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Old West Vintage Shopping at Linda Marie’s on Route 66

High Desert Blogging Editor, Angie

Angie, NeriumAD Brand Partner

The High Desert has charmed me with its variety of antique shopping venues. I’m captivated by the personalities of the shop owners, vendors, and visitors from near and far. Browsing through vintage nooks and crannies of the individually designed spaces creates an aura of nostalgia.

Shopping at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures on Route 66 in the High Desert’s Oro Grande is like going back in time to an old western village. Step inside the front gate into a yard of garden art, antique finds, and all kinds of vintage goodies. The latest addition, Deadwood Mercantile, celebrated a grand opening last Saturday, March 16th. Y’all have to come by this fun place where you’ll chuckle at the comical signs. You’ll leave wantin’ to go saddle up your horse just so you can go sportin’ the vintage western gear you found at the mercantile.

Deadwood Mercantile vendor space at Linda Marie's

Jesse and Marie's Deadwood Mercantile at Linda Marie's

Deadwood Mercantile

Jesse and Marie, Deadwood Mercantile vendors








Owners Jesse and Marie are mighty delightful, so much you want to sit down for a visit over a cup of lemonade or iced tea. These are the kind of folks that make the blogging life fun.

Saturday was a day of sunshine, fun, and snacking while celebrating with Jesse and Marie. Cookies and water were offered to all who attended the grand opening. An anti aging NeriumAD cream display was also featured in the front yard. Two names were drawn for giveaway prizes, an adorable floral basket planter and rooster hanger, rocking chair planter and plant. Festivities on a sun-shiny day with beautiful people made the day a memorable one.

You’re invited back to view the photo collage later Tuesday and to meet another vendor, Vee. The collage includes photos taken by Angie at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures on Saturday, March 16th, 2013,

Paddle Auction – April 6th in Wrightwood – Fundraiser for Snowline Players!

PaddleAuctionApril 6thauction.jpgCome enjoy appetizers,baked goods,beverages, and shopping, all while being entertained by our expert auctioneer as he puts the shoppers in a frenzy!Admission is free!

Wrightwood Community Center 1275 State Hwy 2, Wrightwood, CA 92397

View items from 5:00 pm -6:00 pm, Auction begins at 6:00 pm

All proceeds from the auction go to support the Snowline Players, a non profit community theatre group, and their productions.

Trendy Vintage Art for the Kitchen and Valentine’s Day

Popular kitchen trends for 2013 are popping up in shades of white and bright colors. The retro red and aqua look that was trendy from 2012 isn’t going away either. Shades of white blended with a touch of these lively colors cheer up the kitchen. A High Desert kitchen with large windows overlooking a backyard of sand, cacti, and maybe a Joshua tree or two can use a bit of cheery colors. But go for what you like best.

Who determines the kitchen color trends anyway? Let the kitchen-color trend setters choose any colors they like.  They don’t live in your kitchen. Choose colors that invite you into your kitchen, make you want to sit down at the table and drink a cup of hot tea or coffee and eat a big fat pink cupcake like in Fran King’s Diamond Cupcake art. Now that’s an idea. If you like shades of white or gray in your kitchen, spruce it up with pink and black art.

Fran King Art








Another beauty of Fran’s is her ice cream cone art, another piece of pink and black art for the kitchen.

Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream Cone, Fran King Art, Signed

Speaking of cheery colors, Fran comes up with fun ideas for 3D art for the kitchen like “The Bad Apple” below:

Bad Apple, Fran King art, signed








Fran makes other types of art, too, like this vase perfect for a Valentine gift:

Ace Dice Vase, Fran King Art








If you prefer the bright colors in style that include red, red and aqua, red and white, red and gray, you must see Fran’s red 3D art over at Smoketree Junction in Phelan. Fabulous! You’ll enjoy browsing through all of the vendors’ booths. Don’t miss Haggle and Flea Market Days coming up this Friday and Saturday, February 1st and 2nd. You’re bound to find just the right gift for your Valentine!

High Desert Hand-spun Yarn Fall Sale

One-of-a-Kind Hand-spun YarnFor all you who enjoy knitting, crochet, weaving, felting and creating beautiful things with beautiful yarn… Hurry while supplies last!
One-of-a-Kind Hand-spun Yarn by Marti is on a Super Fall Yarn Sale for a short while.
Available in La Tea Da Designs Etsy shop

You can go to the section called: SUPER YARN SALE and find amazing yarn at 50% off and more. Gift yourself or gift a friend at these super bargain prices.

While you are shopping, be sure to take a look at all the other fibers and things available to make amazing crafts with.

Want to learn how to spin with a drop spindle?
There are beautiful hand made beginner Drop Spindle Kits with detailed directions in each kit.

Makes a great Birthday gift and the Holidays are coming up soon!

Shopping is a plan of action

Today is the first of day of school for most in the High
Desert. This is an interesting change because school doesn’t usually start
until after Labor Day. You know what this means? The Back-to-School Sales were
in full force this past weekend. It was time to put the comfortable shoes on and head for the stores.



Shopping, for our family is not an all-day activity. We
get in and get out. I like to wander around a little bit but I’m an amateur
compared to most of the women I know. I went shopping with a group of friends once, they almost made me cry. I was exhausted. These ladies were ruthless.

Keeping that in mind, my son and I discuss what he needs for
school before we go shopping. We have a plan of action and a list. I always make
sure to double check items he’s picking out though. He’s in such a hurry to
leave the store he grabs the first thing he sees off the rack.

“These shoes fit perfect Mom.”

“Son, those shoes are a size 8. You wear a size 6.” He
shrugged and said he could grow into them.

Shaking my head at him, I started laughing. I couldn’t help
myself. How many times have we, as parents bought something a little bigger and
said you’ll be fine, you’ll grow into it.
Sorry kiddo, using my own words to take a shortcut won’t work on me. Grandma
taught me better than that.

Well, the planets must have been aligned properly because we
found everything we needed in one store. That called for a round of applause.
But we settled for breakfast and a movie instead. It turned out to be a good
day. We laughed, talked, and spent quality time together. Spending the day with
my son reminded me how much he has matured and time seems to be speeding up. In class, on his first day back to school, I’m sure he would disagree but then time is all about
perception, isn’t it? Look how fast summer went by.




For more information or to get to know Just a HD Mom you can
follow me on Twitter @MGEdwardsWrites and/or join my blog


China by Peter Koevari

Time by Hunter Emkay

Vintage Repurposing, Upcycling, and Shopping in the High Desert

Vintage shopping is one of the most fun things to do in the High Desert – besides blogging!

What can you find in the High Desert in the middle of summer? HEAT! Summer is not my favorite season. Once the temperature gets to 90 degrees, I’m ready for cooler weather. However, there is another item of heat that I love. BBQ grilling! If I catch a whiff of BBQ grilling in my neighborhood, it makes me want to grill even if it’s just hamburgers or hot dogs. Mmmm, add that BBQ aroma to hamburger, chicken, or steak hot off the grill, and I’m a happy camper.

Speaking of happy campers, check out this vintage grill my husband found recently. Transporting to the camp for your grilling is made easy by the fold-up stand that comes with it. This grill has been taken care of through the years, and it is now available for purchase.

Vintage BBQ Grill










Vintage BBQ Grill












Find this grill and a jillion of the most fun garden and outdoor artsy tools, furniture, gadgets, and the like over at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures vintage shop out in Oro Grande.

Lately, High Desert Greg and I have been repurposing and upcycling vintage finds. It is fun (and work, too). Here are a few of the latest items added to my Etsy shop:

Mail Organizer










Mail Organizer










Jean Pocket Wall Basket










What vintage finds have you come across lately? Home and garden are both fun to decorate with vintage finds, especially things you have upcycled like the fun items you find at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Just take a walk through her backyard shop, and you’ll leave with creative ideas flowing.

Happy vintage finding!

Upcycling and Re-purposing Vintage Creations

Something about vintage pulls me like a magnet.

Recent Vintage Crate Find

That’s why I frequent vintage, thrift, and antique shops and stop for yard sales. Thus, you’ll find me blogging about vintage shopping places and finds in the High Desert.

Do you ever slow down while passing by a yard sale but don’t because you think it’s mostly clothes? Do you know what those clothes can be upcycled into? And don’t ignore the little treasures hiding from the road. Of course, if you don’t stop to check it out, you’ll never know what you missed anyway. However, just in case you do decide to pull over and browse through the yard sale items, you might happen to come across a special item – like I did yesterday. I found a pizza wheel cutter for twenty-five cents. It was a kitchen utensil that I didn’t have and have previously wished for when I occasionally baked pizza at home. I always got by without it, but for a quarter? Finds such as this add to the joy of vintage shopping. Even the small things count like pizza cutters. When is the last time you purchased a pizza cutter at the supermarket? How much was it? I’m just saying.

Then there are particular items I look for called upcycling tools. Upcycling is not only in. It’s fun. Discarding an item you don’t use anymore can easily be turned into a usable commodity. So don’t throw your “no-cycles” into the trash. Your no-cycles can become a treasure hunter’s “upcycles” and be turned into a re-purposed creation that the receiver of the item is going to absolutely be tickled pink over.

So yesterday I also purchased a few tools for upcycling. These tool types are unlike the typical ones you can find at any hardware store. My upcycling tools are whatever fits the need for re-purposing my vintage projects such as these I listed in my Etsy shop the last few days:


Seven Up Bottling Company Los Angeles Upcycled Wall Shelf

Dominoes Magnets











Other vintage items like this little weather-worn jewel makes you want to sit in the garden with a glass of iced tea with a slice of lemon!

How Fasting Can Help the Public Speaker

High Desert and public speaking is like cactus and hot weather.

If you missed my last post I’m talking about fasting as part of public speaking so let’s continue.

Imagine with me if there were a golden public speaker god sitting on his throne. The public speaker god looks down at you and says, “Fast and be successful or flop.”

Please bear in mind I’m writing what works for me and if you have another way, good for you. Fasting is more mental than physical. When your subject is more important to you than eating, your audience will sense it and perk up and pay more attention, and that’s what you want. In the long run it will pay off.

If you fast more than  three days, break it easy with soft foods like soup or a small bowl of cream of wheat. Go easy on yourself, not like my friend in Houston, Texas who broke a week’s fast with pizza, and end up in the hospital. After breaking a fast, you will feel more energy, your mind will be sharper, and you’ll be ready to conquer the world.

After fasting, everything you say will resonate with  your audience, bingo! It will be a sweet small victory going without food for three, seven, twenty days or more but well worth it. You will be surprised how much our culture surrounds itself around food. Stepping out of it for a week is an eye opener, and your viewpoint will change.

Remember, when your mind is made up, nothing will stop you from completing a fast. Now go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Shop Vintage on Route 66 at The Chic Boutique Recommended by High Desert Blogging

The Chic Boutique Vintage Shop in the High Desert's Old Town Victorville

Love vintage? Add The Chic Boutique on your vintage shopping list for your day trip to Route 66 in Old Town Victorville of So Cal. It’s filled with antiques, handcrafted furniture, and vintage accessories. Displayed in the storefront window is the gorgeous tree made out of coffee filters personally handcrafted by owner Mechelle.

Coffee Filter Tree at The Chic Boutique

The Chic Boutique has pretty book page roses available. You can even make your own. Sign up for one of Mechelle’s classes. This month’s class feature is the book page rose. The class only costs $25.00 and is offered for a limited time. There’s also limited seating, so hurry and sign up today.

Currently, this shop has very unique antique bedroom dresser and table set. The nightstand or table (first row, third photo; second row, first photo) has a door that opens to a little divided section (first row, fourth photo). According to owner Mechelle’s expertise on furniture, this unique antique set is very old. However old it is, I do know that it’s the most unique and beautiful set I’ve ever seen.

Also displayed in the photo collage below is the handcrafted mantle and fireplace beauty and the lovely baby buggy. A doll lover would have the feeling of walking into doll heaven with those precious antique dolls (second row, second photo).

This photo collage and other pictures you see here cover only a few of the wonderful treasures in The Chic Boutique. You’ll have to stop in to see the pretties there. Tell them you heard about them at High Desert Blogging.

The Chic Boutique, Victorville, CA

For more information on classes, contact Mechelle at The Chic Boutique Antiques, Vintage & Shabby Chic, 15492 7th St., Victorville, CA 92395, (760) 508-3173 or visit her Facebook page.

Thank you for visiting High Desert Blogging to see what’s new at The Chic Boutique.



A Santa Fe Decor Tour in Old Town Victorville with High Desert Blogging

Santa Fe Trading Company Reptile Water Pots

Tour the Santa Fe Trading Company in Old Town Victorville.

Santa Fe Trading Company Slide Show Tour

The main store seems small when you enter, but don’t let that fool you. You’ll walk through another room that seems to go on and on. Plan plenty of time for browsing. This is just the first part of the tour. Browsing through this fascinating Old World shop reminds me of driving through Bryce Canyon in Utah. You discover new beauty with every turn.

Stroll through the outer courtyard of sundials. Listen to the gentle sounds of running water from the Santa Fe style fountains. Admire the amazing cacti. Cactus plants are available in small, medium, large, and extra large pots. When you exit the courtyard, don’t miss Santa Fe Trading Company’s little historical building – the one where the first soft-serve ice cream was made in Victorville back in the day. Step inside to see petting cactus plants that you can actually feel without getting stuck.

If you call ahead, you might be able to go on an Old Town Victorville tour with Santa Fe Steve himself.  Consider adding vintage shops to your visit in Old Town Victorville. One delightful shop, The Chic Boutique, is only a couple of doors down from Santa Fe Trading Company. Old Town Victorville makes an enjoyable day for the Route 66 enthusiast and vintage admirer.  Follow them at Facebook to keep track of their upcoming events and new items.

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