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5 Reasons Every Business Blog Needs a Professional Blogger

Hiring a Blogger MConnors at morgueFile

Now that you’ve read the 10 Reasons to Maintain a Business Blog, it’s time to discuss whether or not you need to hire a professional blogger. Certainly, you can write your own blogs or even assign the task to someone else in your organization. Before you decide to do either, however, consider these 5 very important benefits of hiring a pro blogger.

1. A Professional Blogger Has the Writing Talent You Desire

In general, if you can speak you can write. With that said, not everyone has a flair for blogging. In some cases, this goes beyond simply lacking the mechanics of good writing, but also encompasses writer’s block or a genuine fear of writing. A professional blogger has a way with words and knows how to effectively overcome common writing challenges in order to produce the top-quality content your business blog needs.

2. A Professional Blogger Can Dedicate Adequate Time to Your Business Blog

One of the greatest concerns a lot of business owners have about starting a business blog is having the time it takes to regularly maintain such a space. In cases like these, outsourcing makes perfect sense. You simply tell a professional blogger how many posts you’d like to publish per week and that person schedules the time to get it done while you are free to apply your time toward other important business matters.

3. A Professional Blogger Gives Your Content the Right Amount of Focus

Often, entrepreneurs will start a business blog with the intention of its maintenance being a top priority. What often happens, however, is that other tasks vie for an owners time and the blogging priority begins to lose steam. Before long, a blog is abandoned and the content that remains becomes outdated and stale. By hiring a professional blogger business owners can avoid a diminishing focus on their blog as a pro blogger keeps the task of posting fresh content at the top of her editorial schedule.

4. A Professional Blogger Has Experience That Can Benefit Your Business

Beyond stringing words together, there’s a method to professional business blogging. This involves staying abreast of the latest SEO strategies, understanding what attracts audiences and knowing how to market a business blog in the right venues. A professional blogger has experience in these realms, which can save considerable time and be of immense benefit to a business.

5. A Professional Blogger Knows How to Share

Speaking of marketing, a great deal of it involves online sharing. Of course, most people think of major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but there are literally hundreds of other networking venues where bloggers regularly engage. Remember, bloggers are online an awful lot and we love to share our work with others. Your business benefits by being introduced to audiences that you don’t typically have contact with and which may be of even greater benefit to your bottom line.

We’re Here For You…Especially This Weekend!

If you’d like to learn more about hiring a professional blogger, be sure to stop by the RelyLocal table located right at the Fair’s main entrance this weekend. Several High Desert Bloggers will be in attendance as we help raise awareness about the shop local movement and about blogging in the High Desert. We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about blogging when you stop by to say hello.

Your Comments Are Appreciated

Do you currently have a business blog? Do you maintain it yourself or have you already begun to outsource that task? Tell us all about your business and your blog in the comments section below.



Blog Resolutions for January 2013

Making new resolutions in January seems easy enough to do. When you make a resolution, you’re firmly deciding to do or not to do something. The hardest part, of course, is staying firm until you’ve done what you decided to do or not to do.

If you started a blog, one resolution is not going to see you through. Your blog will become successful because you firmly decide to blog and continue blogging and don’t allow life’s interruptions (they will happen) to keep you from staying determined to make your blog a success.

Why just rely on January resolutions? Renew that blogging resolution February 1st, March 1st and continue making it until you see the results you decided you want to see with your blogging.

I think one of the toughest decisions on beginning a blog is deciding on a niche. The question of which niche you should choose for a blog seems to cause confusion.

How do you know what to blog about? When it comes to blogging, you must have a reason, a niche, or a topic to blog about – something you enjoy, believe in, are passionate about, etc. It should resonate with your readers.

Readers. That word brings up another question. How do you find readers to read your blog? You’ll find a multitude of blogs on just about any topic you can think of. People who read blogs are looking for information about an idea, a gadget, a product, a book, etc. Bloggers and writers hear the advice to blog or write about what they know. Writing about what you know doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know all there is to know about the subject. Maybe you’ve just learned how to play tennis and you’re excited about it. Blog about it. Blog about why you decided to learn how to play tennis. When I flew from Texas to California last week, I sat by a 90-year-old man that is in great shape because he plays tennis three times a week! He made a firm decision to stay fit all of his life, and he does it. That gentleman and his wife and I talked about exercise, nutrition, and taking care of yourself. Our conversation made the flight go by so quickly because the topics we discussed were resonating. The couple asked what I do, and I told them about blogging and about a fabulous skin care product I have used every night for the last two weeks that I’m delighted with. The 90-year old gent’s wife got excited when I showed her what I was reading in the skincare magazine. I’m excited, too, because I am seeing results already. Mention a skin care product that helps with fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, aging skin, etc., and there is interest. We want to feel great and look great no matter what age we are.

What are your blog resolutions for January? Maybe it’s different than blogging about tennis or skin care products. But it’s what you believe in. It’s what works for you, how you can help others, a way to inform. It’s your niche. Blog about it.

Better Ways to Link and Draw More Readers in the High Desert

In this fourth installment, learn how good diversified strategies can strengthen your  readership. So, if learning the basics of linking has you stumped, then follow along for the next few weeks as I help you navigate the new trends.

Strategy #4


I’ll admit that I am not the best “techie” when it comes to using new audio / video links and making them useful. However, I know that if others are using new technology to bring readers to their blogs then I can take full advantage of their linking to help my blog.

This next installment is about how many different tools can strengthen your audience.



Remember back in school when teachers taught students with different methods of teaching? Like those with visual learning loved to watch movies. Those with dexterity loved to write the lessons out.  Some students didn’t have a clue until they were introduced to a new teaching tool that worked for them. Many students strived once the computer was introduced as a teaching tool.

It’s the same way today. If you can catch more visitors by using video on your site, then that’s your best strategy. Large graphs and cool photos are often enough to trap a visitor for several minutes. And, that’s enough time to make him see what you have to offer on your pages or post.

You can create a newsletter, some PR articles, and a testimonial for a product you have. The best strategy is to add links to each of these separate tools so your readers will return to your pages to see more of what you have to offer. Remember the influencers we talked about earlier? Now it’s time to ask from them a testimonial on your behalf.  Learn how to add ALT links on to your photos. When someone “mouses” over your photo, they will see a link back to your pages. Alternate links can be embedded almost anywhere.

And if you don’t know how to use these new tools, ask someone who uses them. Or search for keywords that will help you find tutorials about using these tools. It’s just like that new cellphone you own. Asking your grandson to help you with contacts, will make some progress but learning how to use the cellphone by yourself is much more productive.

It’s time to go back to school.


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High Desert Bloggers Meet at Adelanto Starbucks

Bloggers like to meet and network at coffee shops.

A latte or blended coffee drink helps the blogging mode to kick in. Our bloggers wouldn’t necessarily need that extra kick, though. All we need is to meet up and network, discuss what we’ve been blogging about or our blogging plans, and creativity starts flowing.


High Desert Bloggers, Adelanto Starbucks

High Desert Blogger Joan and I met at Starbucks in Adelanto Saturday, August 4th. Joan is a gifted poet with three published books and a new one, Strength of the Small, to be published in September 2012. Joan is a beautiful person and inspiring to blog and talk with. Besides writing poetry, Joan blogs to inspire. Take a moment to visit Joan’s blog and receive your inspiration from this talented lady.

The blogging meetups motivate us every time, and today is no exception. I have begun a book about southern hospitality and entertaining but have become so busy with the day job and necessary daily living responsibilities that the book has been put on the shelf. While listening to Joan sharing about publishing Strength of the Small through, I was reminded of my decision to publish through that website.

If you’re interested in learning how to publish a book, visit It’s easy to set up an account and publish. It helps to speak with someone who has already been through the publishing route. Have publishing questions? Ask them in the comment section here, or you may ask Joan in the comment section of her blog.


Leap Day Blogging News in the High Desert

High Desert newbie or wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, writer, make history on Leap Day. What can you do with an extra day of blogging opportunity?  Listed below is a list of six things I’ve heard bloggers say recently that they want to do. Which of these fit you?

  1. Launch a blog for a business
  2. Start a blog to write that book you’ve been dreaming about forever
  3. Start a business blog
  4. Connect with other bloggers to share and learn about blogging
  5. Develop an existing blog to bring in extra cash flow
  6. Drive traffic to a blog

Anyone can say it’s easy to blog, and it is. But a plan does help. Start without a plan, and you end up with a blog that just exists. It only takes up space. That’s what happened to my first blog a few years back.

Decide today to make your blogging goals happen. Stop what you’re doing. Find a pen and paper. Write down your blog plan. Need to start a blog? Name the blog, buy a domain with the hosting company of your choice – and blog.

Connect with other bloggers. Network. Look up High Desert Bloggers Meetup, and find a scheduled Meetup in your area. These Meetups are free, and they will motivate you to accomplish your goals.

Coming March 31, 2012 to the High Desert is a blogging workshop. Utilize this opportunity to grow your blog. It will be a time to learn about blogging and to network. Find out more this week at High Desert Blogging.

Go blog!


How Do You Decide What to Blog About in the High Desert?

High Desert Bloggers, a Meetup group, at Bodacious Bundts, 17051 Main St., Hesperia

High Desert Blogging is about exactly what it says. High Desert and blogging. I love to blog, network with bloggers, and learn about the people and places in the High Desert. How I often decide what to blog about is think about the people I’ve met, places and things of interest, and my niches.

Do bloggers experience writers’ block – or bloggers’ block? No reason to. Let me explain why. There is a verse in the Bible, Proverbs 18:24, that says “he that hath friends must show himself friendly.” Now what does that have to do with blogging? Part of blogging has to do with sitting yourself down and writing every day. But meeting people face to face with a friendly greeting and smile is also part of blogging.

What would the desert be without the people? Think about what you can blog about that has to do with meeting people. Interviews. Ghostwriting. Social networking.

Get out a piece of paper. Write numbers one through ten. Make a list of things that interest you. It can be what you’re an expert at or something you’re curious about and want to learn.

I’ve made a list of ten things to blog about and have more that I didn’t list here. When you think you’re getting bloggers’ block, get that list out and start blogging.

Meetup.comHigh Desert Bloggers Meetup

    1. Blog Networks
    2. Making money blogging
    3. A blogger’s office
    4. Meeting High Desert bloggers
    5. Blogging at Starbucks

      My "office" at Starbucks.

    6. Entrepreneurs that I meet in the High Desert
    7. Libraries in the High Desert
    8. Inspiring teaching I hear at church
    9. High Desert California Writers Club Branch, Apple Valley

Write notes of things you see, like a coyote running across the road in front of you, and file the notes. When you start having a difficult time determing what to blog about, get the list out. Start blogging.

Challenges of Committed Blogging – Hunger and Circulation

Squash and Brussels Sprouts

Two challenges that face a committed blogger who is determined to blog several posts for an upcoming week are hunger and circulation. Take care of that circulation problem. That’s not a good thing. Make yourself stand up, move your feet, stretch your legs, do leg exercises while you’re sitting. Walk around the house, or the coffee shop if that’s your blogging office. Walk outside. Even five minutes at a time will help. You’ve gotta move.

A number of remedies can help your leg circulation problem if you’re sitting for hours while blogging. Try foot massagers and hot baths. Both will relax you. According to one article, you should take a bath as hot as you can stand.

Hunger is another challenge a committed blogger may face. A hunger challenge in America? READ MORE »

Solution to Writer’s Block for High Desert Bloggers – Listening to Radio Talk Shows

Latest Plane Crashes

“How about starting a new air lines called I don’t care what the h— happens air lines. No screening – no seatbelts to land or take off. You can smoke on the plane. READ MORE »

What Your High Desert Blog Reflects About You

Obsidian Glass

The first manufactured mirrors were pieces of polished stone such as Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass. The Obsidian type of mirror was found in Anatolia which is now modern Turkey and has been dated to around 6,000 b.c. In civilization back in the day, before man could find an explanation for everything, they turned to God. Then they associated the ruler with the god. That began the god-kings like Incas, Pharaoh’s, and in China the Chinese believed the Emperor had been determined by heaven starting with the Chow Dynasty. Can you imagine what would go through that god-king’s mind the first time he saw himself in one of these mirrors, “Yo dog, waz up with this jive, turkey.” The servant would reply, “Master, it’s Obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass we found 6,000 years before Christ.” The king, still admiring himself would say,” K, dog I can dig it, man, I can really dig this stuff.”

In early America there was the old time circus with the house of mirrors. You walk inside to get lost, confused, bumping into the mirrors, banging your head, then start kicking yourself for wasting money to look like a fool. The bending mirrors make you look real tall or short, skinny, or fat. The image is all distorted. Looking at yourself thinking, “It’s me, but that’s not what I look like. But I look like that now. But it’s all wrong. A mirror is only reflecting. That’s all it does. Reflection of the past or what’s behind you. The car mirror shows you what you’re passing; and if you look too long in the past, you’ll wrap your car around a tree. Remember the old saying, “Mirror memory. Reflection of everything you put inside your brain is there to remember or reflect upon, recall.

The reason of this blog today is very simple. The more you learn of this trade, blogging, the more power you”ll have and therefore, the more you’ll be successful. The house of mirrors will distract and confuse you. The bending mirrors of drunkenness will deceive you. Mirrors were made for a time of reflection but not to live in.



High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Near Knott’s Berry Farm

Couple Tells High Desert Blogger Love and War Story

Part Three of High Desert Blogger Discovers Love and War Story Series

Aurora had been divorced for fifteen years and was as beautiful as she is today. You know every doctor, staff guy, and the homeless wanted to marry her in that day. She said she never felt it was time yet until she saw Joe again. Goodbye, boyfriend; hello, Joe. READ MORE »

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