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Trendy Vintage Art for the Kitchen and Valentine’s Day

Popular kitchen trends for 2013 are popping up in shades of white and bright colors. The retro red and aqua look that was trendy from 2012 isn’t going away either. Shades of white blended with a touch of these lively colors cheer up the kitchen. A High Desert kitchen with large windows overlooking a backyard of sand, cacti, and maybe a Joshua tree or two can use a bit of cheery colors. But go for what you like best.

Who determines the kitchen color trends anyway? Let the kitchen-color trend setters choose any colors they like.  They don’t live in your kitchen. Choose colors that invite you into your kitchen, make you want to sit down at the table and drink a cup of hot tea or coffee and eat a big fat pink cupcake like in Fran King’s Diamond Cupcake art. Now that’s an idea. If you like shades of white or gray in your kitchen, spruce it up with pink and black art.

Fran King Art








Another beauty of Fran’s is her ice cream cone art, another piece of pink and black art for the kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone, Fran King Art, Signed

Speaking of cheery colors, Fran comes up with fun ideas for 3D art for the kitchen like “The Bad Apple” below:

Bad Apple, Fran King art, signed








Fran makes other types of art, too, like this vase perfect for a Valentine gift:

Ace Dice Vase, Fran King Art








If you prefer the bright colors in style that include red, red and aqua, red and white, red and gray, you must see Fran’s red 3D art over at Smoketree Junction in Phelan. Fabulous! You’ll enjoy browsing through all of the vendors’ booths. Don’t miss Haggle and Flea Market Days coming up this Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd. You’re bound to find just the right gift for your Valentine!

How to Generate Cash Flow in 30 Days, Day 3

Tiered Plates

Flea market and haggling made the Number 3 of my 30-day list for generating cash flow. Look in your area for a flea market to set up a booth or table. Numbers 2 and 3 of the list complement each other. I rent a booth (Number 2 on list) at SmokeTree Junction. Every first Saturday of the month the antique shop hosts a flea market outside. People bring all sorts of items. It’s an opportunity to clean out your storage and eliminate the pack-rat syndrome and make some cash. You might be  a collector and want to sell your collectibles. Go for it!



The nice thing about the flea market being held at the antique shop is that the visitors can shop at the outdoor flea market or inside the shops.

A family setting up at a flea market








One of the flea market vendors brought things in her trailer that she remodeled inside. She put up insulation, drywall, and the result was a delightful little place for flea marketers to shop in. She sold aprons, antiques, vintage and costume clothing, and much more.

SmokeTree Flea Market Vendor








It’s beneficial to participate in the flea market days when you have a booth there. You can send customers inside to see other items for sale.

How to Generate Cash Flow in 30 Days, Day 2

Up-Cycled Wine Bottle Cork Peg Board

How does one generate extra cash flow in addition to working a full-time day job? It’s not easy.Whether you work a day job, got laid off and are on unemployment, or you’re a stay-at-home mom needing extra funds to pay the bills, you can come up with something to bring in extra cash. It just takes determination. If one thing falls through, try another. Don’t give up.

One way my husband and I have generated cash flow is to open a booth at an antiques, collectibles, and vintage shop. We like to make up-cycled vintage creations, and we opened the booth for the up-cycled, rustic, country and vintage treasures and items we make. Eclectic decor style has become the in thing and has hit the magazine racks in popular home and garden decor.

Eclectic may not be your thing, so find out what is your style. Do some research, and find out what you like to collect. If you don’t collect anything, find something to collect. Go to the library to get ideas, or research online. People will then come to you when they want to sell what it is you collect. Or, they may come to you to buy it because they saw your collectibles booth.

Every antiques shop has a different set of guidelines for renting booths to vendors. Ask around, and find out which one works best for you. Meet the vendors.

Maybe you don’t want to sell antiques, but you’d like to set up a booth for your art or jewelry that you make. There are numerous consignment shops around that will let you set up a booth like an antiques store does. You might be given a booth or a display area. Starting with a small display area works well, too. It’s an opportunity for you to grow your cash flow.

Vintage Repurposing, Upcycling, and Shopping in the High Desert

Vintage shopping is one of the most fun things to do in the High Desert – besides blogging!

What can you find in the High Desert in the middle of summer? HEAT! Summer is not my favorite season. Once the temperature gets to 90 degrees, I’m ready for cooler weather. However, there is another item of heat that I love. BBQ grilling! If I catch a whiff of BBQ grilling in my neighborhood, it makes me want to grill even if it’s just hamburgers or hot dogs. Mmmm, add that BBQ aroma to hamburger, chicken, or steak hot off the grill, and I’m a happy camper.

Speaking of happy campers, check out this vintage grill my husband found recently. Transporting to the camp for your grilling is made easy by the fold-up stand that comes with it. This grill has been taken care of through the years, and it is now available for purchase.

Vintage BBQ Grill










Vintage BBQ Grill












Find this grill and a jillion of the most fun garden and outdoor artsy tools, furniture, gadgets, and the like over at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures vintage shop out in Oro Grande.

Lately, High Desert Greg and I have been repurposing and upcycling vintage finds. It is fun (and work, too). Here are a few of the latest items added to my Etsy shop:

Mail Organizer










Mail Organizer










Jean Pocket Wall Basket










What vintage finds have you come across lately? Home and garden are both fun to decorate with vintage finds, especially things you have upcycled like the fun items you find at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Just take a walk through her backyard shop, and you’ll leave with creative ideas flowing.

Happy vintage finding!

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