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Battle of the Bands at The Village Grind in Wrightwood

The Village Grind, Wrightwood, CA

The Village Grind hosted Battle of the Bands in Wrightwood Saturday, April 7th.

The Village Grind is an espresso bar and cafe and also serves wine in The Wine Cellar. Unique, cool art for sale  is displayed on the walls inside the cafe. READ MORE »

Improv Comedy in Victorville of the High Desert

Guest Blogging Post by Andrew Block, Darwin’s A-Team in Victorville, CA

Hey there! It’s been another week and another exciting improv class at the High Desert Center for the Arts in Victorville. The last couple of weeks we’ve been using and studying the guidelines in “The Truth in Comedy” to provide the class a sort of path to the light, a book used by many great comedic actors as a guide to their own brands of comedic entertainment. The future success of this path is yet to be determined, but so far is definitely opening the doors of progress and a more organized, steady learning process.
As for the class itself, I’d like to thank and welcome all those newcomers that have come to the classes and decided to stay. Your presence is always welcome and we hope that it is as much fun for you as it is for us. Those of you reading this and wonder what the heck it is I’m talking about are certainly free to come and check us out at the High Desert Center for the Arts on 8th Street in Victorville, California.
For our small fan-base (we know you’re out there!) and those who are more interested in our shows, we have a show coming up on the 31st of March at 7:30pm at, you guessed it, the High Desert Center for the Arts. Hope to see you at our classes or at least at one of our shows!
For more information on Improv Classes or our shows, visit our website,, or our Facebook page, Darwin’s A-Team.

Golden Pink High Desert Sunset

High Desert Sunrise

Blogging about the High Desert, its people, businesses, events, arts and crafts, gardening, weather and scenic views are among the topics you will read about at High Desert Blogging. What does this desert have to offer people who move here? Wide open space. Coyotes. Jack rabbits. Cotton tails. Joshua trees. Cacti. Hot, dry summers. Snow. Mountains. Amazing sunrises. Sunsets casting shadows on the mountains. Desert beauty.

Recently, I was traveling one early morning when I saw this sunrise. The gold with a hint of pink along the edges next to the blue sky fascinated me. A camera is a necessity to carry along to capture such moments as this.

Know anything about High Desert photography? Gardening? Art? Crafts? Maybe you teach a class in one of these categories. Connect with us. Get out of your box. At least take it a step further, and “Stretch your box,” as I heard a lady say. I like that. We’ve heard “get out of the box,” but maybe you’re in a particular box that is working for you right now. So stretch it. Continue your photography, gardening, art, crafts, etc., but make extra room for connecting with others in your community who can benefit from that natural-born or learned talent that you have.

Whatever high desert area you live in, you are invited to blog about your event, talent, service, or niche on our blog. Contact Angie for more information. We particularly like to blog about the High Desert’s people, their interests, events they participate in, arts and crafts they are talented with, and services they offer.

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