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Preserving Western History One Plaque at a Time

E Clampus Vitus is a fraternal historical society that erects monuments to remind us of little known — and well-known — historical sites and events. The chapter to which one of our readers belong is Billy Holcomb 1069, (see Chapter 1069) and they claim to be the Kings of the mountains and the desert.

If you’ve ever been driving out on Route 66 or I-40 or State Route 62 or points in between you have probably seen their ‘monuments’.  From Lake Hemet to Goffs, from Needles to Desert Center, the society has many plaques dedicated to Western history and to the many troops who trained under General Patton in preparation for battle with the Axis Powers of WWII. The tank tracks can still be seen in our Eastern Mojave regions.

Many monuments have to do with the mining of this country’s wealth from this very region we call home, to the hard- scrabble miners and pioneers who heeded the call to ‘Go West, young man.’ They pay tribute to these and others who have played a role in Western history.

There are over 40 chapters in the Western USA: California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico … ALL with a keen interest in honoring our past.

E Clampus Vitus encourages everyone to look up ECV Monuments/markers on a Google search  — or to this link — and read more about the many plaques in your home area and also along the roadside of any trip you may be planning. The site will show locations. And these  monuments are EVERYWHERE!!

A challenge from our reader:  Now get out there and enjoy history!

We encourage your family to find out more about our history and roadside attractions that are free to see, and often just a few hours away.

Rusty LaGrange

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