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Blogging — It’s What We Love

So many of us love to blog, to share our insights, to learn from others in the High Desert, and to develop a network of friends. It’s the networking that makes some of our goals attainable. For instance, if you don’t know about a specific subject, you can Google it, go to the local  library, check a resource book you might have, YouTube search, or call a friend.


With a large network of blogging friends who love to research on nearly every subject, it’s like having a revolving door to a never-ending list of friends “in-the-know.” Our bloggers at High Desert Blogging have learned how valuable the network of writing friends are: we cover a variety of subjects from Spring gardening to drought watering,


Happy Bloggers at Starbucks

Happy Bloggers at Starbucks


attractions for the family to attend, where some of the best vintage and antique shopping can be found, and where the High Desert’s business people offer the best — customer service, products and produce, home-made crafts and goodies, and without “the-big-box” competition.




Another aspect that bloggers love here is the camaraderie of our blogging network. We don’t just sit at home blogging, we get out and meet our members at


regular blogging Meet-Ups.

Face-to-face is one of the best benefits.

*we share ideas

*point out new sources

*give each other pointers for making money

*develop business-owner friendships

*and more



But the best is knowing that you are not alone in the blogosphere. So many of our members have, at times, felt isolated, unwanted or unappreciated, and need some face-time. We try to meet at least once a month. The meetings recharge our batteries with the spirit of enthusiasm and inevitably enrich our writing. And it shows.

Face to Face friendships



So, to start out the New Year, High Desert Blogging will be working on some new concepts to develop more blogger training, support more think-tank ideas, offer give-aways & contests, and be  the gateway to new business blogging opportunities.

It’s a new year, so stay tuned…

 Rusty LaGrange



Today I heard a beautiful teaching about actions. I looked at some of my actions and understood that not everyone would be impressed at my actions.   Everyday, awareness of those around us and how we relate to them in the long stream, is something we consider as trivia. Honestly the things I find important sometimes are so insignificant compared to other’s problems. When I got home, I looked up some trivia information about actions and these are the ones I found on a trivia website Here are some notable quotes about action:

I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts. John Locke

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin

After all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done. Anonymous

I got to thinking about everything I say I’m going to do on a daily basis and how much of that is just wishful thinking. Thinking of what I do being more important than what my neighbor does or the person around the corner. Then I say, get over yourself and know what you do is better than what you say you’ll do. Action a word to ponder.


If you’ve ever had to look for employment, or if you are looking now, times have changed. I’m a little too old because I remember how it was done in the past. When you wanted to look for a job, you got out the newspaper, looked in the want ads for employment, circled the ones that applied to you, got in your car and drove to the destination to put in an application. If you got lucky, or made friends with the secretary you might just get an interview on the spot.

Well, it’s a whole different ball game today. Today, you can’t just waltz into an establishment and fill out an application. Today it’s all about the computer. Look up a job online with a keyword, an establishment, or an agency such as Monster or

Some of the plus sides of online submission is that you can apply for as many jobs as you can sit through in one day. I mean sit through, because many application processes are lengthy, more than an hour of psychological questions asked the same way, over and over.

I see the downside of today’s application process as being very sterile. There is no interaction between humans during this process. You will receive an e mail that they have your application. Who has your application? Where does the application go? How long will it be before you get a response? These are all very valid questions.

All I can say about this new way of job hunting is apply for as many jobs you can apply for, every day! Happy job search.


I don’t know about you but I’m amazed at the high desert people. Reading everyone’s post on High Desert Bloggers makes me think about the amazing people we have in our community. There’s writers, there’s gardeners, cooks, friends and family. I’m amazed at the talent we have here and the versatility of the people living in the high desert.

This week has been an exciting week in the desert and so much has happened in three short days. For each and everyone of you that has gone to school, and sweated their grade, that would be me. Normally, I get A’s and high B’s but not in this class. Tough, tough instructor and by the end of last week, I thought “Oh my goodness,” I might not pass. Passing in a doctorate is nothing less than a B. You can’t get a C only B and above.

That’s how much I worried about a tiny little thing like a grade. Nail biting, etc. no need. I should be worrying about my neighbor. I should be worrying about the man and woman I talked to in Wal Mart at 11:00 p.m. asking for money, with a small child by their side, or the mentally ill patient on the street, because he or she is confused about what medication to take.  Such thoughts cause contemplation about  the meaning of my life and it’s importance.

I thank the proprietor of this blog, because here we can talk about the High Desert, and contemplate on how to build our community and make it better. Every day I see cars that turn off the 395 unto dirt roads that don’t even have a sign to the destination and sometimes I think we are like those cars, driving with an unknown destination.

I’m going to think about my path and which turn in the road it will take.


Hey high desert dwellers, the light show goes on over Adelanto tonight. As I sit here writing this blog I can hear the boom, boom, boom of the fireworks lighting the sky. As I watched what was going on at Maverick Stadium from the gas station nearby, several thoughts came to mind. First of all why are people lighting fireworks in the gas station parking lot, next to gasoline tanks?  No wonder some police officers came by to let people know that it may not be a good idea to light fireworks in the gas station parking lot.

For many years I worked in the emergency room of a hospital, and every year on fourth of July there are so many accidents that require emergency treatment, it’s phenomenal. I suppose that people do not always think with the logical side of their brain when they are celebrating the fourth of July.

As we go into the weekend I want to think about more than the fireworks. I want to remember first the first people in America who fought for our country and it’s continued freedom. I remember my father who fought for his country in “World War II”. My uncles and other family members who also fought to keep us free. I remember, young men I knew in High School who fought in Vietnam to rid the world of communism. Most of the ones I went to school with didn’t come home.

Now my grandson-in-law is in the Army. In a few months he may be deployed, destiny unknown. Young men still go to the army, to the navy, the air force and many other avenues of the service, to keep our country free. If you know someone who is serving their country, write them a letter, let them know how much you appreciate them.

Every fourth of July brings a new set of fireworks in the sky, new memories but while we are making our memories let us reminisce about the past and how we have the freedom to enjoy.


The poetry books are full of poems about rain.  I love Rain and I love poetry about rain.  Here’s one by Emily Dickson, one of our favorites.  Thanks Emily.


Like Rain it sounded till it curved
Like Rain it sounded till it curved And then I new ’twas Wind — It walked as wet as any Wave But swept as dry as sand — When it had pushed itself away To some remotest Plain A coming as of Hosts was heard It filled the Wells, it pleased the Pools It warbled in the Road — It pulled the spigot from the Hills And let the Floods abroad — It loosened acres, lifted seas The sites of Centres stirred Then like Elijah rode away Upon a Wheel of Cloud.
Emily Dickson
Can you hear her story, the rain has character, has a purpose and makes you wonder where this rain is, how you can experience it and why the rain is not visible.  Like rain it sounded, she compares the sound she’s hearing to rain.  I can recall when I was a child and I went to visit my grandparents in Missouri.  There came a terrible storm and the wind was so powerful it sounded like rain.  Emily can hold a reader with nothing but her words.  Powerful, majestic and sometimes puzzling.  Do you agree?


We tell stories.  Stories in poetry, stories at the water cooler.  Yeah, we tell stories.  I like to tell stories in poems.  I’m always encouraging children to write a poem because through poetry we can get our feelings out, words to heal ourselves.  Some of my favorite poetry tells stories, like the Highwayman, or The Raven.  I admire those who can tell a story.

Have you told yourself a story lately?  Have you bore your deepest feelings, your heart pumps and after you read it a few times you can rest.  That is what it’s like for me when I write a poem, a story or a speech.  I wake up in the night and words come in my head and run down to my fingers.  I find that the desert is great inspiration, especially in the morning, quiet a few sounds around me.  I’m not the only one who writes poetry stories.  Here’s one by a local girl who already graduated.

“First day jitters”

By: Stephanie Stever

Its 4am wake up! What should I wear? Stumbled out of bed, “Oh lord look at my hair.”

Its 6am catching the bus, off to high school would I fit in? Would I be cool? Or dull.

Its 7am and the bell has rang. It all of a sudden hit me like a big bang.

My nerves rattled and I shook. Time to sit in class and hit the book.

Entering this new world of peers. Had me questioning myself as I look in the mirror.

Am I good enough? Will I seize the day? Or will I crumble under pressure and lose my way.

Much more work to be done here. Unlike middle school where the fear felt less near. As the day went on my thoughts became afar. I had become relaxed and less jarred.

Its 2 pm time to go home back to my roots where I know I could roam.

The first day was rough but I was tough

All I know is I survived Serrano high.


Poetry is alive and well, here in the High Desert.  How do I know this; it  is because I love to write poetry.  Sometimes poems are sad and sometimes they are happy.  I decided to do some research about desert poetry and one of my favorite poets is Robert Frost.  Of course he maintains all rights to his poetry as every author does.  I’m not sure if you are familiar with his work but I wanted to give you a few lines from his desert poem, the last stanza actually and then tempt you to go on line and find the entire poem.  Robert your words move me and are breathtaking.  For all you desert fans here is the last stanza downloaded from


They cannot scare me with their empty spaces,

Between stars-on stars where no human race is.

I have it in me so much nearer home.

To scare myself with my own desert places.

Robert Frost

So if you read this poem in it’s entirety you will see how deep, sensitive and amazing poetry can be.  Express yourselves with words and lift up your deepest feelings and desires.  Your love for the desert, your home, your soul mate.  I’m declaring this to be a week of poetry that makes me reflect on my surroundings.  Look for some amazing words coming your way and hey if you are a poet maybe you can comment with a few words of your own.  Get out the sentiment and tell us why you love poetry, which poets move you and make you smile.

Robert Frost lived from March 26, 1874 to January 29, 1963.  He won the highest award for his work, The Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and was one of the most well known American Poets.  Pick up one of his books today.


High Traffic Linking Exposes Your Web Site to More Visitors — Strategy #7

One of the ways to generate new links to your web site, your blog, or your service, is to think about sites that would benefit from linking to you but don’t. Why not? Because they may not know you exist.

This might seem like you’re doing the other person’s work here, and you are, but it will benefit you in the long run.

For example, if your site is about traveling in the High Desert, and you come across other sites that offer, let’s say, camping ideas, one-day excursions, how to save money while adventuring in the High Desert, and let’s add, desert survival tactics. In each of these diverse possible web sites lay the potential to develop a venture partnership.


STRATEGY #7 — Go after higher traffic sites that will enhance both your’s and their’s

Venture partnerships don’t need to include money or investment, just the mutual assistance of each other’s storefronts. You won’t be shackled to them forever, just enhancing the mutual sharing of interests. First off, send them a polite and business-toned, simple email and see what they say about it. If they aren’t sure, ask them if you could make a guest post on their site to “test the waters.” Linking is enhanced networking that stays on the page, giving longevity to the link.

While some web creators overload their pages with links. You know one when you see one. A good link strategy is less overwhelming and specific to your theme or business. Less is more. Quality over quantity.

After this first contact, go visit their site and make helpful comments to their readers to show that you do care and read the other site. This basic and friendly gesture is usually met with a friendly gesture in turn. After awhile, test to see if your mutual linking is benefitting both of you. If not, kindly say that the linking is not broadening your viewership. Ask for any new links that they may share and be sure to reciprocate the offer.

Even after that, linking partnerships may dissolve, be friendly and move on to other potential ventures.

It’s wise to keep a folder of the contacts you’ve made, the business person who gave you the links, how well it did, and the email response they first gave you. The next time you look for a good link, you’ll already have half the work complete — a great intro email letter.

 Rusty LaGrange


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Be On The Lookout For Higher Traffic Sites

Sitting idly on the bank of a quiet stream and fishing, is not the best way to catch fish. Sure, it works but you need to spend longer hours waiting for a nibble. The same is true when trying to attract traffic to your website. You can sit and dangle small enticements, hoping to catch a few visitors… but ultimately the amount of traffic coming to you will be miniscule.

Source: via ≪≫≪ L I A N N A on Pinterest

Source: via Deniece on Pinterest



Wouldn’t it be better to grab traffic from a  wild stream… er…active websites that offer more activity and the better links?

Be on the lookout for sites that generate higher traffic to their sites. Are they compatible with yours? Will their traffic enhance your ranking? Ask them to link and be sure to ask for them to link to you. The additional traffic that they receive should help generate more traffic to you. You should be able to see the change in a few days.


In this case, you’re tossing in your fishing line, guaranteeing some activity, and then “the fish” is tossing his hook at you… well, sort of.

Rusty LaGrange


If you like what you see here, please visit my other sites
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