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Copy and Pasting Photos from Pinterest to Your Blog Entry

bokeh photo: bokeh b5.jpg

Fancy Sandal, Fancy Pasting

New Bloggers have asked how to gather photos and place them into their blogs. I started with because it was, and is, one of the easiest sources to work from.

There are as many photo sources as there are eggs in your Easter Basket. Many photo sources post restrictions and charge for one time use. So please check the web site’s Terms of Use before you decide. For Pinterest, the basic photo collection is scrolling in front of you.  Your eyes lock on to a terrific photo for your blog topic. Great! Now to capture it to add to your WordPress blog post follow these basic steps and you’ll be blogging and pasting with the pros.


To begin, you will have a window open for Pinterest and a different window open for your Dashboard blog page.

In your blog page, where the photo will appear, you will leave your cursor at that point, then go up to the upper edge of your content window and select html (two tabs to choose from: “visual” or “Html” that will change the mode of your photo elements)



You must also be aware that once you learn how easy it is to paste photos, you’ll spend exorbidant amounts of time persusing through pages of photos. Next thing you know, the day has past you by… and you still haven’t chosen your photo!!

Source: via Holly on Pinterest


Leave your blog and locate the photo you wish to use on Pinterest. “Click” on the photo with the left mouse button (not the right or you will get into a different mode)
A new window opens of the photo with a right column.
Click on “Embed” and a new window opens. The html code is what you want. Just place your cursor in front of the coded paragraph and it becomes blue highlighted. Copy it.
Now you have captured the photo.

Return to your blog pane and paste it in. You will see machine coded html stuff. Ignore that.
Switch to the Visual Tab and the blog pane should show your words and a magical new photo with its credit line below it.

After you practice a few times, it becomes easier.

Once you place the photo, you can right click on it to change the size, ratio, add description, tag, caption, and all of those elements that help your photo, blog, and links work together.

Rusty LaGrange

If you like what you see here, visit me at:




Mr. Duckworthy


I was pondering as I am wont to do on Autumn afternoons about the meaning of things and I recalled a recent incident that happened a few weeks ago.  It was the night of the 16th of October, I believe, and my husband and I had just spent a pleasant evening with some close friends of ours having a nice dinner and watching the second presidential debate at their house in Hesperia.   We happened to turn South onto Arrowhead Lake Road (we were always for some reason getting lost in this area).  We drove on down the dark and winding road and were considering turning around because we realized we were heading South and needed to head North when we came upon more than 14 or more dead ducks in the right lane of this narrow road.

I realized they must have been run over in the dark.  I was wondering about a possible poultry truck that had lost it’s load of live ducks when I saw that there was one lone duck standing uninjured but in obvious shock near his compatriots in the middle of the road.  He was standing still and quiet near the carnage but every time I tried to shoo him to one side of the road or the other he would simply come back onto the road.  On the right side was a steep hill with scrub brush and on the left was a narrow dirt edge with a high steel fence.  I knew I would have to remove him but he wasn’t cooperating.  Some cars would stop and ask questions and then move on but two different drivers were kind enough to stop and assist me. One of these kind gentlemen had a flashlight which I sorely needed on this dark night and the other offered to catch the duck for me.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this duck once we caught him.  I only knew he couldn’t stay where he was if he wanted to live any longer.  So one of my “duck helpers” dove for the duck and on the second try he managed to catch him. He handed him off to me, I thanked him profusely and wrapped Mr. Duck in my hoodie.  I bid my two helpers goodbye and got into the car with my husband, Glenn and we drove off.  We didn’t know where we would go.  It was late and vets were closed and we had two cats at our small apt.  We had some idea of asking our friends that we had just left so we headed back there and they told us about a park and a lake nearby that the ducks probably wandered away from.

So we got back in the car with me holding the duck near my body and he, poor guy, was gently nestling his bill into my neck in  exhaustion with his little eyes drooping.  We headed on back to the park on that same road and realized what probably had happened:  The ducks wandered away from the park at night on that dark and lonely road and nestled together in a sleeping huddle on the warm asphalt until they were suddenly run over by a large truck or something…because they were asleep, they never had a chance to fly away.

Even tho the park was closed,  I said goodbye to Mr. Duckworthy (a duck worthy to be saved) and lifted him to the top of the park fence.  He flew down to the other side and with a few backward glances and a couple of quacks he waddled off to his other friends and the lake nearby.  I then knew I would never forget my new friend and that we were meant  to turn the wrong way down that lonely road…to meet and save Mr. Duckworthy…..

A picture is worth a thousand words

“Are there any good (and affordable) photographers in the High Desert?” We had family visiting from out of state and I thought it would be a great idea to have pictures taken of our family. I wanted to use someone who was local and well known because as you can tell from my other posts, I tend to use referrals to decide where to take my business.

When I asked my friend Patty if she knew anyone she immediately  began talking about JRZ Photography. “She does all of our family photos. Senior pictures, baby pictures, soccer photos. You name it; I go to Lizz to take the pictures for it.”

Joe and Lizz Zuccharro are the owners and photographers of JRZ Photography. I’ve known Liz for a few years but I had never seen their work so I was a little nervous. As I looked through their portfolio, I was floored. They say pictures are worth a thousand words but I don’t know that I could find enough words to describe how impressed I was by their work without sounding like an informercial. If you have a chance, please take a moment to go to their website (address available on business card below). Joe and Lizz are both Award winning photographers and on their website they have many more amazing photos. I wish I could post them all here but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

Ultimately, we did have JRZ Photography take pictures of our family and we had so much fun. The atmosphere was warm, inviting, and cheerful. The smiles in our pictures are genuine which make those moments all the more beautiful. Our family can be a bit goofy and silly sometimes and our pictures capture that side of us without appearing cheesy or ridiculous. I appreciate the respect we were shown and I will always treasure those special memories JRZ Photography help create.

For more information or to get to know Just a HD Mom you can follow me on Twitter @MGEdwardsWrites and/or join my blog

High Desert Sun Sets

Friday after noon was a great experience. I was at work at Starbucks. Well I don’t work for Starbucks, but I spend a lot of time there blogging at Starbucks. Then around 4 pm here came the rain. It was a downpour, the kind you would see in Texas were everything would be dry, and then the next minute there’s a flood.  Some folks in Houston, Texas will push their cars into an underpass that is flooded to collect insurance money. The wind was blowing so hard the rain was horizontal beating on the glass windows at Starbucks. Clouds were deep gray and moving in a way as if to say, “I’m done here. Time to move on.”  The streets were flooded, and the sand flowing on the pavement looked like it was dancing.

Yucca in the sunset

Well I enjoy photography and what a great day to take pictures. Rain makes everything reflect. It brings out all the colors, and my favorite is the sunsets with the clouds. There are spots I have searched out in advance for times like these.

Yuccas / sunset

So I waited and around 7 pm or so grabbed my Nikon 52oo  point and shoot camera and took off. This is the same camera I used in Iraq. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket, takes great pictures, and it has seen 6 foreign countries. Got to my place, and sure enough here comes the High Desert sunset. To me there is no place to see a sunset than in the desert.



High Desert Cactus

Hello high desert cactus huggers. If the northern California tree huggers can hug their trees, then we high desert folks can hug our cactus. And we can also transplant cactus. In my backyard is a ( I looked online for the name of this cactus but can’t find it), cactus that has so much over growth it had to be trimmed back.

cactus over growth

The first thing I did was to get a piece of ply-board and next got out my razor-blade knife. If you look online at other sites they recommend wearing gloves. I did and don’t anymore because the thorns get stuck in the gloves, and it’s almost impossible to get them all out; so there goes another good pair of gloves. It’s easier to pull the thorns out of my hands with a pair if tweezers.

Find a new place of growth and cut the cactus there.

Cut cactus where new growth begins

To transport the cactus the other sites say to wrap the piece of cactus with news paper. I don’t. I use tongs. That is a for sure way not to get poked and easier to get to in hard places. Now lay the cactus on the ply-board for a week or two in the shade. The cactus after being cut needs time to heal before you plant it in the ground. It’s like if you cut your finger then put it in dirt, that will make things worse so the same with cactus.

Healing time for the cactus/put in the shade

After it heals (and you’ll be able to tell by looking at it) then plant it with no water because water will rot the new roots and remember it’s a cactus. They live in the desert where there is no water. Bingo! Go plant it in the yard, in pots, or coffee cups, and place it in a window seal to get lots of sun. Hope y’all enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it and replanting cactus.

Cactus replanted in front yard

Cactus planted in pots

Cactus planted in a coffee cup

Another Stalker Bug of the High Desert – The Squash Bug

Ever since Rusty recently blogged about the High Desert Stalker “Bed Bug” I have been curious as to whether these two beetles are related since they look almost exactly alike.

I currently do daily Squash Bug Patrol in my garden. I’ve squished as many as 50 of these in one day and given them to our chickens. They are quite a treat for the chickens but literally suck the life out of squash, melons, pumpkins, cucumbers and watermelons.

We lost so many squash last year to these nuisances that I am determined to keep that from happening this year.  So far so good since I’m on the hunt, doing daily Squash Bug Patrol.  I find most of them right after watering in the morning or evening.  They apparently don’t like getting wet and I find them crawling up to the top of the leaves of the plants and then I nab them. I found a whole nest of them at the base of one of our squash plants.  The more I watered the more beetles kept crawling out of the inside of our straw bale raised bed garden at the base of one of my Zucchini squash plants.




Having a Minor in Science, I was used to dissecting all sorts of things in college.  When beginning to check out a little more about this ” squash sucker”, I discovered that it has it’s own little straw that it uses to suck the juice out of the squash.  I lifted it’s”straw”up with a toothpick to look at it more carefully.

All can say is that if you have planted any squash, pumpkins, melons, watermelons or cucumbers, be on the look out for these destructive beetles and get rid of them quickly because they multiply at record speed.

For other garden tips and great gardening ideas visit Marti’s Muses and Marvels.

High Desert Day Trip to The Bottle Tree Ranch on Old Route 66

The Bottle Tree Ranch

This was a spur of the moment Day Trip in the High Desert.  I love doing things at the spur of the moment.  On Monday while John and I were out doing some errands out in Apple Valley we decided to see if we could find the Bottle Tree Ranch.  First, we wanted to make it to Linda Marie’s Treasures in Oro Grande, CA before she closed at 5:00pm.  After we were finished visiting with her, we discovered that the Bottle Tree Ranch was just down the same National Trails Highway about 6 miles!  It is on historic Old Route 66 in the Mohave desert.

We heard that it is open to the public all of the time and if Elmer is there, he will come out and talk with you.  So off we went.  Elmer was there and what a treat to get to visit with him.  He gave us the grand tour and even invited us into his home.  What an amazing artist he is.  If you want to read more about our awesome High Desert Day trip to The Bottle Tree Ranch and see some amazing photos of things that Elmer Long has created visit Marti’s Muses and Marvels Blog

We highly recommend taking time to visit the Bottle Tree Ranch and meeting Elmer Long, the man that created this unusual for of art.

The Pajama Game Musical comes to Phelan in the High Desert

My husband, John, loves the theater. For an early Father’s Day present, I treated him to dinner at Mexico Lindo Mexican restaurant in Phelan and then to The Pajama Game, a Musical Comedy, Friday night at Serrano High School Performing Arts Center in Phelan in the High Desert. The Snowline Players did a marvelous job. What a wonderful cast of characters and very diversified. Some are even members of the same family. They are a non-profit organization dedicated since 1961 to providing quality entertainment, learning experiences, and scholarships in the theater arts to people of all ages in the tri-community, here in the High Desert. It’s great to be able to enjoy going to the theater so close to home.

“The musical comedy, The Pajama Game, was based on Seven and a Half Cents, a comic novel about labor relations written by Richard Bissell.  The play takes place in 1954, in and around the Sleep Tite pajama factory in Cedar Rapids Iowa.”

For more details about The Pajama Game visit Marti Muses and Marvels.

There is still time to enjoy a night out or a matinee.  Performances are on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00PM and on Saturday and Sunday at 2:00PM for the Matinees – this weekend and next weekend. The last performance will be on Sunday June 24th at 2:00PM.

Seeing The Pajama Game Musical is a great way to celebrate Father’s Day and support our local community in the High Desert.  We look forward to going to more performances put on by The Snowline Players.

High Desert Angie Introduces Her New Book at the Phelan Library

Angela Horn at Phelan Library Book Reading

Angela Horn kicks off the summer adult reading program today at the Phelan Library with her new book, Phantom Seven Secret Heroes of WWII and OSS.

John and I can hardly wait to get our autographed copy when she gets her shipment in! Today Angie read excerpts from the various heroes including her own father….just enough to give us a taste of some of their personal experiences as these veterans remembered their undercover agent experiences in the OSS.

I love history and especially WWII history. I also love spy adventures so this book is right up my alley!
You can get a copy of Angie’s new book by calling Pleasant Word at 1-877-421-7323 or order online by going to: This is a great way to support our local High Desert Author plus read an exciting WWII Spy story.

Comments welcome.

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