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How to Write Posts That Will Drive Traffic to Your High Desert Blog

Find out how to write posts to increase your blog traffic. Posts that are too short and do not contain useful keywords can hinder SEO traffic. Leave out unnecessary details, however. Get your point across. No need to write extra detailed sentences just to get your word count up to 300 or 500.

One of my friends began a website a few years back on quilts. She loves them. She started out excited about the new website, but it didn’t take long until she gave up. Why? No readers. No page views. What a disappointment it was to her.

Got a talent or a hobby you blog about but no readers? Blog every day. Try this test. Blog once a day for one week. Then the next week blog twice a day. Notice any difference? Now imagine blogging fifteen to twenty articles every day like my friend did when he started blogging.

Don’t have time to blog several times a day? That’s why you need to team up with a blog network like High Desert Blogging is launching. If you blog twice a day and every other blog member blogs twice a day, imagine the traffic you’ll see directed to your blog then. Membership is now available for High Desert bloggers. Ask how you can join this blog network  today.




High Desert Attractions that Bloggers Blog About

Sunrise on Route 66, San Bernardino County, CA

What does a blogger blog about in the High Desert? If you asked me that before my husband and I purchased a High Desert cottage, my answer would have been “Cactus and rattlers.” Now I know differently. Try gardening, cuisine, people, High Desert businesses, READ MORE »

Grow Your Blog with High Desert Blogging Network

Join like-minded individuals who are committing to the High Desert Blog network to drive traffic to their own blogs. This is an opportunity to receive highly valued information from the professional blogger consultant Bill Belew whose “network of sites is well over 67 million page views.” READ MORE »

Blog Network Opportunity in the High Desert



Drive traffic quickly to your High Desert blog by joining our blog network. What are some benefits to joining High Desert Blogging network? READ MORE »

Blog Connections

How do you find other bloggers to connect with? Take your laptop with you to a coffee shop, and meet people. That’s what happened this evening. My husband and I went out for dinner and later went by a coffee shop with our laptops. I noticed a lady and her young daughter, and they reminded me of a few years before when my daughter was a young girl. The two sat nearby, and I overheard them talking about how old the mom was when she had her daughter. The mom was the same age when she had her daughter as I was when I had my daughter. The overheard conversation was the blog connection.

The next thing that happened was the mom and daughter duo moved to the table next to mine. I gave them a card of the Phantom Seven book I wrote that is about to be released. The conversation revealed like-minded interests, and I invited the mom to my High Desert Bloggers Meetup group that meets twice monthly. Blog connections with other bloggers online can be a good thing. But a blogger needs the face-to-face blog connections, too. Not only do you meet new people interested in blogging, but you escaped the sit-all-day-at-the-laptop mode that can be detrimental to your health if that’s all you do. Plan face-to-face blog connections in your blogging schedule this week.

Consistent Blogging

One of the things a successful blogger does is blog consistently – even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The nice thing is that you can schedule your blog posts to publish the next day or the next week. Did I schedule this one early? No, I started it late on Christmas Eve and am completing the post on Christmas Day though I do schedule posts for later. I was explaining to a friend at a holiday gathering this evening how that this blog is about people that have businesses in the High Desert. When you think about the approximately 800,000 people in the greater High Desert area, word of mouth only would take a long time to get around. But word of mouth travels much faster through a blogging network.

My friend mentioned how people could learn how to do things they’ve wanted to know how to do but never knew anyone who could teach them. Like gardening for instance. Or like milking a cow, churning butter, drinking chilled raw milk, or like using a spinning wheel to make yarn for knitting. For example, you could look up spinning wheel on the Internet and order one. However, do you know anyone who has a spinning wheel in your community, someone who teaches you how to use the spinning wheel?

Get the word out about crafts that you know about and could teach. Blog about it so people in your area can connect with you and take a class on the craft that you teach. Have questions on blogging? Ask us about our blogging workshops coming up in 2012.

Merry Christmas!

High Desert Bloggers Meetup Group Meets in Apple Valley

Blogging Goals and Blogging Network

A Meetup group called High Desert Bloggers has recently begun and is planning blogging events for the near future. The group will meet Saturday, December 17th, 9:00 am until 11:00 am, at the Starbucks located at Highway 18 and Dale Evans Parkway in Apple Valley. The discussion topics planned are blogging goals and blogging network. Are you a newbie at blogging and wondering how to begin your blog? Join the discussion, and meet other High Desert bloggers. You’ll learn from other bloggers and become motivated to go forward with your own blog.


Visit High Desert Bloggers on to learn more about this group. Meetup is a great way to meet others interested in the same things as you. You don’t have to pay even a penny to join our Meetup group for discussion (unless you decide to buy yourself a cup of coffee before you make yourself comfortable).

November Meetup at Bodacious Bundts

December 3rd High Desert Meetup at McDonald's, Apple Valley

You’ll know which group we are by the small table-top High Desert Bloggers Meetup sign. See you there!

Saturday, December 17, 2011 High Desert Bloggers Meetup Follow-Up

Today two High Desert Bloggers met at the Apple Valley Starbucks. The meeting went great, and a new person joined us. Our blog planning session was successful with discussion and plans to schedule our blog workshop in Apple Valley. The three of us left motivated. That’s the way High Desert Bloggers Meetup goes every time we meet. Inspiring. Motivating.

Join us in January at one of our Meetups. Check here at this blog, or sign up with High Desert Bloggers at to find out monthly scheduled meetings.

Sell Your Vintage Finds by Blog Networking

How does one sell vintage or homemade craft items? By networking. Network with a vintage/antique shop owner like Linda Marie at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures in Oro Grande. Vendors sell their vintage finds, antiques, and crafts at her shop on consignment. If you enjoy vintage shopping, you will fall in love with this amazing place. The benefits are you can make extra income, make new friends, and increase traffic to your own business blog by connecting with Ms. Linda Marie, vendors, and customers.

Virginia, a vendor at Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

Virginia's Vintage Lamps

One of Virginia's Vintage Items

Speaking of increasing traffic to blogs, have you started your own vintage blog yet? The Christmas shopping rush increases traffic to the brick and mortar vintage/antique shops during the holidays. After-holiday sales follow, then Valentine’s Day pretties quickly show up everywhere. But you don’t have to wait for the next holiday to increase traffic to a blog. Blog about the vintage items you have available. Sell the items on your blog. Show pictures of your items for sale, and provide a way for your blogging visitors to order and purchase the vintage items on your blog. Joining a network will increase traffic to your blog.



Vintage and Craft Entrepreneur Networking

Everyone participates in social networking. It’s called connecting with like-minded individuals, same as word-of-mouth advertising. We let others know about our services and end up making new friends – friends that have friends that have friends and on and on. Eventually, one of those friends will mention a need for a particular service. That’s when we say, “Oh, I met just the person you need to talk to.” Sound familiar?

Saturday, December 10th, Linda Marie from Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures hosted Holiday Cheer for vendors, customers, and friends. It was an enjoyable evening of mingling with like-minded individuals. There were a blend of many talents represented by entrepreneurs who make or sell vintage lovelies and antiques, specialty crafts, write books, photography, and more.

High Desert Blogging is a place to connect with other talented entrepreneurs in the High Desert. We blog about your business, craft, or other entrepreneur specialty. We service the High Desert in blog networking, blogging classes and workshops, and blogging for businesses.

Thank you for visiting today. We hope that you will return again soon and invite you to ask about our blog network.




Arts and Crafts Business Blog Network Series

Do you have an at-home arts and crafts business or want to make in making extra income through an arts and crafts? Learn about business blogging in this Blog Network Series or visit High Desert Bloggers Meetup Group to learn how to start a blog.

Yesterday I went to an annual Christmas craft fair with my husband and my friends in Norco, the horse town down the hill from the High Desert. This was my husband’s first trip to the craft fair. He and I both met craftspeople that told us about their crafts, how they learned how to make them, or how they started their craft business. The arts and crafts business is popular especially between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. All of the entrepreneurs I spoke with work out of their home to make their crafts. If you’re interested in starting your own arts and crafts at-home business, consider one of these ten ideas:

  1. Arts and crafts architecture
  2. Photography
  3. Rug crafts
  4. Puppet crafts for autism
  5. Wedding  crafts
  6. Fashion crafts (jewelry, belts, hats, garments, etc.)
  7. Decorative crafts (Metalwork, stained glass, furniture making, etc.)
  8. Paper crafts
  9. Textile crafts (fabric, yarn, knitting, etc.)
  10. Painted wine bottle nightlights

I saw a few of the above-mentioned crafts at the Norco crafts fair.  Some of the crafts people sell online at arts and crafts marketplaces like and However, few that I spoke with blog about their products. Don’t pass up the opportunity to sell your product by blogging about it. Tell about the history of your crafts, take photos and post them on your blog, advertise the crafts, and add a PayPal button so people can purchase them. Join a blog network so that more people can find your blog.

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