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Blogging and Fit

Garden Reading Material

Garden Style Fitness

How in the world does a blogger get fit since writing blog posts requires sitting? Work out at the gym for an hour every day? That’s an option. So is walking, running, and swimming. But have you ever thought of simple ways like gardening? How about washing the dishes, sweeping and mopping the floors – just general housework? You might want to take a look at these possibilities. Each one is worth considering when keeping up a daily log of calories and fat-burning exercise.

Until I started keeping up with my daily food intake on MyFitnessPal, I didn’t give a thought to how many calories I was burning by everyday housecleaning chores and gardening. Wow! Hey, it pays off to not own a dishwasher! I am the dishwasher (and Mr. Fun helps, too – goes quicker when we join the effort with one washing and the other drying). You can burn 22 calories in 15 minutes washing dishes while standing (for a 150-lb person). See for viewing more ways to burn calories. If you cook in more than one pot or pan and more than one person is enjoying the meal, the dishes may take double that time.That’s burning 44 calories in 30 minutes. Not bad at all.

Think about it. If you blog, you’re going to need to get up out of the chair every now and then. Like when you’re hungry, thirsty, gotta have some coffee, need to go water the flowers, etc.

Speaking of the flowers, gardening is one of the best ways to get fit. Pull weeds for half an hour or plant flower and vegetable seeds for an hour. You’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had. Even watering the garden causes calories to be burned. Every little or big activity you do adds up. Recording all you eat and calories burned lets you see what you need to do to get fit or stay fit.

Gardening is my favorite fitness program. It’s therapeutic, fun, rewarding, and it’s a workout. Winter is probably the worst season to stay fit that way, although there are flowers and vegetables that do grow well in that season. Recently, I blogged about flowers to plant in the fall that also grow well in the winter. It’s worth it, health wise, to have a winter garden. Organic vegetables taste better, you save money, and you stay more fit.

Growing tomatoes in the High Desert

High Desert Organic Tomatoes

Blogging is no excuse to not be fit. I know very well how easy it is to be forgetful of the time while plugging away at the computer on the blog posts. That’s what cell phone alarms are for. It keeps you accountable for each responsibility you have. Being a fit blogger is your responsibility. Nobody will do it for you.

Improv Garden Writing

Pink and Yellow Rose in Autumn

Now go get fit!

Physical Activity for Bloggers

High Desert Bloggers (HDB) Meetup group has been promoting get-away-from-the-computer activities for its bloggers. Group members blog about various topics on their personal blogs then meet at least once monthly to discuss blogging.

The HDB group ventures out to areas and places of the community. The last meetup was held at the Pioneer Museum in Lucerne Valley. President Rusty LaGrange showed bloggers and other visitors the variety of planting tools and equipment used in the high desert back in the day.

Rusty at Pioneer Museum

Rusty at Pioneer Museum














photo (36) photo (35)











Bloggers are concerned about what will increase their readership and how to make money blogging, but are they concerned about how blogging for hours without getting up can affect their health? Physical activity is an important factor for a blogger to include in the daily routine of blogging.

It’s easy to sit for hours at a computer and forget to get up to stretch or exercise. One of my blogger friends sets her alarm to schedule time away from the computer – and eats a certain amount of M&M’s. If you’re extra nutrition-conscious, you might consider trying the dark chocolate ones.

You can start your own free physical activity program – right in your own yard. Why pay for a gym membership when you can garden and reap the benefits of natural Vitamin D from the sun? Pulling weeds, digging in dirt, and planting and watering flowers are considered moderate-to-intense physical activity for adults and children.

What type of fitness plan do you work into your blogging schedule?





High Desert 5K Events

My daughter told me awhile back about a lady who began training for 5K running events to lose weight. She started participating in the 5K’s and lost the weight. I thought of her yesterday when I joined my friends for the Apple Valley 5K. Like anything you want to accomplish in life, you have to stay consistent and never give up.

Two 5K events have already taken place in the High Desert this summer. One was the 5K at the Ranchero Road opening event, and the other was yesterday at Brewster Park in Apple Valley. Take a look at these dedicated 5K participants below. Is this something you would like to try? If I can do it, so can you. You can walk it, run it, or walk and jog it.

Ranchero Road 5K

5K at the Ranchero Road Opening

5K at the Ranchero Road Opening

Santa Fe Overpass

Santa Fe Overpass











Ranchero Road & Santa Fe Overpass, 5K

Ranchero Road & Santa Fe Overpass, 5K

Cyclist 5K

Cyclists 5K










5k Runners, Ranchero, Hesperia

5k Runners, Ranchero, Hesperia























July 4th Brewster Park

5K Run at Brewster Park

5K Run at Brewster Park

5K at Brewster Park

5K at Brewster Park










July 4, 2013 - 5K at Brewster Park, Apple Valley

July 4, 2013 – 5K at Brewster Park, Apple Valley










100_0016 100_0019 100_0020























Future High Desert 5K

Plan now for the next 5K in the High Desert. The Hesperia Days 5K is scheduled for September 21, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. Out of shape and not sure you can tackle it? Get in shape now. No one but you can make that happen. Physicians can give advice on preventative health measures besides prescribing medicine, so listen to your physician’s advice on how to get in good fitness shape.

5K Motivation

Hint: it’s easier to change into workout clothes as soon as you get home from work. When you get home, put your tennis shoes on right away. Get into your walking clothes, and go exercise. The longer you wait, the more you’ll talk yourself out of exercising.

A nurse who moved to the High Desert many years ago said she has walked every morning since she moved here. She used to walk three miles every day. Aging may have slowed her down some, but she has continued to walk at least one mile a day even after retirement. Don’t let aging stop you from being active. This retired nurse volunteers twice weekly and keeps up her walking. That’s a good example for any of you who are in need of motivation.

If you’ve read this blog post and was motivated you into action and you’re now in an exercise regimen, I’d like to hear from you. Reply in the comment section below and motivate other readers to start exercising.

You can read other testimonies for encouragement like the Couch-to-5K. It’s so easy to read stories on the Internet of how people needed to get in shape or lose weight and did so by planning for and participating in a 5K. Are you a couch potato? Read these stories and see how you, too, can begin a fitness program. Always consult your physician before starting any new workout regimen.


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