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High Desert Wolf Sanctuary Attraction

When I was about eight or nine years of age, my dad brought a new pet home for my older brothers. It was a white, half German-shepherd and half wolf dog. His name was Lobo. Though I was excited, I wasn’t used to dogs. Dad had put up a temporary fence until he could build a tall and long fence to keep Lobo in. One day I decided to walk up to the makeshift fence and pet him. Lobo was excited to meet me, too, and knocked the fence over, and jumped up on me. He was as tall as I was. Terrified, I screamed and looked back at the patio door to see if any of my family was coming to help me. My mother and oldest brother were standing inside at the patio door, laughing. I guess it was a funny sight. My brother came to my rescue and managed to get Lobo to stop jumping on me.

Dad and my brothers built the new fence, and Lobo had a very tall, long, and spacious place to call his home. One day I was about to go bike riding on the black top road behind our house. My dad said he wanted Lobo to go with me. I still wasn’t used to Lobo and didn’t like the idea, but Dad insisted. Lobo ran beside me or behind me all the way down the road and back. The funniest thing occurred. Previous to this trip with Lobo, a little yapping Chihuahua would always run out to me when I rode my bike by its house. That little yapper would try to nip at my heels. I never liked that little dog. Well, just at the time Lobo and I came up to that house, the little yapper ran out to chase me when he met my giant protector. Lobo chased that little dog and obediently came back to trot alongside me again. You know, that little Chihuahua never ever again chased me. Lobo and I became friends that day.

I suppose this experience caused my ears to perk up a bit when a neighbor mentioned at a yard sale awhile back that the High Desert has a wolf sanctuary in Lucerne Valley. Now I understand that this sanctuary is for wolves, not wolf-dogs like my giant white Lobo was. This is a High Desert attraction I’ve not yet checked out, but I’m going to. If you have been there, you’re welcome to comment about it here at High Desert Blogging. For more information on this fascinating High Desert wolf attraction, see the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary website.

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