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Ghosts in My Literature – Writing Novels

Guest post by high desert author

Roberta Smith, a Victor Valley author, reveals what influenced her to write novels about ghosts. She is a member of the high desert branch of California Writers Club. High Desert Blogging features articles by high desert authors about writing novels and nonfiction.

High desert author

Paranormal Novel Author, Roberta Smith

Recently I gave a talk at the Arts Council in Menifee and with only nine people present, including me and my husband, it was the most fun I ever had giving a presentation.  Why? Because the audience loved it. READ MORE »

High Desert California Writers

The Victor Valley area is home to talented writers and authors. You can read about their craft, books, and events often by reading their blogs. The High Desert California Writers Club holds a monthly meeting for writers. Currently, they meet at the Community Church at Jess Ranch located at 11537 Apple Valley Road, Apple Valley, CA. Special writing events and opportunities, such as writers’ salons and critique groups, are accessible to members of the group.


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Writing salons became popular in the early 1900’s when Jack London and other literary enthusiasts, poets, and writers met in the Oaklands hills of California. Jack London authored notable books such as The Call of the Wild, The Iron Heel, White Fang, and The Sea-Wolf. In 1909 the popular literary salons officially became known as the California Writers Club.

Blogging Salon

Writing Salon, HDCWC

The craft of writing requires dedication and consistency. London, the most popular author in the early twentieth century, wrote 1,000 words a day. His regular writing habit, obviously, paid off. The Call of the Wild made him famous in his 20’s. He was known as the best paid American writer in his era. A recent book about him is Jack London In Boyhood Adventures, a memoir by Frank Irving Atherton.

Anyone can publish a book in the twenty-first century. Print-on-demand publishing makes it easy for authors to see their books in print. Editing isn’t always a top priority for all who choose the self-publishing route, however. Perhaps the extra cost of hiring proofreaders and editors discourages some individuals. Writers owe it to themselves to find someone to critique their work. One of the most valuable benefits to becoming a member of the High Desert Branch of California Writers Club (HDCWC) is the opportunity to join a critique group.

You can learn more about HDCWC authors and their books as well as follow their blogs. Three are listed below for you, and you can find others listed on Angie’s Book List on this site.







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