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30 days of…A Traffic Generating Experiment.

Last year, two High Desert food bloggers decided to participate in a traffic generating experiment.  They decided challenge themselves for a 29 day period and increased the frequency and consistency of their blog posts.  The purpose of this challenge, which was called Blog vs Blog, was to determine if consistent posts would significantly improve the number of visitors that was coming to their blogs.

The results were interesting.  Neither website saw a significant increase in traffic; however, they have learned that with food blogs, it’s not uncommon for traffic to drop off after the first of the year.

This year, the  two bloggers are trying it again.  Blogger friends, Angie and Patti, decided to challenge themselves for 30 days to see what would happen if they focused their blog posts for a 30 day period  on only one topic.  Part of the challenge is that they must  publish a new post daily.

The challenge began on April first.  Angie, at Kitchen Southern Hospitality, is focusing on meals for two for the month of April, while Patti, of Patty  Cake’s Pantry, is focusing on meals made from canned foods. It is anticipated daily blog posts should boost traffic to each website.  At the start of April, both blogs had similar Alexa ranks with Patty Cake’s Pantry ranking 14,579,812 and Kitchen Southern Hospitality rating 14,596.594.   Everyone is anticipating that daily blog posts will improve website traffic as well as Alexa Rank.  It is widely promoted that more frequent posting increases website visibility to search engines, too.

Both websites will continue to promote their posts on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google plus, and Yummly, as these social networking sites help to direct new visitors to their blogs.

We can’t predict the final results of this challenge, but we know it will be interesting to see what sort of recipes they come up with for the challenge.  Visit their websites and see what they’re dong.  Check back here during the first week of May to see what effect, if any, daily blog posts have on improving traffic to a blog.

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