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High Desert Hosts Its First Harmony Circle

Participants in the first harmony circle of Ellie Drake's 2015 Harmony Circle TourA group of women gathered in Victorville Saturday to meet with Braveheart Women’s Ellie Drake and participate in the first Harmony Circle of the 2015 Harmony Circle Tour.  According to event host, Donna Mass of Victorville, the purpose of  a Harmony Circle is to bring women together to connect in a better, deeper, and more meaningful way.  This deeper connection is the mission of Ellie Drake.  In fact, the mission statement of Braveheart Women is “To connect the Women of the world together in order to receive and give Inspiration in the areas of Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Purpose, Passion and Personal Prosperity while enhancing the world by being Brave Women who live from the Heart.”

The high desert's first harmony circle was hosted by Donna Mass

Saturday’s event began with the group of women introducing themselves and sharing one or two details about where they were in their lives at that moment.  Afterwards, Ms. Drake explained to the group about two very different hormones that are present in the body.  Oxytocin and Adrenaline.  Most of us have heard of Adrenaline, the hormone secreted by our bodies in conditions of stress which increases circulation, breathing, and prepares muscles for exertion.  This is referred to as the “flight or fight” hormone.  Ms. Drake described Oxytocin’s effect on the body as the exact opposite of adrenaline.


She further explained that, for men, the anxiety, and adrenaline rush that comes with it, actually helps to push them forward so that they can accomplish the task.  For women, however, this is not the case.  Women do not work at their best potential under a high stress, adrenaline filled, weight.  As a group, we were instructed how to do “Oxytocin Breathing”.  According to Drake, this type of breathing stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin and helps us to be more receptive to connecting with one another on a deeper level and helps us to move beyond our inclination toward mistrust.


The next component of our experience included a brief introduction to Dybo.  Dybo is a dance that stands for Dance Your Buts Off.  This does not refer to the butts on which you are sitting.  Instead, it refers to getting rid of the excuses that keep you from accomplishing all that is within your potential to achieve.  The Dybo process consists of 5 parts–recognizing, unraveling, releasing, restoring, and rejoicing.  It was high energy and very fun.

Finally, the afternoon concluded with the Harmony Circle where two concentric circles of women faced each other as the outer circle rotated slowly around the inner circle.  Afterwards, one participant stated that she hadn’t felt such a deep and sincere connection with other women in a very long time.  The whole experience was very different than what I had expected, but it was very educational and extremely worthwhile.  I look forward to the High Desert’s next Harmony Circle.

For more information about BraveHeart Women click here

For information about free Dybo Classes in your own home via Skype contact Donna Mass at (760) 308-0404

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