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Natural, Organic, and Gluten-Free Foods

What is the benefit of purchasing and

eating organic eggs?

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Organic Eggs

The benefit is that you are eating eggs from a flock that had access to outdoor areas and did not live in cages. That means the organic hens ate organic feed, and the crop was free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Organic egg farms also allow birds to go into a natural molt and are not induced. Inducing molting affects egg production.

My dad graduated from college with an agriculture degree and knew about raising chickens. He was the top poultry salesman in the company he worked for back in the ’50s in East Texas.  No wonder I grew up liking eggs for breakfast.

A couple of friends of mine raise chickens. They offer me eggs, and I gladly accept them. They get empty egg cartons in return. I prefer eating their eggs because they are organic.

Natural, Organic, and Gluten-Free

Natural, organic, and gluten-free foods are becoming more sought after by health-conscious individuals. The best way to see that your family eats natural, organic, and gluten-free foods is to plant a garden and eat the vegetables from your garden or from your local farmers market.

What does “gluten-free” mean? Free of glue seems like an easy way of understanding the term. I think about gluten as something that sticks to me that causes bloating. Not a good feeling.

Most breads have gluten, and I love bread. Whole wheat bread, bread with healthy seeds and nuts, and other healthy-looking bread seems nutritious. But since learning more about gluten, I began to pay closer attention to the ingredients in bread. Some potato breads have little or no gluten, or at least a smaller percentage of gluten listed. I’m no pro on the gluten topic, but it’s amazing to see so many foods containing gluten. It’s worth researching.

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