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High Desert Vintage Gypsies Flea Market

Vintage Gypsies Flea Market Day, March 2, 2013










Vintage Gypsies of Apple Valley, CA chose the perfect day for their flea market, gorgeous and sunny on March 2nd. It has been a fun day meeting individuals shopping for vintage or handmade items displayed such as vintage hair accessories made by Ellen from

Ellen, Dragonfly Design Coompany,

Ellen makes vintage accessories for girls of all ages. One of her popular items is for brides:











The crowd was entertained by music and dancers in their colorful costumes.

Vintage Gypsies Flea Market Day Dancers










A special little visitor, Summer,  also entertained guests. Summer is a mini greyhound, also known as Italian greyhound dogs. Summer does fancy tricks. In this picture she is praying:

Summer, praying










Flea market day comes and goes, but you can visit Vintage Gypsies through the week and shop for vintage lovelies as often as you’d like. Discover upcycled items such as this sweet bench:

Vintage Gypsies Upcycled Bench










If you have questions about consignment or a vintage item you saw at Vintage Gypsies, contact them on their Facebook page.

Let know if you are having an event coming up. Email us at to request us to list your event on the Events page of our blog. Find out how you can join our blog network. Don’t have a blog? Blog with us. Learn more about blogging at


High Desert Vintage Shopping Events for March 2, 2013

The High Desert’s Smoketree Junction Antiques, 815 Hwy 138/Oasis Rd in Pinion Hills and Vintage Gypsies, located at 20601 HWY 18 Apple Valley cottage 302, Apple Valley, are the places to go for flea market days this first Saturday of March.

Try out your haggling skills at Smoketree Junction Antiques’ Haggle Days. Meet the vendors and negotiate a great deal. Shop at the Saturday Flea Market, or barter at the Sunday Barter Market. Mark your calendar for every first weekend of the month. This is an outdoor event, but do go inside the shops and visit the outdoor nursery where you’ll find amazing yard art for sale.

Specially featured this week at Smoketree Junction Antiques is Artist Andrea, gifted with an amazing talent in mosaic, decoupage, and other art.

Featured Artist Andrea, Smoketree Junction Antiques











Want to learn mosaic art? Take one of Andrea’s business cards inside the shop at the front counter and contact her for more information on signing up for a mosaic art class. (She’s very patient with beginners, too!) See this fabulous vintage tub designed by the amazing Andrea:

Mosaic Clawfoot Tub










Andrea recently made these darling button push pins, perfect for adding to the message board in your kitchen like this cool wine cork message board:

Wine Cork Note Board with Featured Vendor Andrea’s Button Push Pins











Wine Cork Note Board with Featured Vendor’s Button Push Pins













Ask a shop vendor in Smoketree Junction Antiques to direct you to Andrea’s space to find the decorative push pins and her many other artistic beauties. Browse through G&A’s rustic country upcycled space where you’ll see 30% off of everything – you’ll find the wine cork boards there.

Take extra spending money and don’t be in a big hurry because you don’t want to miss this fabulous weekend at Smoketree Junction Antiques.

Now for those of you meandering over to Apple Valley to do some vintage shopping, mark an A1 on your to-do list for Saturday, March 2nd, to go by the Vintage Gypsies shop. You’ll find anything from romantic accessories to wear to rustic upcycled decor and everything in between – even a revolutionary skin care product called NeriumAD that is showing amazing, true, real results and improvements in fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, and aging skin. Find out more about the vintage giveaway opportunity for those who sign up for the skin care product.











Look for more events on our Events page… and enjoy your weekend shopping!

High Desert’s Smoketree Junction Antiques

Smoketree Junction Antiques in Pinion Hills is a delightful place to shop. If you’re headed for Wrightwood or going to or coming from Lancaster and Palmdale on CA Highway 138, allow at least an hour or more to stop by and browse. This antique store located at 815 Highway 138, Pinon Hills, CA is filled with antiques, home and garden decor, and artsy upcycled vintage items. The “store” actually includes two shops and an outdoor garden and nursery between the shops. You’ll be welcomed by owner Sandi or her friendly vendors.

Smoketree Junction Antiques owner, Sandi













The front of the shops are always decorated with vintage lovelies from various vendors’ spaces (see above photos). Vendors G&A have advertised 30% off of all items in their space. The wine cork note board and mosaic garden art are two items from Vendors G&A space.

Since special recognition this week is given to vendor and gifted artist, Andrea, upcycled vintage beauties of hers were added to the main shop’s display on Saturday, February 23rd.

Featured Artist Andrea, Smoketree Junction Antiques


Featured Vendor Andrea's Button Push Pins and Dog Bed

Andrea is known for her talent in decoupage and mosaic arts. Follow our posts this week about Andrea and other vendors at Smoketree Junction Antiques. Also included daily will be photos of the multiple lamps one can find there. There are many styles to choose from – retro, vintage, antique, romantic, and eclectic.

Smoketree Junction Antiques Burgundy Lamp









Leave a comment on your favorite photos from our featured Smoketree Junction Antiques blog posts this week. If you have any questions about the items listed above, call Smoketree Junction Antiques (760) 868-8806.

Places to Go in the High Desert

Word-of-mouth advertising still works in the High Desert. Either you like a place and want to tell all your friends about it, or you dislike a place and tell all your friends not to go there. Local online communities such as Yelp, Citysearch, and Angie’s List are popular places to write and read reviews of local businesses. Some online communities are free, and others charge a fee. Read individual blogs and blog networks, also, to learn about local entrepreneurs, network marketing opportunities, and brick and mortar businesses.

Hospitality is important to any business. Awhile back a certain business owner and I were discussing the hospitality (or lack of) scenarios that customers experience. A negative opinion had been voiced to her about a particular business. The customer had walked in and instead of receiving a welcome, was ignored by the young person that was working. The youth was busy texting and watching a movie on a laptop. A similar experience happened to me since then. I walked into a small shop and observed a lady carrying her items to the checkout counter. Two young people, probably in their late teens or early twenties, were working. In a way it was comical to me because the lady was treating them like customers should be treated. She kept saying positive things about the store and asking the youths’ names, commenting on how she liked the names. She even mentioned that the store was a place you could meander around, that there was so much to see, and that she would like to bring her friend back with her. The young people gave somewhat of a little laugh as though they weren’t sure how to answer her. The lady left, and I looked around for a bit. Before I walked out, the young guy and girl were watching a movie at the counter. I’ve visited the place before, but this time I left with a feeling of not wanting to go back.

Let me tell you about two businesses in the High Desert where you’ll be welcomed with great hospitality.  A few people  I know from the High Desert had suggested to me that I visit the Hi Desert Oasis Book Store on Jacaranda Road in Hesperia and the Vintage Gypsies on Highway 18 in Apple Valley.

First, I visited Hi Desert Oasis Book Store. You walk in and are immediately greeted with a welcome and offer of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. You don’t have to wonder which direction to take to find your favorite book niche either. There’s even a patio for those who favor the outdoors. It’s a top-notch bookstore where you’ll find great customer service.

The Penman family became new owners of the bookstore in June 2012. It’s close to Victor Valley College but isn’t a textbook bookstore, though textbooks might occasionally be available there. The Penmans plan expansion in the near future which will make a great place for bloggers (and yes, there’s WiFi, bloggers, so you’ll be able to bring your laptops), authors’ groups, or anyone who loves books and loves to write. Mark your calendars, seniors, for their two-hour “Happy Hour” starting February 26th, at 10:00 a.m.

The Vintage Gypsies “where everything old is new again” is a vintage store at the Historic Apple Valley Inn. This was another place of warm hospitality and welcome.

Vintage Gypsies, Beckie and Kathy, have been friends for over 20 years and welcome their customers as they walk in. They encourage you to browse through the lovely vintage store and are there to offer assistance should you have questions. If you love antiques and vintage things that have been upcycled, you’ll love it here. I purchased a birthday gift, the cutest little drawstring bag and soap made by vendors.

Vintage Gypsies Beckie and Kathy

Handkerchief Drawstring Bag and Soap, Vintage Gypsies

Drawstring Bag, Vintage Gypsies

Drawstring Bag from Vintage Gypsies shop









The Vintage Gypsies invite you to their outdoor vintage sale scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2013 from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. Spaces are available for only $10.00. The store is located in the Historic Apple Valley Inn, 20601 Highway 18, Cottage 302, Apple Valley, CA. If you have questions, call (760) 221-4600.

You are also invited to attend the anti-aging NeriumAD discovery Real Results party on the porch at the Vintage Gypsies shop on the day of the outdoor vintage sale, Saturday, March 2nd. People, including me, are having amazing results since finding out about this anti-aging discovery.



Trendy Vintage Art for the Kitchen and Valentine’s Day

Popular kitchen trends for 2013 are popping up in shades of white and bright colors. The retro red and aqua look that was trendy from 2012 isn’t going away either. Shades of white blended with a touch of these lively colors cheer up the kitchen. A High Desert kitchen with large windows overlooking a backyard of sand, cacti, and maybe a Joshua tree or two can use a bit of cheery colors. But go for what you like best.

Who determines the kitchen color trends anyway? Let the kitchen-color trend setters choose any colors they like.  They don’t live in your kitchen. Choose colors that invite you into your kitchen, make you want to sit down at the table and drink a cup of hot tea or coffee and eat a big fat pink cupcake like in Fran King’s Diamond Cupcake art. Now that’s an idea. If you like shades of white or gray in your kitchen, spruce it up with pink and black art.

Fran King Art








Another beauty of Fran’s is her ice cream cone art, another piece of pink and black art for the kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone, Fran King Art, Signed

Speaking of cheery colors, Fran comes up with fun ideas for 3D art for the kitchen like “The Bad Apple” below:

Bad Apple, Fran King art, signed








Fran makes other types of art, too, like this vase perfect for a Valentine gift:

Ace Dice Vase, Fran King Art








If you prefer the bright colors in style that include red, red and aqua, red and white, red and gray, you must see Fran’s red 3D art over at Smoketree Junction in Phelan. Fabulous! You’ll enjoy browsing through all of the vendors’ booths. Don’t miss Haggle and Flea Market Days coming up this Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd. You’re bound to find just the right gift for your Valentine!


A family setting up at a flea market

Become a videographer. A fellow vendor at an antique shop where I have a booth mentioned to me that it would be nice if someone would video the flea market we were having. That’s an excellent idea! Especially since the few video clips of the flea market with my simple cell phone’s low-grade camcorder are not working up to par for uploading on my blog post, I was convinced that videographing would be a fantastic idea. You would need to ask permission for publication of those you video and a signature. Think about it, though. If you are videographing vendors selling their wares, then they might be grateful because the video can provide advertisement they can use in marketing their products.

Charging a fee

Come up with a reasonable fee you can charge vendors for your videography. If you’re just starting out, try keeping your prices low. Do a little research to see what newbie videographers are charging to get an idea how to set your fee.

Events/places to offer your videography services

  • Antique shop anniversary and holiday events
  • Birthday parties
  • Flea markets
  • Holiday events

Check out eBay or other online stores or visit camera equipment retail stores to research the type of equipment you want. You don’t have to begin with fancy equipment. Start with something inexpensive, and gradually add to it. Most of all, have fun making extra cash.

How to Generate Cash Flow in 30 Days, Day 3

Tiered Plates

Flea market and haggling made the Number 3 of my 30-day list for generating cash flow. Look in your area for a flea market to set up a booth or table. Numbers 2 and 3 of the list complement each other. I rent a booth (Number 2 on list) at SmokeTree Junction. Every first Saturday of the month the antique shop hosts a flea market outside. People bring all sorts of items. It’s an opportunity to clean out your storage and eliminate the pack-rat syndrome and make some cash. You might be  a collector and want to sell your collectibles. Go for it!



The nice thing about the flea market being held at the antique shop is that the visitors can shop at the outdoor flea market or inside the shops.

A family setting up at a flea market








One of the flea market vendors brought things in her trailer that she remodeled inside. She put up insulation, drywall, and the result was a delightful little place for flea marketers to shop in. She sold aprons, antiques, vintage and costume clothing, and much more.

SmokeTree Flea Market Vendor








It’s beneficial to participate in the flea market days when you have a booth there. You can send customers inside to see other items for sale.

How to Generate Cash Flow in 30 Days, Day 2

Up-Cycled Wine Bottle Cork Peg Board

How does one generate extra cash flow in addition to working a full-time day job? It’s not easy.Whether you work a day job, got laid off and are on unemployment, or you’re a stay-at-home mom needing extra funds to pay the bills, you can come up with something to bring in extra cash. It just takes determination. If one thing falls through, try another. Don’t give up.

One way my husband and I have generated cash flow is to open a booth at an antiques, collectibles, and vintage shop. We like to make up-cycled vintage creations, and we opened the booth for the up-cycled, rustic, country and vintage treasures and items we make. Eclectic decor style has become the in thing and has hit the magazine racks in popular home and garden decor.

Eclectic may not be your thing, so find out what is your style. Do some research, and find out what you like to collect. If you don’t collect anything, find something to collect. Go to the library to get ideas, or research online. People will then come to you when they want to sell what it is you collect. Or, they may come to you to buy it because they saw your collectibles booth.

Every antiques shop has a different set of guidelines for renting booths to vendors. Ask around, and find out which one works best for you. Meet the vendors.

Maybe you don’t want to sell antiques, but you’d like to set up a booth for your art or jewelry that you make. There are numerous consignment shops around that will let you set up a booth like an antiques store does. You might be given a booth or a display area. Starting with a small display area works well, too. It’s an opportunity for you to grow your cash flow.

A little bit of patience…

Grocery shopping in the High Desert can be like a revolving door of the same people every week. Sometimes this can be a good thing and others times not so much. A couple weeks ago, I was in line and I let a gentleman go in front of me. I had a cartful of groceries and he had only a couple of items. It seemed the appropriate thing to do at the time (I do this all the time, lol.)

I glanced behind me and standing there was a young man holding a Red Bull. I cut my eyes at him. “Really, you’re going to stand behind me with just a Red Bull.” Sighing, as if resigned to the inevitable, I motioned he could go ahead of me. He laughed and replied, “It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry. I can wait.”

“Are you sure? I feel sort of bad because you have one item.”

“Naw, it’s no problem. You’ll never get out of here if you keep letting everyone go ahead of you. I can wait.”

As I’m paying for my groceries, I reached over and grabbed his Red Bull. “I want to pay for this, too.”

After his initial protests of “No, wait…What are you doing?” he realized I wasn’t taking his Red Bull, I was paying for it. He thanked me for the Red Bull and I thanked him for his patience earlier.

Fast forward in time and who do I see at the store? The same guy! He stopped me in the parking lot and offered to help with my groceries. We chatted for a bit as we loaded up my car about this and that. I like to think we both left feeling a little bit happier and hopeful about our fellow man (or woman). And after hearing some of the things in today’s news, trust me I needed some hope.

“Pay it Forward”, “You Get What You Give”, or “Karma”, there are so many inspirational quotes I can go on and on. I guess the bottom line is for all the bad things we read and hear about on tv or the internet, kindness and good people can still be found in the world, even at the grocery store.

For more informationor to get to know Just a HD Mom you can follow me on Twitter @MGEdwardsWrites
and/or join my blog

Spend Some Time at Your High Desert Museums


 Our town enjoyed great weather and a number of events this last  weekend. From Motorcyle clubs raising funds for our local FFA students to Garden Club Plant Sales and a two-day Powwow, Lucerne Valley had everything going.

So my daughter, Chelsea, and I opened the Lucerne Valley Museum. We took advantage of the increased number of visitors in town to share our town’s outdoor collection. We counted 30 on Saturday and 19 on Sunday. Not bad for a venue of mining and agricultural equipment.

You see, we don’t have an indoor museum like most towns… we just haven’t been able to afford it. But whenever we can, we dust off the counters, sweep out the spider webs, and share our valley’s rich heritage with anyone passing by.

The Muller Family view displays from the porch

Some indoor displays with Chelsea LaGrange

We’ll be opening the Museum on a regular bases, once the weather cools off. Our tentative schedule may be the last Sunday of every month… if weather permits. We’ll post the hours here later. Entrance is free and families or groups may make  appointments to see the Museum by calling CSA 29 office 760-248-6048 or


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