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Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  That’s the day we honor those father’s and all that they do for us.  Yep, they are amazing.  Hey, contrary to what the news tells us everyday, the economy is still not flourishing.  I listen to those words everyday as I travel the three hours one way to work and I wonder who has money, extra money?

We can still give our fathers a great day.  Here are ten very reasonably priced presents we can give him:

1.  Breakfast in bed.  (Cost, price of breakfast, the same price you would spend anyways.  A little pampering is appreciated.)

2.  Before breakfast, bring in a pan of hot water and a washcloth.  Give his face a wakeup washing, gently now, he’s not all the way awake.

(Cost, a small amount of water, an item added to the regular washing.  Loving gesture appreciated).

3.  After he eats his breakfast, lead him to his favorite chair and hand him his newspaper.  Make sure he has thirty minutes at least uninterrupted

with his reading.  (Cost:  Quiet time cannot be measured especially if his children are toddler age.)

4.  When you look over and see that daddy has fallen back asleep, let him.  He’s done reading the paper, gets up every day at four to go to work

almost never gets a nap.  (Cost: Zero.  Benefit:  A less cranky dad.)

5.  Get out the lotion and see if he wants a back rub.  Yes, use the lotion because we want it to feel good.  (Cost:  A handful of lotion.)

6.  Make him his favorite peanut butter sandwich.  Don’t forget the jelly.  Present it on a paper plate, he hates dirty dishes. (Cost:  You’re mom

already bought the ingredients.)

7.  Let him watch, what he wants to watch on TV.  No nagging about yard work, housework or daddy work.  Even if you detest golf, or any other

sport, he likes it.  (Cost:  A little extra electricity.)

8.  Make him his favorite dinner.  Yes, his favorite dinner, not what you think he enjoys, what you know he enjoys.  (Cost:  Arbitrary, what you

have already incorporated in the grocery price this week).

9.  Give your dad a hug, pretend to hear the interesting story he has to tell you.  (Cost:  A little ear wax.)  Remember don’t turn up your Ipod to

drown out his words.

10.  Keep a smile on your face all day. No whining, no complaining, no yelling, no hitting your brother or sister, no tattling, and no crying. (Cost:

peace of mind for your father.)


These are some tips that can make a better day for your dad.  He works hard to make sure that we are clothed, that we are properly nourished

and that we have all that we need.  Most of all a simple I Love You can go a long way!


Another week has come and gone and there is no rain.  Everywhere in the rest of the country people are wishing for relief from the water, from the rain and the flooding.  Here in the High Desert, we’re parched.  Plants look thirsty, the sky is blue, clearly hot and even the white clouds which float by look like cotton balls in the sky.

I remember back to my childhood and it seemed that California had it’s share of rain.  As a matter of fact the year we arrived in California it rained for many days.  I was in kindergarten and we lived in Downey, California.  It rained so hard my first school day that the streets were flooding.  I stood on the corner and waited for my aunt to pick me up from school.  I looked over from my perch, as I patiently waited, and she could not go through the wall of water with her car.  I remember thinking, I’ll go to her.  I stepped off the curb and from a distance I could see the horror on her face.  The water was moving.  Yes, I had my little rubber boots on but they were quickly filled with water.  I was five.  She stopped her car in the street, got out of her car and proceeded to rescue me.

Growing up I reminisce about many rainy days.  Now it seems that when we have a drop of water, we complain about the traffic, the difficulties, the being late to work.  I for one, look around me and wonder, “Where is the Water?”  It’s hot, it’s getting hotter and my plants are thirsty for some of Mother Nature’s natural sky water.  Oh well, we’d better give them another drink because I don’t see any rain in the sky today.

Back to the Basics with Simple Living in the High Desert

Memorial Day brings us back to the basics of living. It’s a reminder to us that life is “a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away” (James 4:14)

When gas and grocery prices soar, how can people live simply? Busy people are going, going, going all the time. Everywhere we go, people are in a hurry. We think we have to have things now, right now. Sometimes we just have to slow down from the hustle and bustle of life. It gives us a chance to look around our homes and yards to appreciate simple nature and be grateful for the life that the Creator gave us.

What are some things you can do to live more simply at home? I’ve listed twelve ideas. Add your own ideas to the list, and send me a comment with your list.

  1. Stay at home and find things to do that you haven’t had the time to do in awhile.
  2. Cook at home, and cook vegetables, boiling them then saute with butter.
  3. Make coffee at home.
  4. Make iced coffee in a blender.
  5. Find a grill at a yard sale or vintage shop then grill hot dogs and hamburgers.
  6. Eat vegetable salads.
  7. Plant a vegetable garden.
  8. Look around your yard for vintage things not being used, and create a use for them in your gardening.
  9. Garden or walk the dog for exercise.
  10. Give the pet a bath.
  11. Play a board game, or read.
  12. Buy fresh fruit and heavy whipping cream for dessert (the cream is great for low-carb dieters).

Mulberries on Memorial Day

I’ve done all of these at one time or another. Often we think we can’t do without certain foods or things that we enjoy. Cutting back on food intake isn’t an easy task for all. When you do cut back, it almost feels like you’re fasting. Of course, fasting goes against the comfort of human nature.

Once you get used to cutting back on food intake, you actually feel better. Fruit tastes better than ever before. Your taste buds seem to change. A taste of a rich, sweet dessert lets you know that you don’t really miss it anymore. You then feel like gardening, walking the dog, or giving the pet a bath.

My yard has two mulberry trees, one that currently is covered with red and black mulberries and one that has tons of green berries. Checking the tree for berries reminds me of many times going berry picking with friends and family. It’s one of those simple pleasures families do together that you never forget. Yesterday I filled a large plastic cup with the red and black mulberries and put them in the fridge.  The chilled mulberries tasted delightful on this warm holiday.

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High Desert Bloggers Meet Up for Brainstorm

There’s no cloud in the sky but a huge storm is brewing whenever High Desert Bloggers get together. This Saturday morning from 9-noon meet other High Desert Bloggers who are learning their craft, honing their newest skills, and brainstorming over new ways to generate traffic to their blogs.

High Desert Blogging 

The storm is all of their enthusiastic ideas that they share. Don’t miss out on getting more traffic to your blog and “Taking Your Blog to the Next Level.”

Bloggers meet at Bodacious Bundts in Hesperia. The address is 17051 Main Street between “E” and “G” Streets on Main. It’s a tasty little place with wi-fi and sweet treats.


Rusty LaGrange

Join a Free Blog Meetup in the High Desert

High Desert Bloggers Meetup, Bodacious Bundts, Hesperia, CA

Network for free when you attend a Meetup with High Desert Bloggers. This group meets to discuss blogging topics such as network with bloggers, get answers for blogging questions, learn about increasing blog traffic and make money blogging. This opportunity is made available for bloggers, whether they blog for money or for hobby.

Where? Apple Valley, Hesperia, Victorville, and other High Desert cities and communities. We meet at coffee shops, bakeries, or facilities equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets for laptops, and available seating for a group. Join us at Enjoy networking and connecting  with other bloggers in your area.

Entrepreneurs, grow your business through blogging and networking with other bloggers in the High Desert. Meet like-minded bloggers who, like you, want to get the word out to the High Desert about a unique service or product available. The High Desert Bloggers meet at various places in the High Desert – and it doesn’t cost you a thing (except coffee or pastry you purchase for yourself perhaps).


Christmas Gifts for a Blogger

We have six days left until Christmas. I went into a store this evening and could barely walk down one aisle because things were strewn everywhere on the floor. People are rushing around, trying to find that perfect gift. Just wait until Christmas Eve and watch the hustle and bustle of everyone frantically searching for gifts. Those last minute gifts must  be the ones that people stand in long gift return lines to return after Christmas.

I think the easiest gifts to give are dining gift cards. Everybody likes to eat. Another easy thing to give is something baked. Homemade cookies or sweet breads make nice gifts.

What do you give the blogger on your Christmas gift list? If you’re not sure, here are a few suggestions:

1. Starbucks gift card (bloggers often use a Starbucks table as their office)

2. Laptop cooling pad

3. Best Buy gift card

4. Staples gift card

5. Blogging workshop/conference paid registration

6. Online blogging class paid registration

7. Items that the blogger likes to blog about (i.e. gardening supplies if they blog about gardens, journals if they blog about writing, etc.)

8. Take your blogger friend out to lunch or dinner

9. Does your blogger friend teach classes? Sign up to take a blogging class from your friend.

10. A book about blogging.

You might think of something to add to this list. If not, I think a blogger would be happy to receive one of these gifts. I know that I would be.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Gift Giving!

Holiday Party Appetizers

What type of holiday party appetizers do you enjoy? When I go to the California Writers Club, High Desert branch, we enjoy coffee and snacks. When I meet with the members of my Meetup group, we like to drink coffee and eat a snack. People often have a snack on break at work five days a week. Snacking is part of our lifestyles. Of course, during the Christmas season Americans probably snack and eat more than any other season of the year. December is a month full of festivities, a time to make favorite recipes for parties. Thanksgiving may be only one or two days of eating turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes or yams and pumpkin pie. However, Christmas is celebrated the whole month of December with parties at work, with families and friends, church family, and networking groups, etc. That means there is a lot of baking, cookies, candy, pies, and sweet breads. Diabetics must have a difficult time staying away from so many sweets. Many people, though, are health conscious and are careful to balance even the snacks with fruits, vegetables, cheese and other non-sweet foods. Look below at a few healthy appetizers you may want to bring to your December parties.

Blogging at Bodacious Bundts

For the majority of bloggers around the world, blogging, or
journaling on the web, is a solitary event. You share your thoughts and
adventures with an audience you may not know is reading your posts.

If you meet up with other bloggers in your area, you enjoy
the live connections and the camaraderie. Most meetings are packed with high
energy and a willingness to share knowledge, gain tips from bloggers who have
been posting longer than you have, and receiving direct face-to-face feedback.

The latest Meetup of the High Desert Blogging group was held
Saturday morning at 9 am, November 19th. The casual and cozy atmosphere of Bodacious Bundts on
Main Street, Hesperia, made the chilly morning much more bearable. Steamy lattes and
melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls are the best way to get your brain stimulated
for creative adventures. There’s plenty of room to meet and Wi-Fi connections are strong.

Cindy Eubanks, Angie Horn and I, discussed the advantages of
sharing blogging insights. Cindy is looking for the best ways to gain attention
for her business by offering free classes in self-help categories pertaining to
health and self-growth.

Angie Horn is maximizing her network of like-minded
entrepreneurs with a membership of bloggers who want to learn how to gain more
traffic while learning how to blog for money. I’m gaining more experience in
developing my WordPress web site while offering creative and advertising
marketing in trade for web services.

We all have something to offer and to share. Join us.

Blogging doesn’t have to be lonely or isolated. “Meetups”
are scheduled happenings across the country. If you are blogging or you wish
you could find a blogger for your business’s social media benefits, contact; or ; or . We plan to meet
in different locations around the High Desert.

High Desert Bloggers Meet Up at Bodacious Bundts

If you want to join a group of your interest in the High Desert of Southern Cali, start your own meetup group like I started with Browse through the groups to find your interest. If there isn’t one, it’s easy to begin a new one. Are you a blogger or a writer who wants to get started blogging? Join High Desert Bloggers Meetup at Bodacious Bundts on Main Street in Hesperia tomorrow, Saturday, October 29th.

What is Bodacious Bundts? I think of it as a bakery cafe. It’s the coziest place to curl up and read a book, drink coffee, and eat a hot cinnamon roll. They have the BEST cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tasted. Do you ever wonder about the history of a place? The first time I ever visited this place was before it became Bodacious Bundts. It was Blastoff Coffee Shop. Blastoff was a blast to go to and the perfect place to drink coffee and use the Wi-Fi for my laptop. The coffee shop was sold, and of course, now it’s Bodacious Bundts. Like to read? You’ll love it there because there’s a variety of books. Have a laptop? They have tables and comfy chairs and sofas for your convenience. Even if you just want to take a cup of coffee on the go, you’ll not want to leave there without a delicious pastry.

Meet me over at Bodacious Bundts tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 29th. We’re having a High Desert Bloggers Meetup there from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. We’ll be discussing blog monetization and blog traffic. Bring your laptop if you’d like. If you don’t have a laptop yet, come anyway and meet other bloggers. And don’t forget – Bodacious Bundts has the BEST cinnamon rolls if you want a hot pastry to go along with a cup of coffee while you’re there. See you then!

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