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High Desert Bloggers Meet Up for Brainstorm

There’s no cloud in the sky but a huge storm is brewing whenever High Desert Bloggers get together. This Saturday morning from 9-noon meet other High Desert Bloggers who are learning their craft, honing their newest skills, and brainstorming over new ways to generate traffic to their blogs.

High Desert Blogging 

The storm is all of their enthusiastic ideas that they share. Don’t miss out on getting more traffic to your blog and “Taking Your Blog to the Next Level.”

Bloggers meet at Bodacious Bundts in Hesperia. The address is 17051 Main Street between “E” and “G” Streets on Main. It’s a tasty little place with wi-fi and sweet treats.


Rusty LaGrange

Join a Free Blog Meetup in the High Desert

High Desert Bloggers Meetup, Bodacious Bundts, Hesperia, CA

Network for free when you attend a Meetup with High Desert Bloggers. This group meets to discuss blogging topics such as network with bloggers, get answers for blogging questions, learn about increasing blog traffic and make money blogging. This opportunity is made available for bloggers, whether they blog for money or for hobby.

Where? Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, and other High Desert cities and communities. We meet at coffee shops, bakeries, or facilities equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets for laptops, and available seating for a group. Join us at Enjoy networking and connecting  with other bloggers in your area.

Entrepreneurs, grow your business through blogging and networking with other bloggers in the High Desert. Meet like-minded bloggers who, like you, want to get the word out to the High Desert about a unique service or product available. The High Desert Bloggers meet at various places in the High Desert – and it doesn’t cost you a thing (except coffee or pastry you purchase for yourself perhaps).


Grow Your Blog with High Desert Blogging Network

Join like-minded individuals who are committing to the High Desert Blog network to drive traffic to their own blogs. This is an opportunity to receive highly valued information from the professional blogger consultant Bill Belew whose “network of sites is well over 67 million page views.” READ MORE »

Southern California Day Trips to Take from the High Desert

World's Tallest Thermometer - Baker, CA

New to the High Desert and looking for day trips to travel to and unique sites to see? Popular places like Knott’s Berry Farm or Disneyland are only one-and-a-half hours from the Victorville area. Try visiting off-the-beaten path, unique sites listed here.

Memorial of Will Herron, Builder of World's Tallest Thermometer

World’s Tallest Thermometer The thermometer is located in Baker, California, a small community for such a tall attraction. As of 2010 census, Baker’s population was 735. The builder of the thermometer was Will Herron whose memorial is near those of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in Sunset Hills Memorial Park located in Apple Valley, California. Maybe as an entrepreneur Mr. Herron visioned that the thermometer would either help the little community grow or at least bring in extra revenue.




Memorials of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans - Sunset Hills in Apple Valley, CA

Just down the road from Sunset Hills is another fascinating site, an old dinosaur park that was built with the intention of being a miniature golf park. The concrete dinosaurs are quite unusual, and they range from small to giant size. At the time of my visit bees were flying in and out of a giant dinosaur’s mouth. You can see the bee hive in one of the photos below.






Dinosaur Park with Bridge

Dinosaur with bee hive


Large Dinosaur

Old Dinosaur Miniature Golf Park

Holiday Vintage Finds

Blogging about vintage finds is a fun hobby for many people to do in the High Desert. Three people within the last week have shared their vintage shopping finds or experiences with me. One collects baby items, and one couple loves to collect antique rustic vintage things. They all go yard saling, looking for that special antique or old vintage piece to add to their collections. The ideal early Saturday or Sunday morning for vintage shoppers is to head out early for yard sales and also stop for breakfast at one of the Molly’s or Rusty’s restaurants (I know there are others, but these are definitely two of my favorites) while out and about. You don’t have to be looking for anything in particular. However, it does help to have a cell phone with a Wi-Fi with you to look up vintage or antique items to check out prices.

When I went by Carriage House Antiques in Hesperia to pick up a layaway last weekend, I couldn’t resist walking around. It’s a relaxing place to shop and dream – and, of course, to buy that vintage item you really don’t want to go home without. One of my favorite vintage items I picked up that day happened to be an old vintage Bible. I opened it to see the price and saw that it said FREE. One thing I like about it is that it has a great concordance in the back. The vintage Bible has a new home now – mine.

The Holy Bible

Best High Desert Hamburgers

Stop for a hamburger while you are Christmas shopping this week in the High Desert. Today I asked a few people who live in the High Desert the question, “What is your favorite hamburger place in the High Desert?” Here are the answers:

    • In N Out – 4 votes
    • Burger King – 1 vote
    • Red Robin – 1 vote (1 with blue cheese & onion strings)
    • McDonald’s – 1 vote
    • Richie’s Diner – 2 votes
    • Tom’s – 1 vote

Can you guess which votes came from the little people under ten years old? Send in your vote of your favorite High Desert hamburger place to High Desert Blogging. Add to the list if you don’t see your favorite.


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