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Breakfast & Vintage Hunting on Route 66 – a Southern California Bloggers Day Trip

Enjoying a high desert sunrise

Get up with the sunrise and enjoy nature










High Desert bloggers who enjoy vintage hunting,

blogging about fascinating finds, and eating breakfast

will not want to miss Breakfast & Vintage Hunting on

Route 66.

Enjoy a get-away-from-the-computer morning event planned by
Event schedule:

  • Saturday, February 22, 2014
  • Begin at 8:45 am at Molly Brown’s Country Cafe, 24949 National Trails Hwy, Helendale, CA
  • Visit nearby Bottle Tree Ranch
  • Visit nearby Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures
  • End at 12:00 Noon at Antique Station
Route 66 Bottle Tree Ranch

Get inspired for blogging a the Bottle Tree Ranch













Vintage Shopping at Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

Find a vintage treasure at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures, Oro Grande, CA










You’ve heard those stories from people who live close to famous places but never visit them? If you live close enough to Southern California’s Mojave high desert area and haven’t been to the places mentioned above, now is your chance to check them out.

Visiting Southern California from Afar?

Off-the-beaten-path and Route 66 sites are often interesting to travelers. Shopping at locally owned venues, markets, and businesses adds to the excitement of travel and adventure. Meet these friendly shop and arts and craft owners. You’ll go back home with one-of-a-kind artsy and vintage finds with unique stories to tell your friends.

Get Out and Do Something

What does getting away from the computer have to do with breakfast and vintage hunting? Ever sit too long and get a blood clot? Or stare at your computer with blog-block? You know, like writers block. You know you need to blog but can’t think of a thing to blog about. That’s when you know you need to get out and do something. Enjoy nature. Meet new people face to face. Interview them. Learn how they began their arts and crafts business. Find out what inspires them to operate a vintage business, a restaurant, a bottle tree ranch.

A couple of family members dear to me got blood clots. One passed away. One is still living and doing great. My experience has taught me that sitting immobile for too long without moving around, exercising, enjoying the outdoors, etc. is bad for my legs. Furthermore, my dear ones’ blood clot issues encouraged me to include more breaks away from blogging. I want to share opportunities with other bloggers to enjoy activities that they can also blog about. In fact, since the beginning of 2014 fellow boggers and I have been planning events to inspire bloggers and encourage them to stay active.

Join us for an early breakfast and vintage hunting on the famous Route 66 for the Southern California day trip scheduled for Saturday, February 22, 2014. Bloggers and traveling guests who are not from this high desert region can also enjoy the event activities. One of the advantages to arising early for breakfast is enjoying pink, orange, and yellow sunrises like the photo above. Such beauty only last for moments. The beauty can last in our memories, but it does help to keep a camera handy for such occasions. Email me at for more information or if you want to join us for breakfast at Molly Brown’s Country Cafe as we begin the morning event.

Enter our February poetry contest for a chance to win a prize during this sweetheart month of celebrations.

Visit Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound blog today for more inspiration! 

Desert Beauty

Beauty is found in the desert in the most simplest ways that touch the senses. During this Christmas season I’ve been  privileged to see these simple desert beauties, treasures of a friend.

Relaxing in the desert takes you away from the fast pace of the city. Just a few hours spent in the desert with friends recently made me feel very aware of nature’s beauty. In the first photo I was taking in the contrast of desert sand and mountain snow. That gorgeous colorful rock in the second photo amazed me. I absolutely love natural colors like that. The swing in the next photo brings one word to mind: relaxing.  The cat and I quickly became friends. It’s a very loving cat that stands on its hind legs to be noticed.

Nature -whether desert sand, rocks, or a cat – brings joy to the heart, especially when one is not in a hurry. Sitting in a swing in the middle of the desert with your shoes kicked off brings a sense of relaxation. Well, maybe the shoes should stay on lest a snake notice the feet. However, snake skins do make nice pieces of art. But that’s another story we’ll save for a later date.

Find the beauty in your Christmas season.

Merry Christmas!

Vintage and Craft Entrepreneur Networking

Everyone participates in social networking. It’s called connecting with like-minded individuals, same as word-of-mouth advertising. We let others know about our services and end up making new friends – friends that have friends that have friends and on and on. Eventually, one of those friends will mention a need for a particular service. That’s when we say, “Oh, I met just the person you need to talk to.” Sound familiar?

Saturday, December 10th, Linda Marie from Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures hosted Holiday Cheer for vendors, customers, and friends. It was an enjoyable evening of mingling with like-minded individuals. There were a blend of many talents represented by entrepreneurs who make or sell vintage lovelies and antiques, specialty crafts, write books, photography, and more.

High Desert Blogging is a place to connect with other talented entrepreneurs in the High Desert. We blog about your business, craft, or other entrepreneur specialty. We service the High Desert in blog networking, blogging classes and workshops, and blogging for businesses.

Thank you for visiting today. We hope that you will return again soon and invite you to ask about our blog network.




Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series Part 3

Meet a High Desert arts and crafts senior team, Ed and Nina. I was attracted to Nina’s booth when I saw a heart rug like the one my mother made by braiding strips of sheets years ago. Nina’s husband, Ed, couldn’t make it to the show that day, but his quality wood products were on display. I especially love his sleigh clock and the sleigh that says “I only admit I’m a senior when I want a discount.”  One of his step stools is just like the ones my mother always loved to keep around the house.

Need to find a beautiful handmade rug for a Christmas gift? Contact Angie at High Desert Blogging to order one of Nina’s handmade rugs. Nina will even make you a rug out of your own material. It takes 18 yards for a rectangular rug, 22 yards for a heart-shaped rug, and 16 yards for an oval rug. By ordering one of Nina’s pretty rugs, you’ll be supporting one of High Desert’s home businesses.


Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series Part 2

Part 2 of the Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series

How do you know what type of arts and crafts business is best for you? I think you should choose the one that brings you the most joy and fulfillment and extra income. One of the crafts ladies I met at the Norco arts and crafts fair makes nightlights out of wine bottles. They were painted and looked very pretty. She mentioned that she works a full-time job and makes the wine bottle nightlights as a hobby. This hobby provides her with extra income.

Another crafts lady makes blankets, jewelry, and wedding crafts. She makes jewelry for different occasions and assists brides in finding wedding flowers and decorations.

One possibility you might consider is an arts and crafts team if you and your spouse both enjoy arts and crafts. I met a senior talented crafts lady at the craft fair that makes rag rugs that are just beautiful. She and her husband make a wonderful team together. He makes wooden step stools, cute sleigh clocks, and funny sayings printed on sleighs. I was immediately attracted to a heart rag rug in this lady’s booth. The rug reminded me of a heart rug that my mother made years ago. She and my aunt used to make braided rag rugs made out of sheets.

It helps to make a list or a word map of all the arts and crafts that interest you. Then narrow the list down until you have your niche. Blog about your niche. Connect with other bloggers within the same niche. Join a network that will cause traffic to your blog. These tips will

Come back tomorrow to see photos on the Norco arts and crafts fair and to read more on this Blog Network Series.


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