beyond simply lacking the mechanics of good writing, but also encompasses writer’s block or a genuine fear of writing. A professional blogger has a way with words and knows how to effectively overcome common writing challenges in order to produce the top-quality content your business blog needs.

2. A Professional Blogger Can Dedicate Adequate Time to Your Business Blog

One of the greatest concerns a lot of business owners have about starting a business blog is having the time it takes to regularly maintain such a space. In cases like these, outsourcing makes perfect sense. You simply tell a professional blogger how many posts you’d like to publish per week and that person schedules the time to get it done while you are free to apply your time toward other important business matters.

3. A Professional Blogger Gives Your Content the Right Amount of Focus

Often, entrepreneurs will start a business blog with the intention of its maintenance being a top priority. What often happens, however, is that other tasks vie for an owners time and the blogging priority begins to lose steam. Before long, a blog is abandoned and the content that remains becomes outdated and stale. By hiring a professional blogger business owners can avoid a diminishing focus on their blog as a pro blogger keeps the task of posting fresh content at the top of her editorial schedule.

4. A Professional Blogger Has Experience That Can Benefit Your Business

Beyond stringing words together, there’s a method to professional business blogging. This involves staying abreast of the latest SEO strategies, understanding what attracts audiences and knowing how to market a business blog in the right venues. A professional blogger has experience in these realms, which can save considerable time and be of immense benefit to a business.

5. A Professional Blogger Knows How to Share

Speaking of marketing, a great deal of it involves online sharing. Of course, most people think of major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are literally hundreds of other networking venues where bloggers regularly engage. Remember, bloggers are online an awful lot and we love to share our work with others. Your business benefits by being introduced to audiences that you don’t typically have contact with and which may be of even greater benefit to your bottom line.

We’re Here For You…Especially This Weekend!

If you’d like to learn more about hiring a professional blogger, be sure to stop by the RelyLocal table located right at the Fair’s main entrance this weekend. Several High Desert Bloggers will be in attendance as we help raise awareness about the shop local movement and about blogging in the High Desert. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about blogging when you stop by to say hello.

Your Comments Are Appreciated

Do you currently have a business blog? Do you maintain it yourself or have you already begun to outsource that task? Tell us all about your business and your blog in the comments section below.



10 Reasons To Maintain a Business Blog

Rainbow ricreis morgueFileIn today’s business landscape, having a website is almost as important as having a telephone. People of all ages are online looking for information, ideas to share and businesses to patronize. So while every business clearly needs a website, is it really necessary for every business to have a  blog? Yes! And here’s why:

The Top 10 Reasons To Maintain a Business Blog

1. A Business Blog Provides Another Avenue to Connect With Customers

Beyond your website, radio and offline advertisements– or even your email address and direct phone contact, a blog is another medium through which your customers may explore your company. It is an indirect way for your customers to connect with you and you with them. Can any business ever have too many customer connections?

2. A Business Blog Helps Build an Audience

A blog offers a voice and the right voice attracts listeners. Done correctly, a blog can help a business attract new audience members and strengthen the bonds with an audience already in place.

3. A Business Blog Helps Draw Internet Traffic To a Website

Whether you sell your goods online or simply use your website to advertise, one of your primary goals is to draw as many eyes to a site as possible. A blog helps business owners accomplish this and then some. While websites can be somewhat static, a business blog offers visitors a far more dynamic experience. Regular updates and fresh, unique content give visitors a reason to return again and again and again!

4. A Business Blog Helps Provide Individual Businesses With a Stronger Web Presence

The Internet offers everyone a pretty leveled playing field and a blog helps increase your presence on that field. With that said, it also provides a deeply competitive landscape where only the strongest, most persistent and most reliable content rises to the top. A mere website just won’t do when competitors are regularly churning out new content, which leads us to #5…

5. A Business Blog Can Help a Business Compete With Others Within a Niche

A business blog helps to enhance a business’ web presence and, thus, provides a vehicle through which an organization may compete more effectively. New products can be spotlighted, industry accomplishments can be immediately publicized, special sales can be announced and the list goes on.

6. A Business Blog Can Help Owners and Employees Provide Better Customer Service

By providing a space for customers to share comments and suggestions in real time, information gathered from a business blog can help an organization provide a better quality of customer service. Many companies even appoint one or more staff members to respond to blog comments, which helps to create a closer bond with customers and provide them with optimal service.

7. A Business Blog Can Help Improve Search Engine Rankings

New, original and trustworthy content is crucial if a business is aiming for top-billing among search engines. Providing all of this on a regular basis is even better. Instead of merely providing information one time on a website, business blogging can help tremendously with SEO since search engine algorithms are more inclined to reward higher rankings to those that provide quality content on a regular basis.

8. A Business Blog Allows Owners To Immediately Disseminate Urgent Information

Experiencing a shipping snafu or an organizational upset? Need to squash a harmful rumor? A business blog provides immediate media coverage which YOU control. Information shared on a business blog is often cited by trade publications and traditional news outlets, so while press releases are still valuable, there’s no need to wait to publish whatever it is that you want the public to know about your business right away.

9. A Business Blog Helps In Adding a Personal Touch To a Website Or a Business

Your website is probably ultra-professional and very structured…as it should be. While a business blog should also maintain an air of professionalism, it is perfectly acceptable for a blog to be more conversational in tone. Further, it allows personal interaction with a readership and helps in humanizing an organization.

10. A Business Blog Helps a Business Establish Trust With Consumers

Above all else, customers value companies that they can trust. Business blogging helps supply consumers with expert information on a regular basis and helps a company engage with customers around important concerns or issues. Done well, a business blog can be used as part of a trust-building foundation leading to long-term consumer relationships.

Want to Learn More About Business Blogging?

If you’re operating a business and you don’t have a blog…or if you have a business blog, but you want to learn how to kick it into overdrive come meet the High Desert Bloggers this weekend at the San Bernardino County Fair. And if you don’t fancy yourself much of a writer, but realize the importance of maintaining a blog, don’t be shy about asking one of our bloggers to blog for your business. We’ll be at the RelyLocal table, so while you’re there you can also learn about the powerful shop local movement taking place here in the High Desert.

Tell Us All About It

Have a question or comment and can’t wait to visit us at the fair? Well, sound off below and get a feel for how fast and effective this business blogging concept really is!


Business Blog by MConnors at morgueFile

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