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A Day in the High Desert with a Grandmommy

DVT in 39th week of pregnancy

Grandmommy’s Little Darling Born 6-15-15

The phone rang as I was about to go pick up my blogging friend, Rusty, at the dealership where her car was being repaired. It was my son-in-law. My daughter’s doctors had made a decision – and I couldn’t be close by her side. My daughter had gone to the hospital the other night. Excited, I thought she was having her baby a few days early. However, I wasn’t prepared for the news. DVT in her 39th week of pregnancy. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), a blood clot in a deep vein usually in the legs is a condition heard about more often these days. It can happen a number of ways like sitting on an airplane without getting up or moving for hours, obesity, smoking, medications, and pregnancy.

Having to choose from two choices that could both be life-threatening, the choice was made this morning for my daughter to be given some pregnancy-safe blood thinner first, stop the blood thinner, then induce labor.

I couldn’t be there for her today, and I was worried. However, I prayed and requested prayer from people who, like me, believe in God. People on prayer networks began praying. Labor was induced at 12:10 pm, and by 2:50 pm, 6-15-15, my sweet little granddaughter was born! Fast delivery, but rough on the Mama! Oh Happy Day!!

Sitting at the computer, many people get busy and forget to get up and walk around. People don’t think to stop and take a break even when driving home from work. When freeways are congested and the drive home takes much longer, stopping for a break can be a good thing. Sitting anywhere for a lengthy time without moving around for five minutes at least can cause DVT. It happened to my husband on a snow day, sitting too long at a coffee shop. Age isn’t necessarily a factor either. It can happen to the young and old.

Bloggers, writers, anyone who sits at a computer all day should get up every hour and move around for five minutes. It can be easy to forget. It’s just as easy to set an alarm – to remember.

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