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How Can Someone Else Write a Blog For Your Business?


Your business can rely on Blogging

Blogging is direct Internet connections for your business

I don’t believe it’s fear that holds back the idea of allowing an outsider to write for their business. I think it’s the concern that an outsider to any business, just won’t be true to the name, the brand, or have the depth of knowledge or nature of the company.

This is often the second question that comes up. The first question is: How much?


So how much to you pay for a good pair of shoes? Are you on the cheap end and figure $50 for a pair of sneakers or a page of content is enough? Are you the middle-of-the-road entrepreneur who wants to look good on the outside yet keeps the budget in mid-range of $75 per blog or dress boots? Or are you the dashing example of clean lines, solid foundation, and a leather loafer with over $100+ to spend on high-end shoes and a daily blog?


 a team of bloggers and writers

A team behind you 100%

A good content writer and blogger knows how to reach down deep and pull out some gems right away. Certain contract writers will not go after a blog position in, let’s say, the jet plane industry because they aren’t aware of the industries finer points. Research plays a large part in deciding if the content writer is even capable. It does take skill to write for someone else.

However, a content writer can excise information from a subject-matter person (SME) behind the scenes who can quickly assess and glean the best of the industry insider. There is a knack to extracting fine points.

Cavve is home for this Blogger

Your Blogger Can Live Almost Anywhere


A blogger will usually gain a good grasp of those items being sold or manufactured. So much so, that you as the reader would never know it was written by an outsider, often living in another state.

Judging a content or contract writer or a blogger for your business is just like hiring a new employee: you’ll check for examples of his work, his knowledge of the area of expertise, his ability to express himself, and then testing him for his writing ability to stand-in for your tone, brand, and voice.

Actually, the best way to consider a blogger is for her to offer a sample blog. She will be able to sample your online web site, talk to key employees that can “teach her the ropes,” and, may even talk to select customers who work directly with the company.

A blogger is a chameleon who can stand in place of your company’s field agent. They make every effort to blend in, while trying not to cause concern for those who hire them. One tool that helps is a “writing style guide.” These are often developed when several writers come onboard to help with advertising, web content, blogging, and PR outside the office. A second tool is a signed promise of non-competing, where a writer will not write for the competition, or share its secrets.

A Blogger is a Chameleon who can blend in easily

A Blogger is a Chameleon who can blend in easily



A second tool is a signed promise of non-competing, where a writer will not write for the competition, or share its secrets.

Will using third party writers be an effective strategy for getting a great amount work done while keeping staffing costs low? Yes, in most cases. By using the right content writing service, you can often save time, energy and money while building your brand with powerful content. You won’t need to provide insurance or paid vacations, either. Whether it’s a single writer or a writing service, your overall exposure on the Internet will increase the chances of more sales.

If the blogger’s entries, over time, improve your number of prospects while keeping your brand and company out in the public eye, then your choice to use a writer as an essential part of the team has paid off.

No one will really know until you try a business blogger.


 Rusty LaGrange

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Take a Road Trip With High Desert Bloggers

Happy bloggers from across the valley met at Molly Brown’s Country Café near Helendale for  a terrific breakfast on Saturday. It was the first stop on our vintage-themed road trip. We know that bloggers tend to stay at home blogging but once in a while we just gotta get out and meet the others who we may have blogged with in the past.


High Desert Blogging friends meet at Molly Brown's Country Cafe

High Desert Blogging friends meet at Molly Brown’s Country Cafe

“What a great idea,” said Beverley, who was one of the bloggers arriving from San Bernardino. She was curious to learn more about the High Desert and getting out with her new blogging friends was just the thing she was looking for. “This way I also get to see some new areas that I never would have tried on my own.”

Main gate to the Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66

Main gate to the Bottle Tree Ranch on Route 66

She joined Patty and Josef, Natalie and Joan, and Angie Horn, our High Desert Blogging creator and me, Rusty. Our road trips are a new feature that the bloggers are enjoying for 2014. Sharing some creative ideas plus doing a bit of adventuring helps to develop more blogging focus. The exercise is good, too.

After breakfast we caravanned down the road to Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, an odd feature along Route 66. Elmer’s been crafting iron tree shapes to hang discarded bottles on for more than 15 years.

Elmer greets the Bloggers -- a rare treat

Elmer greets the Bloggers — a rare treat

Each tree is a wonder of color, collectibles, and weathered antiques. Not one word can describe it — entertaining, whimsical, and recycled art — are a few that come to mind. You just have to see it to believe it. The Bottle Tree Ranch has been featured in numerous papers, magazines, and captured on countless video cameras from visitors around the world.




Recycling Wonder at Bottle Tree Ranch

Recycling Wonder at Bottle Tree Ranch

Our bloggers had a rare chance to meet him and ask a few questions. He was recently interviewed by an LA Times reporter. But you’ll read more about Elmer’s Ranch from our other bloggers. Keep checking back.

Since this was a road trip, we had to move on to our next stop at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. The roadside vintage store is outside as much as inside. Her crafty repurposed creations are clever, entertaining, and useful.


A nook full of chimes and wind catchers

A nook full of chimes and wind catchers

Patio kitsch, chimes, trunks, and re-imagined furniture cover the outside walkways that twist and turn. Inside, the little shop is “floor to ceiling” with Americana, handcrafted items, dolls, glassware, and ornamentals. It takes more than one visit to really “see” it. Enchanted Treasures has been featured on High Desert Blogging before but it’s a shop that changes with the seasons. Worth a stop.

Glass menagerie line shelves in a nook trailer at Linda Marie's

Glass menagerie line shelves in a nook trailer at Linda Marie’s


Our last vintage stop was the old-timer — Antique Station. It’s been an active antique store for many years. The old warehouse, L-shaped, building houses dozens of consignment nooks with different themes and collected items from various decades. A casual walk through time turns into extended hours of recalling historical events, childhood memories, and wishing that you had more money to spend. They do offer lay-away in some cases.

Our road trip came to an end but not our shopping time. Several of us stayed on to roam the entire building, others scouted the outside porches, while a few made their way home. We are now recharged with many blogging posting stories to share with you.

As we gain more guest bloggers and regulars on the site, the plan is to bring more benefits to bloggers. “We’ve updated some of the benefits for our group,” Angie noted. “Soon we’ll have memberships and discounts on services that bloggers and businesses will find in common.” Advertisers can extend their exposure to attract more customers and bloggers will be linking to other blogs through linking and marketing strategies.

Stay tuned for more road trips and inspiring stories to help your blogging become more creative and valuable to a wider readership.

Rusty LaGrange

Blogging — It’s What We Love

So many of us love to blog, to share our insights, to learn from others in the High Desert, and to develop a network of friends. It’s the networking that makes some of our goals attainable. For instance, if you don’t know about a specific subject, you can Google it, go to the local  library, check a resource book you might have, YouTube search, or call a friend.


With a large network of blogging friends who love to research on nearly every subject, it’s like having a revolving door to a never-ending list of friends “in-the-know.” Our bloggers at High Desert Blogging have learned how valuable the network of writing friends are: we cover a variety of subjects from Spring gardening to drought watering,


Happy Bloggers at Starbucks

Happy Bloggers at Starbucks


attractions for the family to attend, where some of the best vintage and antique shopping can be found, and where the High Desert’s business people offer the best — customer service, products and produce, home-made crafts and goodies, and without “the-big-box” competition.




Another aspect that bloggers love here is the camaraderie of our blogging network. We don’t just sit at home blogging, we get out and meet our members at


regular blogging Meet-Ups.

Face-to-face is one of the best benefits.

*we share ideas

*point out new sources

*give each other pointers for making money

*develop business-owner friendships

*and more



But the best is knowing that you are not alone in the blogosphere. So many of our members have, at times, felt isolated, unwanted or unappreciated, and need some face-time. We try to meet at least once a month. The meetings recharge our batteries with the spirit of enthusiasm and inevitably enrich our writing. And it shows.

Face to Face friendships



So, to start out the New Year, High Desert Blogging will be working on some new concepts to develop more blogger training, support more think-tank ideas, offer give-aways & contests, and be  the gateway to new business blogging opportunities.

It’s a new year, so stay tuned…

 Rusty LaGrange

Lowest Gas Prices Today in High Desert Cities

Gas Prices Concern Bloggers in the Victor Valley

The main topic of bloggers lately has been, of course, blogging. Coming close behind that is the discussion of gas prices. READ MORE »

How to Start Blogging

Are you a High Desert entrepreneur interested in starting a blog for your business? Advertise your business by blogging about it. Don’t have a blog but want to learn? It’s easy to learn. There are three basic keys to start blogging:

  1. Setting up a blog
  2. Sitting down and blogging
  3. Drawing traffic to your blog

When you set up a blog, it’s good to know the purpose of your blog. Do you only want to blog as a hobby, or do you want to  make money through blogging? If you decide it’s a hobby, choose a free blog. If for money, self host your blog.

Once your blog is set up, sit down and blog. You already have a niche to blog about. It’s what you do for a living and maybe even a hobby that you’ve turned into cash flow. Blog about it.

Blog often, and connect to other bloggers who are interested in your type of service. The purpose of blogging is to gain readers so that they will learn about your product or your service. An entrepreneur needs a blog with traffic, readers who are interested in what you have to say whether it’s information, a product, or whatever your niche is.

Want to learn more about how to start a blog? The Meetup group High Desert Bloggers meet the last Saturday of every month at Bodacious Bundts in Hesperia. Join the group for free, meet other bloggers, and find answers to your blogging questions. If you are interested in one-on-one blog coaching or a blog workshop, contact Angie at High Desert Blogging.



How to Find Motivation to Reach Your Blogging Goals

Need help with your blog? Ever get discouraged trying to learn how to blog or learn how to make money with your blog? Does it seem like it will take years to reach your blogging goals?

If  you answered yes to any of these questions, then you can benefit from the type of blogging group I joined. Look up for blogging groups in your area. Join the group and participate.  The High Desert Bloggers Meetup group members meet every month to discuss blogging topics and share effective blogging tips. It helps to share blogging experience with other bloggers.

Maybe you don’t feel like you blog as well as other bloggers. Blogging can seem overwhelming if you focus on all the things you should do to become a successful blogger. So just focus on the next step from your list of goals. This is when it helps to participate in a group such as High Desert Bloggers. Each time is a motivating session, and we set goals on what we want to accomplish.

Stay focused. Never give up. Be determined to meet your goals. How? Surround yourself with positive-minded people who also want to be successful with their blogs. It’s really simple. You can do anything you set your mind to. Don’t allow negative words to distract you from going forward in developing the kind of blog you want. Blogging takes time and effort, but what in life that matters doesn’t take time and effort?

Keep blogging!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Blog Connections

How do you find other bloggers to connect with? Take your laptop with you to a coffee shop, and meet people. That’s what happened this evening. My husband and I went out for dinner and later went by a coffee shop with our laptops. I noticed a lady and her young daughter, and they reminded me of a few years before when my daughter was a young girl. The two sat nearby, and I overheard them talking about how old the mom was when she had her daughter. The mom was the same age when she had her daughter as I was when I had my daughter. The overheard conversation was the blog connection.

The next thing that happened was the mom and daughter duo moved to the table next to mine. I gave them a card of the Phantom Seven book I wrote that is about to be released. The conversation revealed like-minded interests, and I invited the mom to my High Desert Bloggers Meetup group that meets twice monthly. Blog connections with other bloggers online can be a good thing. But a blogger needs the face-to-face blog connections, too. Not only do you meet new people interested in blogging, but you escaped the sit-all-day-at-the-laptop mode that can be detrimental to your health if that’s all you do. Plan face-to-face blog connections in your blogging schedule this week.

Consistent Blogging

One of the things a successful blogger does is blog consistently – even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The nice thing is that you can schedule your blog posts to publish the next day or the next week. Did I schedule this one early? No, I started it late on Christmas Eve and am completing the post on Christmas Day though I do schedule posts for later. I was explaining to a friend at a holiday gathering this evening how that this blog is about people that have businesses in the High Desert. When you think about the approximately 800,000 people in the greater High Desert area, word of mouth only would take a long time to get around. But word of mouth travels much faster through a blogging network.

My friend mentioned how people could learn how to do things they’ve wanted to know how to do but never knew anyone who could teach them. Like gardening for instance. Or like milking a cow, churning butter, drinking chilled raw milk, or like using a spinning wheel to make yarn for knitting. For example, you could look up spinning wheel on the Internet and order one. However, do you know anyone who has a spinning wheel in your community, someone who teaches you how to use the spinning wheel?

Get the word out about crafts that you know about and could teach. Blog about it so people in your area can connect with you and take a class on the craft that you teach. Have questions on blogging? Ask us about our blogging workshops coming up in 2012.

Merry Christmas!

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