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15 Ways to Create a Fun Valentine’s Day with Family and Pets

Vintage, Antiques, and Candy

Sugar Shack

Valentine’s Day, that special day of the year for celebrating love and romance, will be here soon. Stores such as Sugar Shack in Oro Grande, a community in California’s Mohave Desert, are getting prepared.

Sugar Shack is a candy store plus vintage pieces and antiques. I saw an adorable sign for grandparents on their Facebook page today that says “GRANDPARENTS’ HOME ALWAYS OPEN”. Valentine’s Day can be fun for everyone. A typical gift on February 14th may include candy gift wrapped in red or pink with hearts. However, it’s okay to get creative with your list of things to give. When you think of love, what do you think of? Your beau? Spouse? Children, grandchildren? How about a pet?

Valentine's Day pets

Dress up your pet for Valentine’s Day


Here is a fun shopping list of gifts and things to do as you prepare to make this Valentine’s Day the best ever:

  1. Wrap candy in a festive bag, and tie ribbons with a key
  2. Give a gift of flowers to plant in a garden.
  3. Enter a Valentine’s Day give-away contest (hint: Sugar Shack and a shop next door, Silver Trails, are each giving away a basket of goodies and gifts).
  4. Go to an Improv Show.
  5. Make your own candlelight dinner at home.
  6. Buy your pet a big pretty red or pink bow (or tie for the male gender pet).
  7. Wrap up purple or pink stationery to give to your young daughter who loves to write (my parents did that for me one year — I was thrilled and have never forgotten it).
  8. Purchase a fancy vintage sugar container and fill it with red hots (hint…you might find something like this in the Silver Trails basket).
  9. Take your dog for a walk and treat both of you with treats.
  10. Surprise your hubby or wifey or significant other with a basket filled with bubble bath, candle, favorite CD, chocolate, favorite magazine, almonds, and berries.
  11. Give your granddaughter a red or pink outfit for Valentine’s Day, a pink ball — and bounce the ball outside with her.
  12. Give your grandson a red cap, red ball, and red car (a toy one preferably unless you’re up to buying a car for your older grandson) — and go outside with him to play ball.
  13. Cook a special breakfast that includes the favorite foods of your spouse and children.
  14. Give your pet a new toy.
  15. Treat yourself to dessert!

If you choose some of the listed items above for your Valentine’s Day plans, I’d love to hear from you. Share your Valentine’s Day fun and creative experience in the comment section provided.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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