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Just What Are Those Astronaut Dudes Doing, Anyway?

Part II: A Viewpoint  of Deep Space From our High Desert

As we enter 2016, and sit smugly in front of our big screen TVs enjoying the latest “spinoff” of a comedy show, have you ever wondered how the Earthly industries that create the things around us actually happened to be in our homes?

Have you ever thought about what goes into the items you buy? Did NASA ever spinoff its own stuff? Have you ever wondered “What are those astronaut dudes doing up there anyway?”

Wonder no more. After years of taking a backseat to modern inventions from deep space labs affecting our daily lives, NASA has finally taken an Open and Shared attitude. Tooting its own horn…

What New Inventions and Adaptations From Space Are We Using Today?

Our world has changed by the giant steps of technology since the first man-flights began. Next time you actually remember to get out of your recliner and go stare at the night sky for the current fly-by of the International Space Station, you might think of these:


Space food

Photos of the Ground Zinnias’ Harvesting inside the SSPF


Zinnia plants from the Veggie ground control experiment at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida were harvested Feb. 11 in the same way that crew member Scott Kelly  harvested the zinnias grown in the Veggie system aboard the International Space Station on Feb. 14—Valentine’s Day.


Rather than blowing things up in war-torn countries and causing huge holes in the ground, The Demining Device flare uses a battery-triggered electric match to ignite and neutralize land mines in the field without detonation. The flare uses solid rocket fuel to burn a hole in the mine’s case and burn away the explosive contents so the mine can be disarmed without hazard. (Spinoff 2000)


Firefighting equipment widely used throughout the United States is based on a NASA development that coupled Agency design expertise with lightweight materials developed for the U.S. Space Program. A project that linked NASA and the National Bureau of Standards resulted in a lightweight breathing system including face mask, frame, harness, and air bottle, using an aluminum composite material developed by NASA for use on rocket casings. (Spinoff 1976)


As the result of a program designed to develop a padding concept to improve crash protection for airplane passengers, Ames Research Center developed a foam material with unusual properties. The material is widely used and commonly known as temper foam or “memory foam.” (Spinoff 1996, 2008)


Astronaut in Space

More people are signing up for Astronaut School than in many years

Space exploration has created new markets and new technologies that have spurred our economy and changed our lives in many ways. This year, NASA unveiled two new complementary interactive Web features, NASA City and NASA @ Home, available at The new features highlight how space pervades our lives, invisible yet critical to so many aspects of our daily activities and well-being.


Did you know that many of the things we use today weer first developed by the space lab techs and experiments that became our life-improvements?

Enriched Baby Food, Portable Cordless Vacuums, Harnessing Solar Energy, Refrigerated Internet-Connected Wall Ovens, Improved Radial Tires, Anti-Icing Systems, and Infrared Ear Thermometers, just to name a few.

Did you know that there were 136 Space Shuttle flights where they developed ways to deal with space problems that we never heard of? Those travels also helped scientists in the International Space Station to learn how to transport men and supplies efficiently.

We don’t use shuttles anymore due to other countries taking on the task of moving men and cargo to the International Space Station – we’re looking at Mars, as you know, but the problems of long-term travel in space is a whole other matter.

As we gear up for living on a Mars environment, we are using the Moon to get answers faster. More on that in Part III.

To learn more you can go to :

Rusty LaGrange

Use Luminarias for Old World Charm

A contemporary design and a magical glow

A contemporary design and a magical glow

This time of year the crafty and creative minds abound. You see decorations that look like a craft wizard fabricated them — and usually overnight. But you think “it would take me weeks to do that.” And the expense! Who has that kind of money?

Luminarias are Old World

Old World Charm to line your walkways


Sometimes the cleverest ideas come from Old World history.

A simple idea that was practical back then is just as practical today. Case in point, the simple light from a luminaria. The charm of these outdoor candles come from as far back as the age of the Pharaohs. You might think it was the Spanish – Latin influences that prompted Mexican cultures to use them for commemorative events or for lining the paths to a family cemetery. You would be wrong.

We think of them as a décor item for the Holidays. Although that’s true, other holidays enjoy the radiant décor, too. When masses were conducted in Mexico, often an evening procession would be led by altar boys carrying lanterns on long canes. Once a long procession arrived at the church or an arranged location, luminarias would be placed along their walkway so no one would stumble or walk on the grave sites or the offering placed on the ground.

Modern luminarias can be made with metal or PVC pipe

Modern luminarias can be made with metal or PVC pipe

Luminarias, as simple as placing a votive candle into a paper lunch sack weighted down with an inch or so of native dirt or sand, have been used throughout history in a variety of ways. Easter candles are often placed on the altars but also as a colorful attractant to guide people to their church. Fourth of July celebrations use luminarias along a shoreline, in a park or along pathways. Many times floating lanterns limb into the sky — these are luminarias with a helium balloon or a sack tied up-side down. The hot air is trapped allowing it to rise into the night skies. Luminarias are used during October’s Halloween events and on porches to add a bit of scary lighting to a dull porch.

Since the glow of a simple candle can take on the shape of a large bag or jar, its brightness subdued yet its light travels very far in its defused state.

Luminarias are made from brown paper, reused grocery sacks, empty glass jar, tall tins with punched holes to let out light, pumpkins and gourds, and even small ceramic pots. As a modern version of this candle, PVC water pipe can be used with small drill holes placed in a pattern just like the punched tin.

Glass jars with a votive candle, a bale handle, and an etched surface is charming

Glass jars with a votive candle, a bale handle, and an etched surface is charming

As long as the wind cannot disrupt the flame, and the light and heat can escape, the luminaria can be placed on steps, in driveways, lining sidewalks, atop walls, and roof lines, creating a path, or any number of uses.

Let us know if you see any luminarias this season. Just drop us a comment.

My Favorite Salads In a Jar

Last week, I shared how making salads in a jar has helped to simplify my mornings and ensure that I take a healthy and nutritious lunch with me when I leave for work in the morning.  I really am in love with salads in a jar because the possibilities are endless.  I grab the jar, a plate (or use a paper plate), and something to drink, and my lunch is packed in under 5 minutes.

I’ve been told that it’s possible to shake the jars to mix your salad, but I tend to overfill mine, so I have to pour them out into a bowl or on a plate in order to be able to experience the entire salad instead of one layer at a time.

This week, I thought I would share five of my favorite salad in a jar recipes.  Each of these recipes has it’s own unique flavor, so I don’t become bored by eating the same thing every day.  Click on the links and check out the salads.  Let us know which ones are your favorite.

The first salad in a jar that I made was this Chinese chicken salad recipe.  As I headed out the door,  I grabbed a small container that I had packed with crispy chow mein noodles to sprinkle on top of this salad for some extra crunch.    I really enjoy this salad and make it frequently.chinese chicken salad in quart and pint jarsThe next was this delicious taco salad in a jar.  I love that this salad packs all the flavor of a taco salad without the need for meat.  Again, I grabbed a baggie full of tortilla chips to sprinkle on top of the salad after I poured it out onto a plate.  This salad is delicious.  Vegetarian Taco Salad in a JarI love Italian food, so this antipasto salad in a jar was also very good.  The down side to this salad is that unless you use low fat pepperoni and salami, the salad packs more fat than the others, but if you use a low fat or fat free Italian dressing, it helps to off set the extra fat in the meats.  Antipasto salad in a jar copyright 2014 patty cakes pantryI don’t know about anyone else, but I really love salad bars, so this trip to a pizza parlor’s salad bar in a jar was great.  I really loved the addition of  the three bean salad.finished salad bar trip in a jarLast, but not least, is the spinach salad in a jar recipe.  I was worried about the spinach wilting in the jar.  Spinach leaves bruise easily, and then they begin to wilt.  I didn’t want to take any chances, so I don’t leave this in the fridge for more than two days each time I make it. you have it five of my favorite salad in a jar recipes.  If you want to try making some salad creations of your own, here are the basic instructions for making a salad in a jar.    Grab some wide mouthed mason jars and give them a try.

**Patti can also be found at where she tries to limit her blogging to stocking a pantry, budgeting, and recipes.  She isn’t always successful.

3 Easy Steps to Change Your Mood

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

I’m sure that many of you have these seasonal mood swings that force you into introspection or shades of melancholy. Just when the end of the heat swarms and thunderstorms have badgered you down with tepid exhaustion, you want to bounce back in some way.

Since writers are typically driven by moods, whether they want to admit it or not, the feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and fruitlessness in creativity seem to take over. It’s just about this time that a friend calls you with a conversation tailor-made to perk up your spirits and save the day.

I’ll let Andrew Lock, business marketing and a pioneer in web TV, a guru, who I’ve been following for many years:

Let’s be realistic. Life doesn’t always go how we want it to, right? Does that mean that your life is doomed and you won’t achieve the success you dream of? Of course not. Everybody fails. Let me show you some pretty powerful examples to illustrate this point…

Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He went bankrupt several times before he built Disneyland. In fact, the proposed park was rejected by the city of Anaheim in California, on the grounds that it would only attract “riff-raff”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has had some dismal failures in the world of musical theater, yet no one remembers them.

Thomas Edison’s teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” He was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.” As an inventor, Edison made more than 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4-years-old and did not read until he was 7. His parents thought he was “sub-normal,” and one of his teachers described him as “mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in foolish dreams.” He was expelled from school.

Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts, had every cartoon he submitted rejected by his high school yearbook staff.

Just put a Beagle on this roof

Just put a Beagle on this roof

After Fred Astaire’s first screen test, the memo from the testing director of MGM, dated 1933, read, “Can’t act. Can’t sing. Slightly bald. Can dance a little.” He kept that memo over the fire place in his Beverly Hills home.

Decca Records turned down a recording contract with a band called The Beatles

Early Years

Early Years

with the fascinating evaluation, “We don’t like their sound. Groups of guitars are on their way out.”

A friend of mine in the music industry personally auditioned a singer by the name of Reg Dwight in the 1960’s. He unceremoniously shoved the singer out of his office for wasting his time. That singer is now better known as Elton John.

Imagine if any of these individuals HAD given up, believing they were doomed to failure, and that they would never achieve success.

Do you think they felt down or even depressed at times? Of course. But I can guarantee you that they didn’t allow a gloomy state to overtake them, to overpower their desire to succeed. And in every case they did succeed, in a HUGE way, far greater than their wildest dreams.

Bad experiences can be viewed as positive in hindsight. They can be viewed as stepping-stones rather than stumbling blocks. It’s your choice, but be determined to never ever give up.

Thanx, Andrew. He can be found at and he’s developed a video personality all his own with his unassuming, soft, English accent.

I can find myself staring at a huge pile of projects that need to be worked on and feel the overwhelming mood to run away. We all know that when you come back, the pile is still there. So, it takes some regrouping and a system to de-clutter and weed through the pile to find the priority projects. Your work is important.

3 Simple Steps to Manage Your Work Load

I give my priority projects an hour or two and move on to the rest. I try to break up the work in segments of 25-40 minutes at a time so I can enjoy mental breaks, then I give myself little rewards for accomplishing them. These are the easy steps to working alone in your home office. Whether you’re a freelancer, a entrepreneur, artist, author, or marketing guru, these steps are how the rest of the day can be managed when you work alone.

Is doesn’t help to allow your mood to take control because sometimes the moods become your all day attitude. That’s not productive for anyone, even highly skilled workaholics. We all have days that seem out of whack. So even a quick text, phone call, quick walk, or email can rejuvenate your spirits. And, it helps to have a network of friends or peers who can do just that.

Rusty LaGrange

Danger Looms Inside Thick Books

I was looking through a dangerous book, one that, once you begin perusing, can entangle your brain with concepts. On a hot August afternoon with nothing better to do, this book consumed me — A Book of Lists — a compilation of how we organize things, animals, and ideas into tidy lists to control them. It was the 90s edition of how we recall our lives through TV, art, science, special events, compiled by David Wallenchinsky and Amy Wallace. No one wants to get absolutely lost in a book, but then again, writers are known to open a thesaurus and not be heard from for days.

The fascinating flip through hundreds of pages exhumes many ideas that could be construed by most readers as trivial blather. Some might even think these collections are bookshelf-worthy of all authors. Maybe so.
What got me thinking was not so much how we classify and arrange our environment but how we classify ourselves. Just in the early minutes of diving in, I noticed that authors don’t really have a phylum, or class, or whatever. Authors are what they seem in the literary world as, well, just authors. But that didn’t satisfy my curiosity. Sure we have genres, but what if we cross pollinate?

Books Can Lead you Down the Rabbit Hole

Books Can Lead you Down the Rabbit Hole

Digging deeper and finding some delicious diatribe, I came across groups for authors that I hadn’t heard before. Continue reading and see if you fall into one of these categories.

A chatter: meaning that we are consistently able to say much without really giving much thought? A scribe of writers: meaning that we are proffered to the pedestal of influence that so few attain? An alliteration: I rather like this one since you must know what the term alliteration means before you can become convincing contained within it. A clique: rather tacky and low-life use of the word to gather in a group that doesn’t necessarily have any cohesiveness but shares something in common. A context of writers: now this one is clever if used in the right, um, context. Avant garde: this title implies a hierarchy of creative minds tittering over tea sipped from china cups of the Parisian bourgeoisie. A compendium of authors: this doesn’t quite hit the nail with its alluding to writers offering summary, epitome, or abridgment to their writings, when everyone knows we, authors, avoid anything short — unless it’s a “55 Word Flash Fiction” challenge.

And then we have these other attempts to corral our character into mundane word groups  like “a society of writers,” “a concept of writers,” “wordmeisters” and ” wordsmiths.” Then we need to pay attention to the etymology of new words in our industry such as “a blog of authors,” “a bloggery of writers,” and even a “blogosphere.” Then let’s toss in SME — subject matter expert.

Setting aside the Book of Lists, I thought what might a legend of wordsmithery aspire to qualify a group title? Slipping into the tomes of wordsmiths such as Shakespeare, I couldn’t help but look up what he thought of authors. And to my interest, I found adjectives in his own compendium like “creator,” “originator,” “authority,” but to my dismay were “instigator,” “source,” and “informant.” Really?


Eureka! A new word for authors as a group!!

Eureka! A new word for authors as a group!!

I do think it’s high-time we stand together and create the perfect name for our universal group of evolutionary authors … something otherwordly … something singlugantuan … a word comprised of aspiration, creativity, and history brought down through the ages into a slurry of suffrage and angst, from closet writers to nobelists, from traditional to self-published, from dreary nights in a log cabin to micro-bites caught in a subway. Please, let me try.

We are “uniwordopubliangsts.”

Oh, to have a name or classification all our own. We’ve earned as much.

Rusty – a wordophile

Visit High Desert With Eyes Wide Open

Visiting the High Desert of Southern California — PART ONE

When new visitors arrive in the High Desert they are often surprised by how stunning the wide vistas are, they wonder where the real desert is, and seemed confused by the abundant wildlife and scenic beauty of field flowers.

Summer Thunderstorm graces the desert with a pink cotton candy sky

Summer Thunderstorm graces the desert with a pink cotton candy sky

That’s the real High Desert. The other is Hollywood generalizing the desolate sand dunes, the miles of waterless expanses, and those “dead cow heads” scattered across trails once traveled by wagon trains.

Come and Visit the Desert with Eyes Wide Open

Among the lies and twisted history that film often portrays, lays the foundation of a countryside that is endangered and often under attack by development companies who think that these dry desolate places can accommodate a new housing sub-development, a strip mall, or a flood of solar and wind projects.

Goldenrod in High Desert

Goldenrod in High Desert

If they don’t live here and know the desert, then it’s okay to rummage about for a place to use and abuse. So, as more visitors arrive and see the entirely different picture of the High Desert, they wonder if other stories they’ve heard are also lies. You could call us a “melting pot of diverse uses” and you’d be right. The desert can accommodate quite a bit — but not abuse.


Cannon High on the Canyon Bluff

As a desert dweller for over 40 years, I can attest that, yes, we do have sand dunes, we have artesian springs, we have areas where you can find skulls bleaching in the sun, snakes, scorpions, and other scary critters, and bugs wandering day and night. We also have defendable tracts of land that are preserved, protected, and being studied. Other tracts are open to development to bring economic variety to a long list of “bedroom communities” with potential growth in their populations.

Visitors should assume that all open land is not public land. We have large expanses that are privately owned or controlled. Areas of critical concern are quilt-patched all across the desert. So a visit to the High Desert should be a time for learning and respecting what is and isn’t here.


A desert sunset holds its own magic

A desert sunset holds its own magic

One lady I ran into said to me that she didn’t know there were different growing regions that accept willows, barrel cactus, and pine trees all in one. Another lady said she decided to live here because the LA area was too crazy and dangerous for her family. Another one found out that we have snow almost every year. Other visitors, who have dropped their tailgates to offload their ATCs, were shocked to find that we had rules for destroying private property that had no fences or posted signs.

With all these many views of the High Desert, you can see why some folks have said, “The desert: you either love it or hate it.” And in resort cities like Palm Springs, they once campaigned against visitors unless they took a hotel room. An old bumper sticker once said: We love Palm Springs, now go home.” Yet, years later another one was: “PS — We love you.”

Hedgehog Cactus with lemony blooms

Hedgehog Cactus with lemony blooms

So, what is my point? Come visit and take in the sights, bring a camera, learn about the area through its people and places, events, dive into its history through museums and one-day road trips, sample our food, go hiking but wear a hat and bring plenty of water, enjoy your visit.

A roadrunner attacks a snake for lunch

A roadrunner attacks a snake for lunch

Then, once you get home, unpack, and begin to relive some of those special moments, vivid pumpkin-colored sunsets, fields of purple Desert Lupine, seeing a roadrunner really running across the road — only then will you know whether the High Desert is a place you loved or hated. If you loved it, then you’ll understand why residents are fearless defenders of its right to be respected.

Rusty LaGrange

4 Thoughts Before You Select Your Blog Template

Sometimes we can just dive into a project then try to figure out how it might work. That’s true in the Blogosphere when new bloggers want to be seen and are eager to hit the water, like a guy with a new surfboard.

Getting the Courage to Ride a New Wave

Getting the Courage to Ride a New Wave

The platform of WordPress has always said that they want you to have fun and be a part of a community of bloggers. So some templates are free so that you can dive right in without any major costs. It’s better to practice for free and invest later.

Once you’ve tested your blogger abilities with free templates, maybe you’ll want to shop for a template that offers more than the standard styles. Having an adaptive, responsive template and one with more capabilities to cross-platform with other devises, makes you wonder what else is out there.

Gain confidence with your first template selection, and ride it out

Gain confidence with your first template selection, and ride it out

Before you rush into purchasing your first up-graded template, consider these four aspects of your template and its use:

1) Make a list of action items that you’ll want your visitors to do on your web site. Are they coming to read your journal, shop at your store, ask for help with a service you can provide, or looking for information? Be sure the template you choose gives you the flexibility to accomplish what you need to make your visitors happy so they’ll return.

2) Dig deeper into the theme of the template to see if visitors were happy with their visit at other sites that use the same template or template company. Find out if the sales of this template is high on the rankings and has no steady stream of complaints. You can usually find those facts on the template’s details page. Also see if their support staff for the template is a good match. You’ll have questions about a more robust experience. If you can ask questions directly, you’ll learn more quickly .

Don't get distracted with bright , colorful, shiny things... stay on course

Don’t get distracted with bright , colorful, shiny things… stay on course

3) Don’t get distracted by shiny things. For me, I’ll admit that I can shop through pages and pages of templates, almost as much as shopping for home décor or shoes online. Will the template adjust to your needs, have widgets and menus that you like, tutorials, offer better maintenance, and regular up-grades. These things can be important later on.

4) Allow yourself some shopping time to compare other web sites in your industry. Do you really want to look like every surf shop on the shore? Have the fun of blogging and sharing information is the art of standing out. Whether it’s your writing, layouts, services, or satisfying long-term clients, the choices you make prior to purchasing a themed template for your business will help you avoid some pitfalls later.

Branding your business often has to do with what potential customers perceive as your “look” — so the best and most targeted template is your prime choice. However, if the price of the template is based on what it can do for you, then buying a template at rock bottom prices may not be the way to go.

Do a search for template companies that support WordPress, and from there you can narrow done the search to your industry or even color choices. Flexibility is key.


A surfer dude. Ready to take the next step and purchase a template?

A surfer dude. Ready to take the next step and purchase a template?

Consider the advantages of selecting a template with growth potential, professional look, expandable services, and ways to test your business strategies. Then if you find one that suits you, jump on the wave and surf it right to the beach.

But just as you are ready to take the first wave, also consider if a free template is more practical for now. Many online entrepreneurs, including bloggers, never see the need for a purchased template. At least, not until their potential has out grown the basic free template features.

Rusty LaGrange

More Crafters Find New Customers at Santa Fe’s Craft Day

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

lthough the craft days with Santa Fe Trading Co. is over due to the excessive heat, crafters are always looking for new venues, shows, and cool places.


Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

Garden of April Handmade soaps & Lotions

At the last event there, April Bracy showed her handmade soaps and lotions and creams. This health trend is growing and “Garden of April” is producing and marketing with her booth at different locations this summer.

Presentation of products is important

Presentation of products is important

Her line of products have been carefully researched and tested prior to selling to the public. If you’d like to contact her about the products she makes go to or call (760) 963.4793.



Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

Lizzie Designs offers bulk gems and crystals to crafters

A regular vendor of quartz, crystal, gems, and unique stones are Janet and Mary Lou Flecher under the name of Lizzie Designs. Each time I run into them at Western events or craft fairs, their collection of gems are always fascinating. They carry the cabochons and beading findings for other crafters as well as large pendant crystals popular in statement jewelry.

Mary Lou’s artistry is featured in their necklaces and bracelets. You can find more about them at Email to Janet at Mary Lou can be reached at Give them a call at (760) 985.5432.



When I checked the products offered by Ursula McGrue, I found that she loves pink and black combinations in her jewelry creations.


Newest vendor -- Ursula McGrue

Newest vendor — Ursula McGrue

Although just getting started in crafting and selling to the public, she is a military wife and always on the move. This is her way to make a few new friends and some extra money while stationed in the High Desert.

She always has her Facebook page at to bridge the miles between customers. Contact her by phone at (913) 702.4986.


Variety of Styles

Variety of Styles









A wife and husband team, Candee and Bob Paredes, find that each can provide what’s needed to take a raw mineral specimen, grind, cut, or polish it to make it ready. That’s what Bob does.

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

Plumdragon Products with beaded jewelry

And Candee takes it to the next level creating some awe-inspiring stones mixed with beading and weaving. With their unique artisan designs and creative concepts, Plumdragon attracts many admiring customers.

Another of their products is the highly praised wire-wrapping of fossils pieces into a variety of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, and earrings. Called amolite, these can be used in a variety of ways to show off their color and shape.

I asked where the idea of “Plumdragon” came from. Candee said it was her favorite color — plum — and collectible — dragons. I should have guessed. You can reach them by phone at (760) 617.7051 or by email


Vintage Designs by Angel

Vintage Designs by Angel

It seems that every crafter using gem rocks, crystals, and beads can develop their own unique design ideas. One that stands out is Liz Dyson who offers natural cut glass and naturally ground glass art pieces tumbled from the sea. She likes to collect glass that she can work into statement pieces with striking light and color.

Her designs caught the eye of other fine art artisans who recently asked her to join their guild. With recruitment like that you may see some of her designs in more shows in the future. Liz also likes to embellish wine bottles with woven bead overlays that really make a statement as a gift to a wine lover.  Making unusual designs is her forte. She can be reached by email at or by phone (909) 660.9128.

If you visited any of these vendors recently, let them know you liked what you saw by commenting here or contact them directly.

Rusty LaGrange


Networking at Santa Fe Craft Show Works for Entrepreneurs


This new network of High Desert business people gain information and workshop together about running a business through a popular Meet Up group site. They also meet face-to-face and this time promoted their wares with a shared booth at the seasonal craft show held at Santa Fe Trading Company on Seventh Street, Victorville.

Natural Art of Healing

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Veronica, Sun, and Dayna each have their own businesses

Sun Yoo is an RN and promotes Natural Art of Healing within her Sun & Soul Retreat in Apple Valley. She provides classes and services in Energy Cleansing and Healing for professionals, Yoga Meditation including self-empowerment and grieving, and home care in healing. Being a reverend, she also performs non-denominational services. Call Monday – Friday for appointments at 949.228.3100. Check her website at: and contact her by email:

Turner Document Mobile Services

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Healing Arts from Sun and Business Documents from Dayna

Also sharing the booth was Dayna Turner of Document Mobile Services. She can help with different documents that a standard household might need, such as probate forms, licenses, rentals and agreements, and soon with Notary Public mobile services. Many people are not aware that legal forms are available online. Dayna provides access to such documents. She can be reached at 760.900.8674 or at

Mary Langer Thompson

Mary is a published author, also shared the HD Entrepreneur’s booth promoting her latest book:  “Poems on Water,” published by Green Fuse Poetic Arts. Her book of poetry received National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist status. Her book can be found on just search for the book title. Mary’s subjects are thought-provoking, real, and often aimed at social reform and peering into the workings of social conflict.

Mary Langer Thompson's book -- Poems on Water -- now available

Mary Langer Thompson’s book — Poems on Water — now available

As a retired English and poetry teacher, Mary also hosts a critique group about poetry on behalf of the High Desert branch of the California Writers Club. Within that organization, she also became active with the a writing program for inmates at the federal correctional complex at Adelanto. You can reach her through her Facebook page at

High Desert Blogging and Angie Horn

Angie Horn developed the HD Entrepreneurs Meet-Up group to help promote people she met while selling her books. By sharing a booth at the Santa Fe Trading Company’s Craft Show, she was able to help new business folks just starting out to find an new audience. Marketing and exposure is one of the hardest parts to overcome, and sharing expenses is one way to help.

High Desert Blogging Members

Angela Horn

She first began High Desert Blogging while deciding how to publicize her first book: Phantom Seven: Secret Heroes of World War II and OSS, a book based on her father’s memories and six others who translated codes and messages for allies through a secret system of underground connections. She also has other books and one about cooking eggs.

You’re at High Desert Blogging right now, reading about how you can join the blogging community to share info about your business while getting wider exposure for what you offer. If you like what you see here, you can be a guest blogger, comment regularly, even buy ad space for your business. Without a network plan, you will be working harder to let people know what you do and how your business grows.

Rusty LaGrange

Two Gals Making Soaps = 2 Pretties’ New Venture


Along the sidewalk at the Santa Fe Trading Craft Show were two young ladies selling their hand-crafted soaps and lotions for sensitive skin. Each one found on their own that certain ingredients cause skin problems; they also had the same first names: Shannon. They formed a new partnership “2 Pretties” and sign-up for the craft show as first-timers.

Shannon Welsh and Shannon Culverhouse first-timers to vend at craft show

Shannon Welsh and Shannon Culverhouse first-timers to vend at craft show

Shannon Culverhouse and Shannon Welsh not only make soaps but also toothpastes, deodorants, body mists, and essential oils. They’ve researched their products and tested with friends and family to solve sensitive skin issues they shared. Children can also use these products on young their skin. With friends and family consistently asking for more, they created a combined business. Prices are modest because they know how people need better skin care but avoid the pricey over-the-counter products.

To contact them call 760.532.0490. Their website is: www. or email And tell them you heard about them at High Desert Blogging.

Rusty LaGrange

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