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How can I…?

Innocent Labor

Innocent Labor

After lots of hard work, re-writes, and hysterics the finish line is almost in sight. The release of my book, Innocent Labor is right around the corner.

I’m so excited I want to scream…then cry, usually followed by the need for a glass of wine. Don’t judge me, I’m a writer. Being an emotional basket case is part of who we are. I saw it on Facebook so it must be true.

It’s interesting now that I’m releasing a book, I’m being asked “How does a person write a book?” A couple years ago, I was the person searching for a mentor and answers to my questions.

Over time, I’ve learned everyone, myself included has a different writing style. I don’t know if there is a guide for the “Ten Steps of How to Write” (I’m sure it’s been written, but I’m always asked for specific answers and not general guidelines). However, I believe everyone is different and should find their own way to allow their muse to speak.

This isn’t to indicate you shouldn’t implement a few rules to control the chaos that is your creativity. My first priority was to always carve out time to write (Best Advice Ever). If I didn’t schedule that time, the magic didn’t happen. When I was lucky the ideas would churn around in my head while I went about my daily tasks. The words and scenes pushed me out of bed, the characters becoming so real I’d forget they lived in my head and not in reality.

What's in My Head by Cynthia (aka MrsPeel) Love the words inside the silhouette here!But I couldn’t depend on those magical moments to write a book. It’s like waiting for a cool day during the summer months in the High Desert. If you want rain, you’ve got to make it happen. Dig deep within yourself. Watch movies similar to your story, make notes about the feelings a particular scene invoked. Go outside, describe what you see, feel, and smell. Even researching information can help form ideas, propelling characters forward in the story. (Again, great advice I received.)

Oh yes, the writing process can be an indescribable rush when a story has the writer clenched in its grasp.

I’m also the kind of writer who prefers music playing in the background rather than television while I’m writing. Creating a playlist to match the vibe of what I’m looking for in my story helped build a connection with my characters and the scenes. I’d close my eyes and picture what I was trying to put into words; the music taking me to that place emotionally where I wanted to take the readers.

But remember, writing a book is just the beginning. In addition, there are revisions, rewrites, professional editing, critique groups, book blog tours, marketing, networking, and creating a presence on social media.

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The Beautiful Part..

Writing can be a daunting task. And becoming a self-published writer can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, the feeling of satisfaction of having a completed and professional literary piece that you have created cannot be denied.

Would I do it again? Indeed, I would.

As a matter of fact, I’ve already started on a second project and I’m ready for round two.

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High Desert Angie Introduces Her New Book at the Phelan Library

Angela Horn at Phelan Library Book Reading

Angela Horn kicks off the summer adult reading program today at the Phelan Library with her new book, Phantom Seven Secret Heroes of WWII and OSS.

John and I can hardly wait to get our autographed copy when she gets her shipment in! Today Angie read excerpts from the various heroes including her own father….just enough to give us a taste of some of their personal experiences as these veterans remembered their undercover agent experiences in the OSS.

I love history and especially WWII history. I also love spy adventures so this book is right up my alley!
You can get a copy of Angie’s new book by calling Pleasant Word at 1-877-421-7323 or order online by going to: This is a great way to support our local High Desert Author plus read an exciting WWII Spy story.

Comments welcome.

A Day Spent with High Desert Authors, Writers, and Vintage Entrepreneurs

Saturday, December 10th, has been a fun and busy day meeting and visiting with High Desert writers, authors, and entrepreneurs. The morning began with the California Writers’ Club, High Desert Branch. Several authors, including a guest Vietnam veteran, presented their books for a group book signing today at the fast-growing club. Interested in learning how to write? This writers’ group has much to offer: critique groups, guest speakers, writers’ conferences, and the opportunity to  meet monthly with other High Desert writers and authors. It’s a wonderful group to be a part of.

After the writers’ meeting and Christmas luncheon this afternoon, I stopped by the Antique Station on Highway 18. It’s a place you can easily lose track of time in as there are many vendors’ spaces. It’s fun to shop there and not so easy to leave without making a purchase. Cookbooks seem to sparkle as I walk by them. There’s just something about them that makes resisting too much to deal with. So I stop and browse through the recipes as though I’ve never cooked before. I think I’m becoming like a friend described herself recently. She said she loves to read cookbooks from cover to cover. Collecting cookbooks is one of my hobbies, and I blog about cooking and everything to do with kitchens, too.

The purchase of my cookbook was made, and I made my way over to join a group of entrepreneurs at the quaint vintage shop near the Antique Station. The  vintage shop is owned by the friendly and lovely Linda Marie over on Route 66. I remember when Linda Marie had just opened the shop. In one year’s time, talented vendors began displaying their vintage items and handmade crafts. Now it looks like a little village and looked beautifully festive on this chilly evening with the Christmas lights. Hors deuvres, wine, hot apple cider, and coffee were available as the guests enjoyed mingling. New friends and entrepreneur connections were made, and like-minded individuals enjoyed an evening of simple, down-to-earth conversation – the kind of thing High Desert Blogging is all about.

Damaris and Family


Pictures taken at Linda Marie’s will continue today. Come back to see additional pictures.

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