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Take Your High Desert Blog to the Next Level of Traffic with Network Opportunity

Bill Belew

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? An opportunity begins this month through High Desert Blogging network for bloggers to increase traffic to their blogs.

The blog network includes:

  • Blog daily on your personal blog and on network blog.
  • Grow your blog(s) with traffic driven to your blog by professional SEO technicians
  • Advertise and sell your products through the blog network
  • Receive blogging tips from a professional blogger who knows how to get traffic to blogs and who began blogging by writing 15-20 articles every day. As of last month, his network of blogs got 1.3 million views

Too busy to write 15-20 articles every day but want to grow your blog? Join a network of like-minded bloggers who are committed to taking their blogs to a higher level of traffic. It’s easier when you know you have a team blogging with you. Find out how you can become part of our blog network. The High Desert Blogging network has three  affordable payment options for a one-time only setup fee and a small monthly fee that covers services such as listed above. Contact us at High Desert Blogging for more information.

Also check out High Desert Bloggers Meetup to connect with bloggers in the High Desert. We discuss blogging, how to drive traffic to your blog, networking and other blog topics. The Meetups are free and motivational, and you get to meet other High Desert bloggers to boot.

Grow Your Blog with High Desert Blogging Network

Join like-minded individuals who are committing to the High Desert Blog network to drive traffic to their own blogs. This is an opportunity to receive highly valued information from the professional blogger consultant Bill Belew whose “network of sites is well over 67 million page views.” READ MORE »

Pimp Your Blog and Grow Your Blogging Numbers

Source: via Karen on Pinterest


Frustrated with too little traffic to your blog? Become part of our High Desert Blogging team, and pimp your blog. Want to know how? READ MORE »

How to Start Blogging

Are you a High Desert entrepreneur interested in starting a blog for your business? Advertise your business by blogging about it. Don’t have a blog but want to learn? It’s easy to learn. There are three basic keys to start blogging:

  1. Setting up a blog
  2. Sitting down and blogging
  3. Drawing traffic to your blog

When you set up a blog, it’s good to know the purpose of your blog. Do you only want to blog as a hobby, or do you want to  make money through blogging? If you decide it’s a hobby, choose a free blog. If for money, self host your blog.

Once your blog is set up, sit down and blog. You already have a niche to blog about. It’s what you do for a living and maybe even a hobby that you’ve turned into cash flow. Blog about it.

Blog often, and connect to other bloggers who are interested in your type of service. The purpose of blogging is to gain readers so that they will learn about your product or your service. An entrepreneur needs a blog with traffic, readers who are interested in what you have to say whether it’s information, a product, or whatever your niche is.

Want to learn more about how to start a blog? The Meetup group High Desert Bloggers meet the last Saturday of every month at Bodacious Bundts in Hesperia. Join the group for free, meet other bloggers, and find answers to your blogging questions. If you are interested in one-on-one blog coaching or a blog workshop, contact Angie at High Desert Blogging.



How to Focus on Blogging When You’re Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed at blogging? Halfway into January you’re already overwhelmed at all the tips, how-to’s, ideas, strategies, SEO suggestions, and New Year’s blogging resolutions you wrote down. You try to get on the Internet and see a note that the server in your area is not working. Or you have one bar on your Hot Spot, and you wait and wait. You haul your laptop to a coffee shop and try to concentrate. The music, voices, and coffee shop machines sound like a blur of noise in your brain. It makes you feel like you’re dizzy from acting out the Hokey-Pokey song.

How do you get past the noise?


Did you say FOCUS? Where and how can I focus when I’m overwhelmed with reading everyone’s blog suggestions and strategies?

Stop reading, and blog. Don’t know where to start? Begin with why you want to blog. Blog about that. It’s too easy to get bogged down with reading blogs about how to blog. If you aren’t careful, you will spend most of your time reading about how to blog and never blog.

Live in one of the High Desert cities near Apple Valley, Hesperia, or Victorville? Join the High Desert Bloggers Meetup group. It’s FREE! The group helps each other reach desired and set blogging goals. Follow or subscribe to and connect with other bloggers who want to make money blogging. Sometimes, it helps to meet up with other bloggers to simply blog.


How to Find Motivation to Reach Your Blogging Goals

Need help with your blog? Ever get discouraged trying to learn how to blog or learn how to make money with your blog? Does it seem like it will take years to reach your blogging goals?

If  you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can benefit from the type of blogging group I joined. Look up for blogging groups in your area. Join the group and participate.  The High Desert Bloggers Meetup group members meet every month to discuss blogging topics and share effective blogging tips. It helps to share blogging experience with other bloggers.

Maybe you don’t feel like you blog as well as other bloggers. Blogging can seem overwhelming if you focus on all the things you should do to become a successful blogger. So just focus on the next step from your list of goals. This is when it helps to participate in a group such as High Desert Bloggers. Each time is a motivating session, and we set goals on what we want to accomplish.

Stay focused. Never give up. Be determined to meet your goals. How? Surround yourself with positive-minded people who also want to be successful with their blogs. It’s really simple. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t allow negative words to distract you from going forward in developing the kind of blog you want. Blogging takes time and effort, but what in life that matters doesn’t take time and effort?

Keep blogging!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

4 Things a Newbie Blogger Needs to Know About Blogging

What does a newbie blogger need to know before blogging?

    1. Purpose for blogging. Do you intend to make money through your blog? Or do you only want to use your blog as a hobby? If you want to make money at blogging, you must be dedicated. Blog often and be persistent at it. Patience will help you stay focused on your purpose. On the other hand, if you want to blog about random subjects just because you like to write, then you may want to have a blog as a hobby. Then it doesn’t matter if you aren’t making money through your blog. Nor does it matter if you don’t have much traffic coming to your blog. But who would want to blog without ever receiving a comment?
    2. Blogging niche. Once you know your blog purpose, determine what your niche will be. You might consider starting more than one blog. For instance, if you are into health and fitness plus you love interior decorating, two blogs would probably be a good idea if you have the time for two. I say focus one subject to begin with.
    3. Blogging rules. According to Directory Aviva on Blogger Law, there are certain rules a blogger should know. A couple of examples you should know rules for are using photos and being paid for writing blog posts. Use your own photos, and you won’t have a problem. Respect the rules when you use others’ photos. For more information about using others’ photos and what you should know about writing paid blog posts, see Directory Aviva on Blogger Law. The information is helpful to know.
    4. How to go about starting a blog. I like for a self-hosted plan and recommend to start a blog for making money (and you can have a WordPress blog through BM2 Hosting). But to blog as a hobby, I like because it’s easy to use and a good way to learn.

Those are a few tips on getting started with your blogging. When I started blogging, I didn’t know anything about it. I spent much time reading about blogging but have found that the best way to learn is to blog.

Blog Connections

How do you find other bloggers to connect with? Take your laptop with you to a coffee shop, and meet people. That’s what happened this evening. My husband and I went out for dinner and later went by a coffee shop with our laptops. I noticed a lady and her young daughter, and they reminded me of a few years before when my daughter was a young girl. The two sat nearby, and I overheard them talking about how old the mom was when she had her daughter. The mom was the same age when she had her daughter as I was when I had my daughter. The overheard conversation was the blog connection.

The next thing that happened was the mom and daughter duo moved to the table next to mine. I gave them a card of the Phantom Seven book I wrote that is about to be released. The conversation revealed like-minded interests, and I invited the mom to my High Desert Bloggers Meetup group that meets twice monthly. Blog connections with other bloggers online can be a good thing. But a blogger needs the face-to-face blog connections, too. Not only do you meet new people interested in blogging, but you escaped the sit-all-day-at-the-laptop mode that can be detrimental to your health if that’s all you do. Plan face-to-face blog connections in your blogging schedule this week.

High Desert Bloggers Meetup Group Meets in Apple Valley

Blogging Goals and Blogging Network

A Meetup group called High Desert Bloggers has recently begun and is planning blogging events for the near future. The group will meet Saturday, December 17th, 9:00 am until 11:00 am, at the Starbucks located at Highway 18 and Dale Evans Parkway in Apple Valley. The discussion topics planned are blogging goals and blogging network. Are you a newbie at blogging and wondering how to begin your blog? Join the discussion, and meet other High Desert bloggers. You’ll learn from other bloggers and become motivated to go forward with your own blog.


Visit High Desert Bloggers on to learn more about this group. Meetup is a great way to meet others interested in the same things as you. You don’t have to pay even a penny to join our Meetup group for discussion (unless you decide to buy yourself a cup of coffee before you make yourself comfortable).

November Meetup at Bodacious Bundts

December 3rd High Desert Meetup at McDonald's, Apple Valley

You’ll know which group we are by the small table-top High Desert Bloggers Meetup sign. See you there!

Saturday, December 17, 2011 High Desert Bloggers Meetup Follow-Up

Today two High Desert Bloggers met at the Apple Valley Starbucks. The meeting went great, and a new person joined us. Our blog planning session was successful with discussion and plans to schedule our blog workshop in Apple Valley. The three of us left motivated. That’s the way High Desert Bloggers Meetup goes every time we meet. Inspiring. Motivating.

Join us in January at one of our Meetups. Check here at this blog, or sign up with High Desert Bloggers at to find out monthly scheduled meetings.

Blogging at Bodacious Bundts

For the majority of bloggers around the world, blogging, or
journaling on the web, is a solitary event. You share your thoughts and
adventures with an audience you may not know is reading your posts.

If you meet up with other bloggers in your area, you enjoy
the live connections and the camaraderie. Most meetings are packed with high
energy and a willingness to share knowledge, gain tips from bloggers who have
been posting longer than you have, and receiving direct face-to-face feedback.

The latest Meetup of the High Desert Blogging group was held
Saturday morning at 9 am, November 19th. The casual and cozy atmosphere of Bodacious Bundts on
Main Street, Hesperia, made the chilly morning much more bearable. Steamy lattes and
melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls are the best way to get your brain stimulated
for creative adventures. There’s plenty of room to meet and Wi-Fi connections are strong.

Cindy Eubanks, Angie Horn and I, discussed the advantages of
sharing blogging insights. Cindy is looking for the best ways to gain attention
for her business by offering free classes in self-help categories pertaining to
health and self-growth.

Angie Horn is maximizing her network of like-minded
entrepreneurs with a membership of bloggers who want to learn how to gain more
traffic while learning how to blog for money. I’m gaining more experience in
developing my WordPress web site while offering creative and advertising
marketing in trade for web services.

We all have something to offer and to share. Join us.

Blogging doesn’t have to be lonely or isolated. “Meetups”
are scheduled happenings across the country. If you are blogging or you wish
you could find a blogger for your business’s social media benefits, contact; or ; or . We plan to meet
in different locations around the High Desert.

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