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High Desert Day Trip to The Bottle Tree Ranch on Old Route 66

The Bottle Tree Ranch

This was a spur of the moment Day Trip in the High Desert.  I love doing things at the spur of the moment.  On Monday while John and I were out doing some errands out in Apple Valley we decided to see if we could find the Bottle Tree Ranch.  First, we wanted to make it to Linda Marie’s Treasures in Oro Grande, CA before she closed at 5:00pm.  After we were finished visiting with her, we discovered that the Bottle Tree Ranch was just down the same National Trails Highway about 6 miles!  It is on historic Old Route 66 in the Mohave desert.

We heard that it is open to the public all of the time and if Elmer is there, he will come out and talk with you.  So off we went.  Elmer was there and what a treat to get to visit with him.  He gave us the grand tour and even invited us into his home.  What an amazing artist he is.  If you want to read more about our awesome High Desert Day trip to The Bottle Tree Ranch and see some amazing photos of things that Elmer Long has created visit Marti’s Muses and Marvels Blog

We highly recommend taking time to visit the Bottle Tree Ranch and meeting Elmer Long, the man that created this unusual for of art.

Improv Class at Desert Center for the Arts in Victorville, So Cal

By Guest Blogger, Andrew Block

Darwin's A Team Improv Comedy Group

Hey there! It’s been another week and another exciting improv class at the High Desert Center for the Arts in Victorville. The last couple of weeks we’ve been using and studying the guidelines in READ MORE »

Victorville’s Old Town Walking Tour in the High Desert

Santa Fe Trading Company

Looking for a fun outing for the family? Join this exciting Old Town Walking Tour event planned by Santa Fe Trading Company on Saturday, March 17, 2012. READ MORE »

Get Your Kicks On Route 66

The signs along the roadway invited you to “Get Your Kicks
On Route 66“ and even though the signs are gone…well… you can still find the retro
signs for sale in High Desert vintage shops and museums along the 2,248 miles
of history.

Route 66 Museum, Victorville, CA


The Mother Road, as it is also called, was built when travelers first packed up their Packards
and went gallivanting across the wide-open country. Most of the original miles
were dirt. Eventually, as motorists wanted roadways that gave them a more
comfortable tour, it was completely paved from Santa Monica, California to
Chicago, Illinois in 1937.


In the 1950s, families reconnecting after WWII were eager to
hit the road again. This time in convertibles and the newfangled travel
trailer. Life was good. Though not everyone owned trailers. But to keep motorists happy, motor hotels sprang up along the route…. hence the name “Motel”.


With travelers and their children, they got hungry, so more
rest stops and restaurants provided an amazing variety of menus for their
starving numbers. Many of these services and amusements along Route 66 are gone
but if you check out websites like
  you’ll get the feel for finding it the way it was… wind in your face at a slower pace.


And, if we follow the snappy Route 66 song written by Bobby Troup,
you’ll be purchasing a road guide for Route 66 at a museum in San Bernardino,
Victorville or Barstow, and retracing the famous pavement across the southwest
states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, then up into the
Nation’s “Breadbasket” of Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.


And here’s the lyrics:


If you ever plan to motor west,

travel my way, take the highway that’s the best.

Get your kicks on Route 66.

It winds from Chicago to LA,

more than two thousand miles all the way.

Get your kicks on Route 66.

Now you go through Saint Looey

Joplin, Missouri,

and Oklahoma City is mighty pretty.

You see Amarillo,

Gallup, New Mexico,

Flagstaff, Arizona.

Don’t forget Winona,

Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino.

Won’t you get hip to this timely tip:

when you make that California trip

Get your kicks on Route 66.



The California Route 66 Museum is located on D Street, between Fifth Street and Sixth Street, in the heart of Old Town Victorville, CA.

Rusty LaGrange



Shop Vintage on Route 66 at The Chic Boutique Recommended by High Desert Blogging

The Chic Boutique Vintage Shop in the High Desert's Old Town Victorville

Love vintage? Add The Chic Boutique on your vintage shopping list for your day trip to Route 66 in Old Town Victorville of So Cal. It’s filled with antiques, handcrafted furniture, and vintage accessories. Displayed in the storefront window is the gorgeous tree made out of coffee filters personally handcrafted by owner Mechelle.

Coffee Filter Tree at The Chic Boutique

The Chic Boutique has pretty book page roses available. You can even make your own. Sign up for one of Mechelle’s classes. This month’s class feature is the book page rose. The class only costs $25.00 and is offered for a limited time. There’s also limited seating, so hurry and sign up today.

Currently, this shop has very unique antique bedroom dresser and table set. The nightstand or table (first row, third photo; second row, first photo) has a door that opens to a little divided section (first row, fourth photo). According to owner Mechelle’s expertise on furniture, this unique antique set is very old. However old it is, I do know that it’s the most unique and beautiful set I’ve ever seen.

Also displayed in the photo collage below is the handcrafted mantle and fireplace beauty and the lovely baby buggy. A doll lover would have the feeling of walking into doll heaven with those precious antique dolls (second row, second photo).

This photo collage and other pictures you see here cover only a few of the wonderful treasures in The Chic Boutique. You’ll have to stop in to see the pretties there. Tell them you heard about them at High Desert Blogging.

The Chic Boutique, Victorville, CA

For more information on classes, contact Mechelle at The Chic Boutique Antiques, Vintage & Shabby Chic, 15492 7th St., Victorville, CA 92395, (760) 508-3173 or visit her Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting High Desert Blogging to see what’s new at The Chic Boutique.



A Santa Fe Decor Tour in Old Town Victorville with High Desert Blogging

Santa Fe Trading Company Reptile Water Pots

Tour the Santa Fe Trading Company in Old Town Victorville.

Santa Fe Trading Company Slide Show Tour

The main store seems small when you enter, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll walk through another room that seems to go on and on. Plan plenty of time for browsing. This is just the first part of the tour. Browsing through this fascinating Old World shop reminds me of driving through Bryce Canyon in Utah. You discover new beauty with every turn.

Stroll through the outer courtyard of sundials. Listen to the gentle sounds of running water from the Santa Fe style fountains. Admire the amazing cacti. Cactus plants are available in small, medium, large, and extra large pots. When you exit the courtyard, don’t miss Santa Fe Trading Company’s little historical building – the one where the first soft-serve ice cream was made in Victorville back in the day. Step inside to see petting cactus plants that you can actually feel without getting stuck.

If you call ahead, you might be able to go on an Old Town Victorville tour with Santa Fe Steve himself.  Consider adding vintage shops to your visit in Old Town Victorville. One delightful shop, The Chic Boutique, is only a couple of doors down from Santa Fe Trading Company. Old Town Victorville makes an enjoyable day for the Route 66 enthusiast and vintage admirer.  Follow them at Facebook to keep track of their upcoming events and new items.

So Cal Victorville Old Town Day Trip Recommended by High Desert Blogging

Old Town Victorville in So Cal offers interesting history and fun shopping. Museum enthusiasts will enjoy California Route 66 Museum. Southwestern and rustic home decorators will love the Old World accessories and furniture at the Santa Fe Trading Company located in the old town of Victorville, CA. A couple doors down from Santa fe Trading is the Chic Boutique where you’ll find antiques, vintage and Shabby Chic lovelies.

Santa Fe Trading Ice Cream History

Santa Fe Trading Company, Victorville, CA

Learn more about Victorville’s old-town history at this delightful shop. The Santa Fe Trading Company building used to be a service station back in the day and made Victorville’s first soft-serve ice cream! The ice cream was made in the little room behind the purple door shown in the photo. Old-town tours are provided by Santa Fe owner Steve.

Unique rustic Old World accessories are available at Santa Fe Trading Company. Especially interesting are the unique displays of handcrafted oil-drum steel art made by artisans in Haiti. The art includes crosses, hearts, candle wall sconces, butterflies, and other designs. Old World accessories available at Santa Fe Trading Company’s include colorful items such as the lovely rooster and custom-made adobe-crafted shelf.

Santa Fe Trading Haiti Steel Butterfly

Santa Fe Steel Cross from Haiti

Santa Fe Trading Haiti Steel Art

Santa Fe Trading Haiti Steel Art

Santa Fe Trading Custom Accessories

Santa Fe Trading Rooster

For more information on ordering the oil-drum steel Haitian handcrafted art, call Santa Fe Trading Company (760) 962-1290. Hours: 10:00 am- 5:00 pm daily.

Coming soon: Santa Fe Trading Company Lamp Display and Old Town Victorville article on Shabby Chic antiques and vintage treasures

Day Trip to High Desert’s Historic Route 66 Vintage Shopping in Victorville

Want to go on a vintage shopping day trip on Route 66 in the High Desert? Choose from the following vintage shops, or take a two-day trip to shop at all of them.

Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures, Oro Grande, CA

Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

(760) 484-6300

19222 National Trails Hwy.

Oro Grande, CA

See Map

Antique Station

(760) 951-2421

19176 National Trails Hwy

Oro Grande, CA

See Map

Ready for a lunch break?

Try Maxwell’s just down the road from Linda Marie’s and Antique Station. They have the best and biggest sandwiches and salads. Like large portions? You’ll love this place – and it’s delicious to boot!

Maxwell’s  Burgers Fresh Salads

17772 Wika Rd.

Apple Valley, California

See Map

I’ve heard or read reviews about these next four vintage shops but have not visited them yet. However, they are not far from Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures and Antique Station. You never know what treasure you might find, so at least check them out. If you go and like it, come back and leave a comment.

Joyce Hickman’s Antiques


15626 6th St
Victorville, CA 92395

See Map

Traditional Treasures

(760) 955-7002

15593 7th St Victorville, CA

See Map

Treasure Trove

(760) 955-7912

15591 7th St

Victorville, CA

See Map

Eve’s Attic


15589 Seventh St

Victorville, CA 92395

See Map

If you like rustic or hacienda style decor, you will absolutely LOVE Santa Fe Trading Company. It’s not vintage, but it’s classy.

Santa Fe Trading Company

(760) 962-1290

15464 Seventh Street

Victorville, CA

See Map

This is another place you’ll want to browse for awhile.

Find Your P’s & Q’s Antiques Gifts & Collectibles

(760) 951-2262

15080 7th Street Ste 11

Victorville CA

See Map

Now for another of my favorites…it’s not in Victorville or on Route 66. It’s in Hesperia, but if you’re only in the High Desert for one vintage shopping day and you don’t stop in this lovely place, you missed out.

Carriage House Antiques

(760) 948-5577

11370 Hesperia Rd

Hesperia, CA

See Map

Ready for Dinner yet? These two places are not far from Carriage House Antiques. Check out the hours for The Italian Kitchen, or call them before you go. Their hours vary. If you’d rather have a hamburger, try In-N-Out – my favorite hamburger.

The Italian Kitchen

(760) 244-7757

16409 Yucca Street
Hesperia, CA


(800) 786-1000

17069 Bear Valley Rd.

Hesperia, CA 92345-1845

See Map

A Day Spent with High Desert Authors, Writers, and Vintage Entrepreneurs

Saturday, December 10th, has been a fun and busy day meeting and visiting with High Desert writers, authors, and entrepreneurs. The morning began with the California Writers’ Club, High Desert Branch. Several authors, including a guest Vietnam veteran, presented their books for a group book signing today at the fast-growing club. Interested in learning how to write? This writers’ group has much to offer: critique groups, guest speakers, writers’ conferences, and the opportunity to  meet monthly with other High Desert writers and authors. It’s a wonderful group to be a part of.

After the writers’ meeting and Christmas luncheon this afternoon, I stopped by the Antique Station on Highway 18. It’s a place you can easily lose track of time in as there are many vendors’ spaces. It’s fun to shop there and not so easy to leave without making a purchase. Cookbooks seem to sparkle as I walk by them. There’s just something about them that makes resisting too much to deal with. So I stop and browse through the recipes as though I’ve never cooked before. I think I’m becoming like a friend described herself recently. She said she loves to read cookbooks from cover to cover. Collecting cookbooks is one of my hobbies, and I blog about cooking and everything to do with kitchens, too.

The purchase of my cookbook was made, and I made my way over to join a group of entrepreneurs at the quaint vintage shop near the Antique Station. The  vintage shop is owned by the friendly and lovely Linda Marie over on Route 66. I remember when Linda Marie had just opened the shop. In one year’s time, talented vendors began displaying their vintage items and handmade crafts. Now it looks like a little village and looked beautifully festive on this chilly evening with the Christmas lights. Hors deuvres, wine, hot apple cider, and coffee were available as the guests enjoyed mingling. New friends and entrepreneur connections were made, and like-minded individuals enjoyed an evening of simple, down-to-earth conversation – the kind of thing High Desert Blogging is all about.

Damaris and Family


Pictures taken at Linda Marie’s will continue today. Come back to see additional pictures.

A Sight to See on Route 66

You never know what you might find on Route 66, at least on Kenwood in Devore. I’ve observed movies in the making more than once on that road. It’s a beautiful scenic drive. One day this week my hubby, Greg, and I had just turned onto Route 66 to go back up the hill when we saw a red helicopter parked on the side road. We stopped and took a few pictures, and my husband spoke with the helicopter’s owner who was working with an electric company crew. It was explained to Greg that the helicopter unloaded new poles that were replacing others that had burned in a fire.

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