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Competing for Air

Think it’s just people who get hot in the desert, think again? All the critters in the house have been shaved down for the summer, since many of them are long haired critters.  We left some fur, enough to protect against the sun, but do they still get hot? Yes! How do I know? Because I am not only competing for the glorious cool flow from central A/C, but the animals are also.

I walk into my room on the second floor where it is nearly ten degrees hotter than the first floor.  The first thing I think is, “I wanted a one story house, but nooooo, someone had to have the two story.” As i’m peeling off the first layer of clothes not particularly caring if anyone is watching–because in sweltering heat, I don’t care–I kick open my bedroom door.  Yes, I kick it open, because my shirt is currently being pulled off so I have to use my feet to gain access to my place of semi-solitude.  I’m desperate to roll my chair under the vent until I’m so cold I need a sweatshirt.  Then and only then will I be content.

As I run into the room, shirt finally being tossed on the floor, I am met by not one set, not two sets, but three sets of sleepy and content eyes lounging under the A/C.  What? Can it be? My hard worked for income is going to Edison to pay to cool off the pets? All sets of eyes blink and then lazily lower until they are lost beneath fur.  The cat is not shaved, her fur carelessly flows under the forced air and she lets out a long yawn and stretch as if she deserves this siesta under my paid for air.  The moochers!

“Oh no you don’t,” I yell out.  But they don’t move.  They don’t even bat an eye, and the cat’s fur is still blowing in the cool breeze.  My eyes squint until I can barely see through them.  This is my air and I will take it back! I pick up the cat and place her on the bed, which she is obviously not pleased with.  The dogs pretend to not see me and curl into tighter balls.  I give the first one a gentle nudge, but he does not budge.  The second dog opens one eye and then quickly closes it.  “Ah ha,” I call out and push him across the carpet into the bathroom a few inches away.

He isn’t having it and walks back over to the solstice under the A/C vent.  I pick up the first dog, but she lets out a concerning and throaty yelp, as if I have somehow hurt her.  My daughter rushes into the room and scolds me for hurting the beasts.  I try to explain I need cold air to survive, but she waves a finger and says animals can’t fend for themselves and how we become responsible once we take ownership of pets.  Yes, the six year old said responsible and ownership.  And now there is a six year old, two dogs, and here comes the cat laying under MY A/C.

I’ve resorted to placing ice packs under my armpits, for however many minutes that will last, and laying down sprawled out on my all too hot bed.  Who knew I would be competing for air with our four legged family members? Next issue: who gets the bed at night?

Tania L Ramos, RN, Author, It Works Independent Distributor

suicide cat


Father’s day has arrived.  It’s Sunday, it’s the day to remember father’s and to love them unconditionally the way they have loved you.  In my last Father’s day post I gave all of us some easy, inexpensive tips to honoring our father on Father’s Day.  It’s 7:52 a.m. so maybe you can start cooking that breakfast.

My father was an early riser and it didn’t matter what day of the week it was he still loved the morning hour.  He cherished that quiet time and didn’t care to interact until he’d read his paper and drank coffee.  He’d come alive about 8:00 a.m. which tells you how early he got up.

In his later years he couldn’t drink coffee, due to a heart condition.  He’d still get up, read his paper or a good book and then he’d check his blood sugar and see what he could have for breakfast.  He liked making his own breakfast because then he could get his eggs exactly the way he liked them.  Two pieces of bacon and two eggs, easy over, and one piece of toast.  He was not really a bread fan; he just needed something to sop up his egg yoke.

Sometimes I look at myself and I smile at how much I’m like him.  I love rising early and enjoying the quiet.  No little grandchildren saying, grandma, grandma and no responsibilities except to myself.  I love spending that time, meditating, writing, blogging, or reading a good book.  I’d  add doing my homework, college, but who really wants to do homework?

My father loved the high desert.  He always called it God’s country.  We lived down the hill all of my growing up years but when he moved up here he said this is the place to be.  The sky is clear and blue and a small community is better than a large one.  We are a small community but there is a lot going on in the high desert.  More than we think about.

On this Sunday, Father’s Day Sunday, we reminisce and cherish our Father’s.  Many of us will go to church and we will hold our father’s hand, happy that they are by our side.  Many of us will go home and we will celebrate with food, laughter and family and make Father’s Day memories that we will long reminisce.


California’s Old West Route 66 Antique Shopping

Source: via Angela on Pinterest


Antique shopping in So Cal’s High Desert should definitely be added to the things-to-do list for visitors to southern California. There are antique and vintage shops to keep one busy for a day or two at least. When a road trip between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is on a traveler’s vacation agenda, shopping in the Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley area will be worth the stop.

Owner Linda Marie of Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures often meets visitors from all over the world that travel the famous Route 66 who stop by her quaint vintage shop. Her shop is not far from I15, and Antique Station is next door. P’s & Q’s Antiques is not far from these two shops, and Vintage Gypsies vintage shop is on Highway 18 in Apple Valley located in the Historic Roy Rogers Apple Valley Inn. Carriage House Antiques in Hesperia only takes minutes to get to from these other shops and definitely is worth seeing.

High Desert Blogging’s featured antique shop this week is Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Last weekend one of her new vendors held a grand opening, the Deadwood Mercantile. Browsing the vendor shops outside is what one could imagine taking a shopping trip back to the Old West or to the 1950’s would be like.

A visit to Linda Marie’s shop on Facebook makes it easy to keep up with current vintage finds. The photo collage below captures vintage variety finds the day of March 16, 2013 Deadwood Mercantile grand opening. Guests signed up for giveaway prizes near the gate entry where Nerium Oleander anti-aging treatment cream was displayed by Brand Partner Angela Horn.


Vintage Shopping at Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures

Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures, Oro Grande, CA

High Desert Antique and Vintage Shops:
Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures
19222 National Trails Hwy
Oro Grande, California 92368
(760) 484-6300
Antique Station
19176 National Trails Hwy
Oro Grande, CA 92368
(760) 951-2421
P’s & Q’s Antiques
15080 7th St, STE 11
Victorville, CA 92395
Carriage House Antiques
11370 Hesperia Rd
Hesperia, CA 92345
(760) 948-5577
Vintage Gypsies
20601 Hwy. 18 Cottage 302
(Located in the Historic Roy Rogers
Apple Valley Inn)
Apple Valley, CA (760) 221-4600

Mr. Duckworthy


I was pondering as I am wont to do on Autumn afternoons about the meaning of things and I recalled a recent incident that happened a few weeks ago.  It was the night of the 16th of October, I believe, and my husband and I had just spent a pleasant evening with some close friends of ours having a nice dinner and watching the second presidential debate at their house in Hesperia.   We happened to turn South onto Arrowhead Lake Road (we were always for some reason getting lost in this area).  We drove on down the dark and winding road and were considering turning around because we realized we were heading South and needed to head North when we came upon more than 14 or more dead ducks in the right lane of this narrow road.

I realized they must have been run over in the dark.  I was wondering about a possible poultry truck that had lost it’s load of live ducks when I saw that there was one lone duck standing uninjured but in obvious shock near his compatriots in the middle of the road.  He was standing still and quiet near the carnage but every time I tried to shoo him to one side of the road or the other he would simply come back onto the road.  On the right side was a steep hill with scrub brush and on the left was a narrow dirt edge with a high steel fence.  I knew I would have to remove him but he wasn’t cooperating.  Some cars would stop and ask questions and then move on but two different drivers were kind enough to stop and assist me. One of these kind gentlemen had a flashlight which I sorely needed on this dark night and the other offered to catch the duck for me.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this duck once we caught him.  I only knew he couldn’t stay where he was if he wanted to live any longer.  So one of my “duck helpers” dove for the duck and on the second try he managed to catch him. He handed him off to me, I thanked him profusely and wrapped Mr. Duck in my hoodie.  I bid my two helpers goodbye and got into the car with my husband, Glenn and we drove off.  We didn’t know where we would go.  It was late and vets were closed and we had two cats at our small apt.  We had some idea of asking our friends that we had just left so we headed back there and they told us about a park and a lake nearby that the ducks probably wandered away from.

So we got back in the car with me holding the duck near my body and he, poor guy, was gently nestling his bill into my neck in  exhaustion with his little eyes drooping.  We headed on back to the park on that same road and realized what probably had happened:  The ducks wandered away from the park at night on that dark and lonely road and nestled together in a sleeping huddle on the warm asphalt until they were suddenly run over by a large truck or something…because they were asleep, they never had a chance to fly away.

Even tho the park was closed,  I said goodbye to Mr. Duckworthy (a duck worthy to be saved) and lifted him to the top of the park fence.  He flew down to the other side and with a few backward glances and a couple of quacks he waddled off to his other friends and the lake nearby.  I then knew I would never forget my new friend and that we were meant  to turn the wrong way down that lonely road…to meet and save Mr. Duckworthy…..

High Desert Sun Sets

Friday after noon was a great experience. I was at work at Starbucks. Well I don’t work for Starbucks, but I spend a lot of time there blogging at Starbucks. Then around 4 pm here came the rain. It was a downpour, the kind you would see in Texas were everything would be dry, and then the next minute there’s a flood.  Some folks in Houston, Texas will push their cars into an underpass that is flooded to collect insurance money. The wind was blowing so hard the rain was horizontal beating on the glass windows at Starbucks. Clouds were deep gray and moving in a way as if to say, “I’m done here. Time to move on.”  The streets were flooded, and the sand flowing on the pavement looked like it was dancing.

Yucca in the sunset

Well I enjoy photography and what a great day to take pictures. Rain makes everything reflect. It brings out all the colors, and my favorite is the sunsets with the clouds. There are spots I have searched out in advance for times like these.

Yuccas / sunset

So I waited and around 7 pm or so grabbed my Nikon 52oo  point and shoot camera and took off. This is the same camera I used in Iraq. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket, takes great pictures, and it has seen 6 foreign countries. Got to my place, and sure enough here comes the High Desert sunset. To me there is no place to see a sunset than in the desert.



The joy of getting braces

Being Just a High Desert Mom (or dad) is not always a fun
job, my friends. There are times when we have to make the tough decisions that
are not always the most popular. Our son is in the process of getting braces. It’s
happening and the boy isn’t exactly ecstatic. However; the folks at Desert
Valley Dental Group in the high desert are very nice.






We made the down payment (yeah, it hurt a little). We’re committed
but let’s just say patience is the word of the day folks. Its multiple appointments
to put in spacers, cement bottom brackets, and then….and then… It’s enough to
make you feel a little overwhelmed and I’m not even the one in the chair!

Everyone has been very kind though. They explain everything
we need to know and answer all of our questions, including the doctor. He is so
patient with our son. This is one 11 year old who isn’t shy about his questions
or concerns what is going on. “Hey, it’s my mouth we’re talking about here!”

The first couple of appointments were pretty easy. They were
more of consultations than anything else. We discussed our options and when was
the best time to put braces on our son. Personally, I don’t like feeling
pressured into getting any kind of procedure done but I didn’t feel that way
here. In fact, I waited a year and a half before we made the final decision to
get braces for the boy. Talk about no pressure.

But now we’re getting into the serious stuff. Metal rings
are being cemented, appliances are being ordered (huh?), and brackets will be
placed soon. It sounds horrible when I type it out but it won’t be that bad.
All I can say is thank goodness that my dentist recommended such an awesome orthodontist

I like to joke around with our son during the appointments to help put his mind at ease. He’s putting on a brave face but I know he’s pretty nervous about the whole thing. Lucky for me, the staff is very empathetic to our son’s feelings. So far things are going good and I’m going to keep my
fingers crossed that they stay that way.


In fact, I asked our son if he had any worries or concerns
about getting braces. He asked to look at the list of foods he couldn’t eat
while he had braces, “Wait, I have to give up steak AND popcorn? That’s just

It might be wrong but when he has a beautiful smile he’ll
thank us. Okay maybe he won’t thank us right away. Truth is he probably won’t
thank us until he has his own kids and has to pay for braces himself.

Did I mention being a High Desert Mom (or dad) isn’t always
a fun job?

For more information or to get to know Just a HD Mom you can
follow me on Twitter @MGEdwardsWrites and/or join my blog

High Desert Flower Pinks and Clay Pots

One of my time spenders, fun things I enjoy, is to shop for vintage items at yard sales, thrift shops, moving sales, and vintage shops. Another is gardening, and another is blogging. Recently, High Desert Greg and I took off on a Saturday morning yard sale gallivanting. It was one of those days you find the most pleasant surprises when least expecting them. I’ll share more later about some of the vintage finds, but first let me show you some beautiful High Desert flowers and garden decor we admired on our yard sale trek.

Pink Beauties in a Clay Pot

Pink, Purple, and Yellow

A Place to Sit and Enjoy the Pink

Isn't this lovely?

I fell in love with this garden of pink!































Now for the vintage finds, there’s a purpose for all those treasures we found that day. You know how it is. Someone else’s junk becomes your treasures. Isn’t it amazing how an owner of a treasure decides after awhile that the treasure is not so “treasurable” anymore? Then a vintage collector comes along and sees it and gives it a new home. You’re invited to take a peek at a few of our finds from that treasure trek:

Old Box, Chunk of Wood

Glass Bottle

Can't End the Treasure Trek Without a Basket!

























I hope you enjoyed the treasure show. Like to see more? Come on over to my Etsy shop, or visit my new Rustic Vintage Facebook page this weekend to see newly listed creations.

I’m sharing the pinks with Pink Saturday!

High Desert Pawn Shop News

To pawn or not to pawn – that is the question. Well you can pawn your guns, tools, cat. Our economy is so tight. Pawning seems to be the right thing to do.

Express Super Pawn



Here in the High Desert Express Super Pawn Shop is the largest pawn shop in the Victor Valley. The owner, Steve McHugh, and his lovely wife Cindy moved up to the High Desert from Fontana eight years ago. Down the hill Steve was working building houses, and as he worked hard on building a good house for his customers he brought his hard-working skills to his pawn shop.




When I first walked in Express Super Pawn, I liked the wide open area, not like the small cramped cluttered pawn shops with dust everywhere. Express Super Pawn was loaded with everything like a very large selection of CD’s, guitars, tools ( nice stuff ), fishing rods, boom boxes, speakers, lap tops, drums, and the list goes on.

Steve also buys gold. They will give you a free quotes and 20% for referrals. Express Super Pawn has the largest gun shop called Express Gun Locker (760-947-7200), and if you want a deal you can go on E-Bay and find Express Super Pawn there too. Their web site is first class. Go to it and you’ll learn about the VIP Card, deals of the day, layaways, and much more; it’s If you don’t have a watch, they sell them there and you’re going to need one soon because Steve will be on TV. Barter Kings Series Premiere will be showing on Tuesday, June 12th,9/8c.


Steve McHugh, Antonio Palazzola


So get your watch and check it out on the 12th at 9pm. The store is easy to find, just south from Bear Valley Road on Hesperia Road or on the corner of Hesperia and Donert St., 11873 Hesperia Rd, Hesperia, Ca 92345 (760-947-5555). Open Monday – Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 10 am-4 pm, closed on Sundays.

I’m glad to have met you, Steve. You guys rock.

Gearing Up For BlogStorm 2012


Just six more days until our Blogging Workshop…

Will you be there to learn how to optimize your current blog? Have you started a blog but not really sure how to keep it going strong? Does your blog seem to bog down?

Get some great techniques, network with others, and become a more confident blogger with a plan. At the BlogStorm 2012 workshop you’ll be among four blogging entrepreneurs who can help you:

*  design your blog

*  organize your next ideas

*  get resources to propel your blog to the next level

*  drive more traffic to your blog

Just scroll down or click over to BlogStorm 2012 page and sign up. Pay now and guarantee your place. Seats are limited.

So, if you’ve thought long and hard but just don’t know how to start your blog, you’ll get hands-on help to get you blogging up a storm of informative posts, and networking with High Desert’s best.

Join us.


Blogstorm Workshop, Hesperia

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012 Time: 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Place: Holiday Inn Express, Hesperia  Cost: $70.00
Opportunity to network your blog/business/product/service at workshop. Exciting blog critique sessions planned. You will learn how to:

  • find your niche
  • start a blog for personal or business,
  • drive traffic to your blog,
  • network,
  • make money blogging.

BlogStorm Workshop 1 Person

Workshop 2 Family Members

Contact Angie at for more information.

Rusty LaGrange

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