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Food Cravings and Food Blogs


Chocolate and Yogurt

Yogurt Granola Chocolate Sweet Snack

Bloggers on High Desert Blogging write articles about the High Desert, the Southwest, blogging, gardening in the high desert, food, and Victor Valley. Food writing on the blog varies from historical to new recipes, Route 66 eateries, and recommended restaurants. But have you heard of or visited the High Desert Farmers Market? The Farmers Market is held on Thursday mornings from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. Go to blog to find their recipes.


What kind of food cravings do you get? One of mine is salsa. The latest one I made, Sweet & Spicy Salsa, has a southwestern flavor and includes corn. So delicious. It is made from the kitchen garden mostly (except the corn and a can of diced tomatoes and green chilies). The corn gave the salsa a sweet flavor. And, of course, it’s spicy with a very hot jalapeno. Sometimes, the jalapenos aren’t as hot. You never know how hot the garden jalapenos will be until you add it to the salsa. I’ve had some turn out very hot, and others seem quite mild.


Top food interests found on Pinterest and in blogs are:

  • desserts
  • recipes
  • healthy snacks
  • healthy recipes
  • nutrition
  • gluten free

When you try to combine dessert, healthy, nutrition, and gluten free, it can be quite a challenge. What do you do when you crave sweets but need gluten free ingredients and want to eat nutritious food? How do you satisfy the sweet or chocolate cravings?

Lately, I’ve had some sweet cravings – some for chocolate and some for lemon. Try this recipe that I came up with to satisfy the chocolate and sweet craving.

Yogurt Chocolate Granola Mix

5 minutes

1 Serving

Approximately 1 Cup

360 calories

15 fat

6.25 sat fat

51.5 carbs

10.5 protein

5.75 fiber

38.5 sugar

149.7 sodium

Yogurt Chocolate Granola Mix

Yogurt Granola Chocolate Sweet Snack


  • 1 Cup Plain Yogurt
  • 1/3 Cup Quaker Summer Berry Real Medleys
  • 4 Guittard Milk Chocolate Baking Chips
  • 1 Tablespoon Sun-Maid Chopped Dates


  1. Mix all ingredients together.
  2. Ready to eat.


Nutrition amounts are approximate.

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Chocolate Meringue Pie and Lemon Meringue Pie are my two favorite family pie recipes. I’ve had the two desserts on my mind, so when I saw a box of two lemon meringue pies in the frozen section at WalMart, I took it out and read the nutrition values. Not too bad. The only thing that jumped out at me was the 41 carbohydrates. However, my yogurt-chocolate medley’s carbs are higher. The lemon pies were justified. After all, I did pull a mountain of weeds in the yard. Well, maybe not today but yesterday. Uh-huh. They went into the grocery cart, made it all the way up to the register, and only one got to go inside my freezer. Lemon meringue. Mmmm.

High Desert Food Blog Contest

Now you know why I also have a food blog, Kitchen Hospitality. Maybe you’ve been keeping up with the Traffic Generating Experiment between Patty Cakes Pantry j(try her Taco Salad in a Jar) and Kitchen Hospitality. It’s going on for the month of February. Both blogs are fairly new, so Patty Cakes and I decided to challenge each other and also try out strategies on the blogs. We were both raised with southern-style cooking and enjoy sharing our recipes and cooking tips on the blogs. We will report the contest results on March 1st if you are interested in food blogs or want to start one of your own.

Chocolate and Yogurt

Yogurt Granola Chocolate Sweet Snack

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Inspiration Thursday

Recipes to Make Valentine’s Day Sweet

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so we thought that it was only appropriate to gather up a few recipes to celebrate the day.   We have begun a search for some ideas for dinner and dessert for you to share with the ones you love.

I don’t know about you, but I always think of pasta as a romantic dinner.  Maybe I watched “Lady and the Tramp”  too many times as a child, but I know that I’m not alone in thinking that pasta dishes are romantic.   Here are a few recipe selections from around the web that I thought might be nice for Valentine’s Day.

  •  Shrimp in Love Pasta–This recipe for Kraft Foods is very creamy and delicate.   It was featured on their site a few years ago as the perfect Valentine’s dinner for your sweetheart.  shell pasta baked in a creamy cheese sauce wtih added shrimp and spinach
  •  Baked Shrimp and Shells–This is similar to the first selection, but is baked in a casserole dish instead.

Garlic Cheese-Chicken Spaghetti Squash

Any of these pasta dishes served with a delicious salad would make a delicious and well balanced meal.

Of course, no romantic dinner is complete without dessert.  I think that chocolate is the perfect solution, so I have selected four chocolate dessert ideas for finishing off your meal.

If you want something that isn’t chocolate, this recipe for a pink lemonade bundt cake looks delicious, or you can check out this list of Valentine’s day treats.  These recipes are so simple that you can even make them with your kids.

We hope that you like our suggestions.  What is your idea of a perfect romantic dinner? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Chocolate – a Popular Comfort Food

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk

Chocolate is known as a comfort food that is believed to boost moods. Dark chocolate contains plant phenols, which have been shown to lower blood pressure. The dark chocolate, however, should be eaten moderately and have 65% cacao. Chocoholics who love chocolate milk but who are allergic to dairy products can also now purchase dark chocolate almond milk. The tasty almond milk can be found at High Desert grocery stores like Stater Brothers and Winco.

Chocolate has come a long way since the early WWII  military chocolate that was served as a morale boost and as a high-energy emergency ration. The D  ration bar had certain requirements:

The bar was required to:

  1. Weigh 4 ounces (112 g)
  2. Be high in food energy value
  3. Be able to withstand high temperatures
  4. Taste “a little better than a boiled potato*

Care packages with chocolate can be ordered for soldiers, college students, owners of a new home, parents having a new baby, get well wishes, birthday gifts and whatever other reason one can think of – even space chocolate gifts. Chocolate comforts loved ones near and far. NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, the American on the ISS, is expecting a shipment by Orbital Sciences Corp’s new cargo ship named Cygnus. Her husband, NASA astronaut Douglas Hurley, is sending a care package sent in that shipment. Nyberg is “counting on a fresh stash of chocolate.” 

The International Space Station is quite fascinating to observe. The ISS provides a platform to conduct scientific research. Its scheduled sightings can be followed at



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