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Networking at Santa Fe Craft Show Works for Entrepreneurs


This new network of High Desert business people gain information and workshop together about running a business through a popular Meet Up group site. They also meet face-to-face and this time promoted their wares with a shared booth at the seasonal craft show held at Santa Fe Trading Company on Seventh Street, Victorville.

Natural Art of Healing

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Sun Yoo is an RN and promotes Natural Art of Healing within her Sun & Soul Retreat in Apple Valley. She provides classes and services in Energy Cleansing and Healing for professionals, Yoga Meditation including self-empowerment and grieving, and home care in healing. Being a reverend, she also performs non-denominational services. Call Monday – Friday for appointments at 949.228.3100. Check her website at: and contact her by email:

Turner Document Mobile Services

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Also sharing the booth was Dayna Turner of Document Mobile Services. She can help with different documents that a standard household might need, such as probate forms, licenses, rentals and agreements, and soon with Notary Public mobile services. Many people are not aware that legal forms are available online. Dayna provides access to such documents. She can be reached at 760.900.8674 or at

Mary Langer Thompson

Mary is a published author, also shared the HD Entrepreneur’s booth promoting her latest book:  “Poems on Water,” published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts. Her book of poetry received National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist status. Her book can be found on just search for the book title. Mary’s subjects are thought-provoking, real, and often aimed at social reform and peering into the workings of social conflict.

Mary Langer Thompson's book -- Poems on Water -- now available

Mary Langer Thompson’s book — Poems on Water — now available

As a retired English and poetry teacher, Mary also hosts a critique group about poetry on behalf of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club. Within that organization, she also became active with the a writing program for inmates at the federal correctional complex at Adelanto. You can reach her through her Facebook page at

High Desert Blogging and Angie Horn

Angie Horn developed the HD Entrepreneurs Meet-Up group to help promote people she met while selling her books. By sharing a booth at the Santa Fe Trading Company’s Craft Show, she was able to help new business folks just starting out to find an new audience. Marketing and exposure is one of the hardest parts to overcome, and sharing expenses is one way to help.

High Desert Blogging Members

Angela Horn

She first began High Desert Blogging while deciding how to publicize her first book: Phantom Seven: Secret Heroes of World War II and OSS, a book based on her father’s memories and six others who translated codes and messages for allies through a secret system of underground connections. She also has other books and one about cooking eggs.

You’re at High Desert Blogging right now, reading about how you can join the blogging community to share info about your business while getting wider exposure for what you offer. If you like what you see here, you can be a guest blogger, comment regularly, even buy ad space for your business. Without a network plan, you will be working harder to let people know what you do and how your business grows.

Rusty LaGrange

Blogging — It’s What We Love

So many of us love to blog, to share our insights, to learn from others in the High Desert, and to develop a network of friends. It’s the networking that makes some of our goals attainable. For instance, if you don’t know about a specific subject, you can Google it, go to the local  library, check a resource book you might have, YouTube search, or call a friend.


With a large network of blogging friends who love to research on nearly every subject, it’s like having a revolving door to a never-ending list of friends “in-the-know.” Our bloggers at High Desert Blogging have learned how valuable the network of writing friends are: we cover a variety of subjects from Spring gardening to drought watering,


Happy Bloggers at Starbucks

Happy Bloggers at Starbucks


attractions for the family to attend, where some of the best vintage and antique shopping can be found, and where the High Desert’s business people offer the best — customer service, products and produce, home-made crafts and goodies, and without “the-big-box” competition.




Another aspect that bloggers love here is the camaraderie of our blogging network. We don’t just sit at home blogging, we get out and meet our members at


regular blogging Meet-Ups.

Face-to-face is one of the best benefits.

*we share ideas

*point out new sources

*give each other pointers for making money

*develop business-owner friendships

*and more



But the best is knowing that you are not alone in the blogosphere. So many of our members have, at times, felt isolated, unwanted or unappreciated, and need some face-time. We try to meet at least once a month. The meetings recharge our batteries with the spirit of enthusiasm and inevitably enrich our writing. And it shows.

Face to Face friendships



So, to start out the New Year, High Desert Blogging will be working on some new concepts to develop more blogger training, support more think-tank ideas, offer give-aways & contests, and be  the gateway to new business blogging opportunities.

It’s a new year, so stay tuned…

 Rusty LaGrange

Blog Marketing Meetup in the High Desert

A High Desert Bloggers Meetup

Bloggers in the High Desert, how are you marketing your blog?

Join the High Desert Bloggers meetup group at Starbucks on Main near the 15 this coming Saturday, September 22nd, from 9:30 a.m. ’til 12:30 p.m. Network with like-minded bloggers who will be discussing blog marketing. Share marketing ideas that have worked for you, and learn what has worked for others. The Saturday meetup discussion will include marketing topics such as:



  • domain names
  • tracking statistics
  • press releases & media
  • blog comments
  • social networking
  • subscribers
  • advertising
  • e-books

Think about that list of topics for a minute. You’re a blogger. Or at least you’re thinking about blogging if you’re reading this. Pick a topic or two, and jot down what you know about those topics and how they have helped the marketing of your own personal blog. You’ll be given the opportunity to share about that at the meetup on Saturday.

High Desert Bloggers is a fun group that will inspire you and motivate you to kick your blog into action. Your “bloggers block” should disappear with all the ideas bouncing around the group discussion. Bring your laptop, too. You might get inspired to blog while you’re there.

Beginner or experienced bloggers, you’ll fit right in with our blogging meetup group. Attending the meetups is a great way to learn how to blog and take your blog to the next level. For example, one of our bloggers, Joan, has recently published a book on poetry. Maybe you’re not a poet but consider yourself a writer. Write a book by blogging about it first. Blog about your hobby, and turn it into a book. Our published bloggers can show you what worked best for them. They can even guide you in the writing process.

I hope you’ll join us for the meetup Saturday. At that meetup I’ll be telling you about an upcoming meetup with a guest speaker who will be discussing social media marketing. You can check the meetup updates at

How High Desert Bloggers Meetup Can Help Your Blog

High Desert Bloggers Meetup, Adelanto

Expressed at High Desert Bloggers Meetup held at Starbucks in Adelanto today by fellow blogger, Cindy Eubanks said, “I’m motivated to go home and start blogging.”

Take a moment to focus on your blog. Are you a beginner, wondering what to do next? Intermediate stage? Advanced? Share your blogging dreams and experiences with other bloggers at a Meetup. No need to work independently, struggling to draw traffic to a blog and wondering how on earth you’ll ever make that extra cash flow goal come to pass. Sure, you’ll still need to sit down and blog. The difference is you’ll make blogging connections, READ MORE »

Leap Day Blogging News in the High Desert

High Desert newbie or wannabe blogger, entrepreneur, writer, make history on Leap Day. What can you do with an extra day of blogging opportunity?  Listed below is a list of six things I’ve heard bloggers say recently that they want to do. Which of these fit you?

  1. Launch a blog for a business
  2. Start a blog to write that book you’ve been dreaming about forever
  3. Start a business blog
  4. Connect with other bloggers to share and learn about blogging
  5. Develop an existing blog to bring in extra cash flow
  6. Drive traffic to a blog

Anyone can say it’s easy to blog, and it is. But a plan does help. Start without a plan, and you end up with a blog that just exists. It only takes up space. That’s what happened to my first blog a few years back.

Decide today to make your blogging goals happen. Stop what you’re doing. Find a pen and paper. Write down your blog plan. Need to start a blog? Name the blog, buy a domain with the hosting company of your choice – and blog.

Connect with other bloggers. Network. Look up High Desert Bloggers Meetup, and find a scheduled Meetup in your area. These Meetups are free, and they will motivate you to accomplish your goals.

Coming March 31, 2012 to the High Desert is a blogging workshop. Utilize this opportunity to grow your blog. It will be a time to learn about blogging and to network. Find out more this week at High Desert Blogging.

Go blog!


High Desert Bloggers Meet Up for Brainstorm

There’s no cloud in the sky but a huge storm is brewing whenever High Desert Bloggers get together. This Saturday morning from 9-noon meet other High Desert Bloggers who are learning their craft, honing their newest skills, and brainstorming over new ways to generate traffic to their blogs.

High Desert Blogging 

The storm is all of their enthusiastic ideas that they share. Don’t miss out on getting more traffic to your blog and “Taking Your Blog to the Next Level.”

Bloggers meet at Bodacious Bundts in Hesperia. The address is 17051 Main Street between “E” and “G” Streets on Main. It’s a tasty little place with wi-fi and sweet treats.


Rusty LaGrange

Meetup Blogging Groups Grow in the High Desert

Have you heard of High Desert Bloggers, a Meetup group?

High Desert Bloggers, Bodacious Bundts, Hesperia

This group meets in various coffee shops, bakeries, and public facilities convenient for bloggers READ MORE »

Market your Blog with Creativity Like High Desert Bloggers

High Desert Bloggers Meetup at Apple Valley

Take a look at what writers have been blogging about at High Desert Blogging this month.

Rusty wrote that it’s in your best interest to constantly hone your creativity. She says creativity can be learned. I like another of  her articles about creating a common connection in our communities through blogging.

High Desert Greg wrote a stirring article about homelessness in the High Desert. Greg connected with John at a bloggers meetup and learned that John rescues animals and helps find homes for pets in the High Desert. Greg wrote, “I know of no one  who has gotten the pink slip from blogging. Blogging is the place where the numbers will work for you. There is no recession on the internet and now it’s time for you to tap in and create a job you can love.”

New blogger, Andrew Block, humored us in his article about the High Desert’s Darwin’s A-Team, an improv comedy group. What is improv? I like Andrew’s definition, “It’s make-believe. We get up on stage and play games that put our performers in certain situations and they have to, or, I should say, get to, make up a scene for the audience on the spot.  No scripts. No practice.

Cindy Poore with Perfection Landscape shared an insightful post on marketing your business. She said, “If you are a business person, you need to plan your marketing strategy so your message goes to people who actually are interested in the service you are offering.”

Blogging is a great tool to use in connecting to our communities as Rusty LaGrange and High Desert Greg shared. Each individual can be creative with what he or she loves to do. Take Cindy Poore’s suggestion and plan how you will market your services through blogging. Then like Darwin’s A-Team, go ahead and skip the script and just start blogging.


High Desert Bloggers Meetup Networking in Apple Valley


High Desert Bloggers Meetup at Apple Valley

High Desert Bloggers Meetupgroup saw exciting networking results today at Starbucks in Apple Valley. It began with a Meetup sign we placed on the table. A gentleman walked over to our table and introduced himself as John.

John with Blankies and Towl's For Animals

I said, “Hi, I’m Angie. He said, “I know. I saw your sign and looked your website up on the Internet and on Facebook.” That was just the beginning.

Today our Meetup scheduled topic was “Network and Blog.” Instructions on our Meetup site for this meeting: “It’s a blogging session, so bring your laptop and blog with other High Desert bloggers. Blogging Q&A OK. Find out current High Desert blogging news.” High Desert blogging news found us. When John told us about his volunteering with Blankies and Towl’s For Animals,  my blogging teammate and husband High Desert Greg was busily blogging about the fascinating animal rescue experiences John was sharing.

After John left, High Desert Blogger Rusty and I worked on a few blogging Q&A’s and discussed our new blogging network about to be launched. A lady sitting next to Rusty had overheard our blogging discussion and asked what was the name of our business. We discovered that this lady, Miss Bertie, also blogs. She makes art out of recycled materials.

After Rusty left, two ladies sat down at the table next to me. Recognizing one of them as a lady I had met once at an antique shop, the Blue Goose in Hesperia. What a coincidence. Or was it? I’m of the opinion that things happen for a purpose. I started this day with a purpose – network and blog. The purpose was fulfilled, and I met two new interesting High Desert individuals who will be presenting their stories in the near future to High Desert Blogging. To top it off, I connected with a lady named Kim that I had only met once previously. This is an example of how blogging goes hand in hand with face-to-face networking.

Keep blogging – and put a face to your networking.

How Do You Decide What to Blog About in the High Desert?

High Desert Bloggers, a Meetup group, at Bodacious Bundts, 17051 Main St., Hesperia

High Desert Blogging is about exactly what it says. High Desert and blogging. I love to blog, network with bloggers, and learn about the people and places in the High Desert. How I often decide what to blog about is think about the people I’ve met, places and things of interest, and my niches.

Do bloggers experience writers’ block – or bloggers’ block? No reason to. Let me explain why. There is a verse in the Bible, Proverbs 18:24, that says “he that hath friends must show himself friendly.” Now what does that have to do with blogging? Part of blogging has to do with sitting yourself down and writing every day. But meeting people face to face with a friendly greeting and smile is also part of blogging.

What would the desert be without the people? Think about what you can blog about that has to do with meeting people. Interviews. Ghostwriting. Social networking.

Get out a piece of paper. Write numbers one through ten. Make a list of things that interest you. It can be what you’re an expert at or something you’re curious about and want to learn.

I’ve made a list of ten things to blog about and have more that I didn’t list here. When you think you’re getting bloggers’ block, get that list out and start blogging.

Meetup.comHigh Desert Bloggers Meetup

    1. Blog Networks
    2. Making money blogging
    3. A blogger’s office
    4. Meeting High Desert bloggers
    5. Blogging at Starbucks

      My "office" at Starbucks.

    6. Entrepreneurs that I meet in the High Desert
    7. Libraries in the High Desert
    8. Inspiring teaching I hear at church
    9. High Desert California Writers Club Branch, Apple Valley

Write notes of things you see, like a coyote running across the road in front of you, and file the notes. When you start having a difficult time determing what to blog about, get the list out. Start blogging.

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