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High Desert Mailmax Postal Center in Hesperia, CA

Hesperia printing and mail center

Mailmax Postal Center
Hesperia, CA

High Desert Blogging is a blog focused on the community of Southern California’s Victor Valley, its people, businesses, arts and crafts, desert gardening, places to shop and eat, and events, etc. Introducing entrepreneurs, writers, and artists from the area is an important part of what our bloggers enjoy. When finding out information on local services offered by businesses, books written by authors, or art advertised for sale, getting to know the owners or individuals behind those products and services is appreciated by consumers.

One of the High Desert’s entrepreneurs is Angel Gonzales, a friendly face you often see when walking into the Mailmax Postal Center on Main Street in Hesperia.

High Desert mail and printing center

Mailmax Postal Center
Hesperia, CA

A Time Spent at Mailmax Postal Center

By Angel Gonzales, Mailmax Postal Center

A few weeks ago I had the blessing of my son’s visitation from the U.S. Navy for his annual family reunion, and like all the other times he visits, that thought of how quick the time will go still gnaws me to death. I was under the impression that perhaps something was wrong with me in feeling this way until my son began describing to me the very same feelings that I frequently had while he was home. In fact, he shared a story with me about a conversation that he had with a peer that worked in his department on how he communicated his feeling of not wanting to come because he hated the leaving to return to base in Georgia from his home in California. I do some serious soul searching regarding this phenomenon of mine, and what I came up with is two things.

  1. God really cares about even the smallest things that concern or move you
  2. He provides hope when all odds seem against you for God delights Himself in the impossible situations of your life to prove himself strong on your behalf.

Let’s start with the first. So here we are on July 15th, 2015 on a Wednesday at 12 Noon headed for the Ontario Airport to drop off my son and his girlfriend April to board their flight at 2:00 pm ending our two-week, fun-filled time together. My mind had played the scenario so many times during those fourteen days while he was with us. The heavy sadness would plague me as I would have to say goodbye for now, and now we were here on that day living it out. While driving down the 15 freeway headed south approaching the 10 freeway about to head west, and as we were passing the Ontario Mills Shopping Mall, I say to my son “Look, Dave and Busters, my favorite hang out.” I told him that the next time he visits, we would have lunch there. He simply responded with, “Yeah, Dad, next time.” The walk up to the terminal felt like someone strapped a 500-pound iron yoke to my neck, I was so heavy with sadness. As we approached the U.S. Airways counter, the lady at the computer terminal informs us that their flight was delayed a whole day and that they would not arrive on their military base until the 16th and very late at that. So after a short convening between the two of them, they decided to call the higher ups and explain the situation regarding their air flight which happens a lot in the military world. Their superior simply replied, “See you guys in a day or so.” I turned and looked at my son and say to him, “Dave and Busters?” He lets out a laugh, pats me in the back and we head back to our car to reload their luggage to our lunch destination to…well, you know where!

While walking towards the Ontario Mills, my wife along with my son and April followed about 10 feet behind me as I laughed and praised God exceedingly for removing the stigma of what I anticipated becoming a very sad day to a day of rejoicing and a good time awaiting us just one more time. In the midst of all this, I heard a still small voice speaking to my inner man that said, “I gave you not only this day, but the desire of your heart is about to come to pass.” It was as if the Lord did this one act to show me that he can and will, plain and simple.

The days that followed would prove my second point in that God moves the impossible for you. My son, being slightly determined to reenlist in the Navy, was pretty adamant about going international with his next move. It really felt like someone just knocked all the wind out of me. I will never manipulate the Lord for my will, but I will certainly make my voice and feelings known to him and with that said, before I knew it, my son sent me a text three days after he got home informing me that he put in for a transfer to San Diego, California Naval Base which is only a one and a half hour drive from our home. God surely moves mountains.

So Jesus said to them, “Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you. (MATTHEW 17:20)



Mailmax Postal Center, 15555 Main St., Ste. D-4, Main Street in Hesperia offers printing services, faxing, mailbox rental, and is an authorized shipping center for FedEx, UPS and USPS. 
(760) 244-6867


April is Poetry Month

Writer/Poet Mary Langer Thompson

Learn how to write poetry from
Mary Langer Thompson, Poet/Writer

I love April, not only because of springtime, Easter, and Passover, but because it’s National Poetry Month, founded in 1996, to show poetry’s importance to our culture and lives.

Here are a couple ways you can celebrate:

  1. Read a poem every day.
  2. Order a free poster from the American Academy of Poets (
  3. Participate in Poem in Your Pocket Day on April 30, 2015.

But the best way you can celebrate is to enter our poetry contest. Because it’s spring and you can go to a new or favorite area, the theme is “Place.” It can be a tourist spot, a sacred spot, or even home. Tell us what it means to you in a poem not exceeding one page (saved in a Word document).

There is no entry fee. Please email your submission  by April 20, 2015, 11:59 p.m. to with “Poetry Contest” in the Subject and include your name and email with your poem.


1. $15 Barnes & Noble gift certificate

2. $10 Starbucks

3. Poems in Water by Mary Langer Thompson

Here’s my most recently published poem from The San Gabriel Valley Quarterly:

Viva Venice, Las Vegas

We’re staying closer to home
these days
and it’s okay
because it’s just like being there,
except better,
and quieter,
except in the casino.
There are no annoying pigeons,
no rats about to bob their heads
next to our gondola.
So what if the jester dolls
are made in China and there’s no
St. Mark in the Square?
I stand on the simulated Bridge of Sighs,
look through the clear, shallow water.


Mary Langer Thompson

Poems in Water by
Mary Langer Thompson

Click below to order Poems in Water:

Mary Langer Thompson’s poetry appears in various journals, anthologies, and writing textbooks. Her first collection of poetry, Poems in Water, is available on

Desert Writers Escape to Catalina Island

Guest Blogger: Brenda Hill, Newberry Springs


Catalina Island Writers Retreat

Brenda Hill at Catalina Island Retreat


What a fun time, and insightful learning experience for five California writers. Santa Catalina Island was the perfect choice for the first Writers Escape Weekend.

Writers hailed from different parts of the country. All authors shared many diverse genres. Workshop subjects included short story, fiction, creative non-fiction, character/plot development and blogging.

When we first arrived on the magical shores of Catalina, we could walk to our conveniently located weekend hide-away, The Catalina Lodge.

One of the advantages of Catalina is very few cars, only golf carts and bicycles. We explored the nooks and crannies of this magical island by foot from sunrise to sunset, then again in the evening to marvel at the nearly full hunter’s moon illuminating the boats in the bay. I took a refreshing swim at the local beach each day.

Brenda Hill's Catalina Harbor Photo

Catalina Harbor


Catalina Island, CA

Sunrise on Catalina Island

We feasted on gourmet coffee, authentic Mexican specialties, and fresh Mahi Mahi. The golden sun was warm. The ice cream was a cool refresher.

One night we enjoyed a starry night “at home” in our cozy courtyard. Cheese, nuts, fresh fruit, and wine was the perfect writers picnic under an almost full hunters moon.

Another highlight of our retreat was a  tour through the museum. The rich natural and social history of the island is fascinating.

Leaving this unique place is always bittersweet for me. All of us would have enjoyed at least one more day of sun, fun, fellowship and learning.  While dolphins danced near the deck of our ferry, our merry little group of writers planned our next writers retreat.

Avalon, CA Ferry

Catalina Ferry

Look for the details of the Spring Writers  Escape, perhaps to Big Bear, on this blog. We would enjoy hearing your comments, suggestions and ideas. 



Brenda Hill is the author of Success, Your Path to a Successful Book,
Our Love Affairs with Food and Travel, and blogger at


By Guest Blogger Mary Thompson



Poetry Contests

            The poetry you write and like will be viewed subjectively. For example, some people love only rhymed poetry, and some prefer modern or free verse that doesn’t rhyme. For either, what judges look for is a poem that is crafted and original. For instance, if you rhyme, are your ending words conventional or what you see and hear in music all the time (love, above, dove)? Remember, music can hide what is common, while plain words cannot. Do the lines flow naturally or does the rhyme seem forced?

            When I want to rhyme, I feel more comfortable with a traditional form, like the sonnet. Here’s the beginning of one I wrote after September 11th, “The Waste Land Revisited”:


Mr. Eliot, with all due respect,


April is no longer the cruelest month.


It’s September that we will recollect


As the time we created a new front,


Notice that “month” and “front” are not exact rhymes, but what is known as “slant” rhyme.


           How do we craft free verse, especially since it sometimes sounds like it came full blown out of the author’s head and so must be their first, inspired draft?  The best have been sculpted, returned to again and again after leaving the poem and coming back to it. Many have another poet read or critique their work. Here are five tips to consider:

  1. When I read it out loud, how does it sound? Does it flow?
  2. Do I use strong, concrete, unique images or do I have words that are too abstract, that one can’t touch or feel, words like “love,” “death,” “pain”?  The theme of a contest may be abstract, but your poem should not be.
  3. Does your poem say something about life in a new, condensed way, like a snapshot?
  4. Are the words at the end of each line strong words? Although some poets do it, try not to end lines with “a” or “the” with the thought carried to the next line.
  5. Have your last line be as strong as you can make it. Your reader has been waiting for it.In my poem, “Butterflies Alive,” the poet meets with a young girl, mid poem:“A girl with hairin simple cornrowsreads the sign that saysthey live for only a week or two.She confides, ‘I’m afraid of dying.’”

         There is a reason for ending each line where it ends. I describe the girl in concrete terms, but simply. The reader can read the sign along with the girl and poet, a sign that gets to the heart of the poem.


         Remember, from an image or concrete object, a beautiful, original poem can from you. Happy writing, and best wishes when you enter those contests.




See February 2014 poetry contest details at


Winter Exercise Options in the High Desert

By Guest Blogger Bev Prine

Does the mere mention of exercise stop you in your tracks? Does the thought of working out

intimidate you? Afraid of going to the gym because you think everyone in the High Desert is

looking at you? You are not alone, especially in the High Desert, where the weather can be very

unpredictable. Now that February is here and real winter weather is upon us, it is even more

difficult to get outdoors and move your body. The month of February is historically 14 degrees

cooler than January in the High Desert, as reported on Exercise

during extreme weather changes can certainly become a challenge, especially if you are new to

a regular exercise program. There are many successful ways to sneak in some exercises, without

even realizing you are doing it!

The Sneaky-Exercise List

• Walk more! Park your car far from the entrance. This saves gas and time, since circling

the parking lot for a closer spot only wastes time and gasoline. The sneaky part? You

won’t even realize you are exercising, simply by walking a little further to get to the

• Stretch more! While sitting at a task, such as blogging on High Desert Bloggers, set a

timer for 30 minutes to stand up and stretch. This is an ergonomic trick to rest your eyes,

and while you are standing, reach for the sky like your life depends on it! Inhale deeply

while you raise your hands, then slowly exhale while you bring your arms back down.

• Dress to impress! Put your work-out clothes on, even if you are not planning on working

out. This little trick will tell your mind that your body is ready to move. Put on your

walking shoes, your running sneakers, or your hiking boots. Subconsciously, your mind

will think, “I might as well work up a sweat since I have my work-out clothes on.”

• Make a date with an exercise buddy (or two or three)! Being accountable to someone

else is an excellent way to stick to a new routine. For the beginner, working-out with a

buddy will make sure you will make the time to build in exercise. Coming up with new

(believable) excuses to cancel will soon run out. Your exercise buddy will hold you to

your promise, and you won’t want to let them down. After all, it is for your own good,

and good for your buddy!

• Get technical! During the cold winter months, you don’t have to go outside to work-out.

There are many options to work-out indoors, for example, use the Wii Sport game, or a

similar game-system program. Visit and search for “online workout

fitness programs” and get moving! Only 20 minutes a day, five days a week, will be a

great start to improving your health.


The first step is the worst – just get started! Don’t make unreasonable expectations for yourself,

and just keep going. The benefits are immeasurable! For instance, you will be sleeping better,

and feeling better. Little by little, you will have more endurance, for those times when you

need to climb a flight of stairs unexpectedly. By exercising and moving more, you will start to

consider your caloric intake, also. The nice thing is that the more you move, then you can eat

what you want, within reason. The more you move, the more calories you burn, the more you

can eat what you want.


Running and Walking in the High Desert, California

Submitted by Guest Blogger Beverly Prine

5K, Hesperia, CA

5K, Hesperia, CA – 9/11 Remembrance Run on the Hills of Ranchero, Wednesday, September 11th, 2013. Taken at the corner of Danbury Ave and Ranchero Road.



As a resident of the High Desert for over twenty years, I often enjoy taking long walks along the California Aqueduct Trail. During the summer months, early morning is the best time to walk the Aqueduct, aka “AD.” Walking with someone is ideal, just in case of trouble. The “Buddy-System” we learned in kindergarten applies to walkers and runner of all ages.

Since June of this year, I have started running, which is not any faster than my walking pace, but it works a different muscle-group than walking. Running with a buddy, or two or three, is even better than walking with a buddy. I got the chance to meet some running-buddies at the Ranchero Underpass Opening Ceremony on June 29th, 2013. At first I was intimidated when I was approached by an extremely fit young woman who introduced me to her group called “Mom’s Run This Town,” also known as MRTT. This individual was an experienced marathon runner (that’s 26 miles) and invited me to look up her group on Facebook.

I joined the Facebook group, “High Desert, CA Moms RUN This Town,” but a few more weeks passed before I actually made the commitment to meet up at a running event. This first event I attended was a run around Malibu Park and surrounding area on a Saturday morning. It was a nice surprise to see a familiar face, and meet six new people. One of the new friends I met runs at my pace, and we quickly became running buddies. I am so glad to have found someone who is like me, a beginner, and who is working at increasing miles and pace. Some in the group took off fast and ran the five miles in record time. Others ran and walked and finished before Mar and I, who brought up the rear of the group.

Not long after, Mar and I met many from the first run at the Maple AD trail, and I was glad to have company on “my” home-trail. The almost-five miles from Maple to Main Street on the trail of the aqueduct was very pleasant, as we watched ducks and ducklings in the water, and heard a coyote cry in the distance.

Mar and I have been running together three times a week for the past two months, and we are enjoying our progress. There are days when I need her encouragement to get going, and there are other days when she needs me to push her. This morning, for instance, we ran my favorite trail, which is the Ranchero Underpass. We start at Ranchero Road and 7th Avenue, and run east toward Danbury Avenue. On the return from Danbury back to 7th, I was about to quit and give up, but she was at my side, giving me words of encouragement to keep going.

At the beginning of each run at five-thirty in the morning, before the rooster crows, we love to look up at the stars and constellations still visible before sunrise. During the time of the Super-Moon last week, we marveled at its beauty, as we chased the setting of the moon on the return run, from Danbury back to 7th. The bonus about this running route is the trains that pass us overhead as we run. The Hesperia Airport is nearby, and sometimes we watch helicopters and airplanes land and take-off.

The highlight of September was running with MRTT at the Hesperia Days 5K, and Mar and I both improved our time, coming in at thirty-five minutes and thirty-eight minutes, respectively. I am no longer intimidated by others who are faster. The whole point of running is to get off the couch and get outside, exercise and get moving. The bonus is meeting new friends who encourage and inspire each other, not only in running but also in life in general. This quote from George Sheehan at Runner’s World sums it up:  “It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.”



How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions

High Desert job seekers may be interested in knowing that an agreement was approved with The Boeing Company by the Southern California Logistics Airport Authority. This means more jobs for the High Desert – and another reason for job seekers to sharpen their interviewing skills. One Hesperia resident, Richard Rangel, said at The High Desert Regional Job Fair held in May: “Finding a job is like playing the lottery. Without doing lots of interviewing, you don’t have a chance.”


This was a contribution by How2become:

With the job market in the state that it is, even getting invited to an interview can feel like a great achievement. If you want to go one step further and land the job, however, you’ll need to make sure you can impress the interviewer. That means presenting yourself in the best way possible and making sure that you can give the perfect answer to those difficult interview questions. Of course, that’s much easier said than done, but if you remember these tips you’ll be able to give yourself the best chance of getting the job.

Anticipate the Questions

Before your interview you should think about all the possible questions they might ask you. If you know anybody that’s gone for a similar interview or works in a related field it might also be worth asking them if they have any ideas about what the interviewer might ask. Remember, interview questions are much more difficult if the first time you are confronted with them is during the interview itself; so it’s worth doing as much preparation as you can.

Listen and Take Your Time

Some people make the mistake of answering the question before the interviewer has barely finished speaking. They believe it makes them appear well-prepared and confident. At best it shows that you have rehearsed your answers well, but at worst you’ll rush into an answer that doesn’t really confront the question at all and you’ll just look foolish.

Listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking. While you will have spent time anticipating what questions would be asked, don’t just assume that these are the questions they’re actually asking – one different word can change the entire question. Once your interview has finished the question take a moment to think about the answer. As long as you’re not spending a ridiculously long period of time thinking, your interviewer won’t mind you taking a moment.

Stay Positive

You might think that being asked why you left your last job is a difficult question, particularly if you were forced to leave. While you can express your disappointment about the situation, quickly turn it into a positive and talk about the new opportunities at your feet. If you can sound genuinely enthusiastic about your interviewer becoming your employer you’ll demonstrate a positive attitude that is valuable in any work environment.

Equally, if you’re asked to point out your weaknesses use it as an example to show positivity. ‘My technical knowledge has been very poor, but I’ve enrolled on a course to tackle this’, sounds much more effective and authentic than simply saying ‘I’m a perfectionist’ or ‘I work too hard’.

Don’t Badmouth Former Employers

For some, being given the opportunity to talk about a past employer is like a red rag to a bull. It’s absolutely vital you resist talking badly of your boss. Instead talk about how differences could make work challenging and how you believe that your ethos more closely matches the new organisation.

Stick to the truth

If you’re confronted with a difficult question you hadn’t prepared for you might be tempted to tell a little fib. If your interviewer chooses to continue questioning you on the same subject you could soon find yourself unable to keep up with your web of lies. Stick to the truth – by all means gloss it, but stick to the truth.

How2become currently offers over 140 different titles across a wide range of careers providing insider information to help you prepare effectively. You can also connect with them on Facebook

3 Simple Ways to Improve Traffic Flow to Your Blog

Traffic Flow

Traffic Flow

As a blogger, finding traffic is vital to success. While part of this success comes from a monetary perspective, a big part is much deeper than that. As a former mommy blogger, I found that reaching my audience on a parental level was most important. Second, I looked to provide them with consumer deals. And third, I aimed to improve my own personal finances.

If you have landed on this page the chances are pretty good that you either are currently looking to add followers to your digital space or you are looking to start a blog of your own. Either way, if you are anything like me you are looking to start your own blog based on the many things you have learned through the trial and error adventure we call parenthood.

Submit Your Blog

I am not talking about anything fancy. Submit your site to the different search options that people use to find credible sources of information. Most search engines such as Google provide a “Submit link” option. Follow the instructions and get your URL involved with all major engines.

Blog Linking

Blog Linking

This doesn’t mean you will automatically appear at the top of the page, it means that your blog will stand a chance when it comes to the competitive world of blogging.

Link to Other pages and Use Keywords Appropriately

This is a big one. This will help you attract random followers that don’t fall in the group of friends you tweet your most recent posts too. By linking your post to your favorite blogs you will increase awareness in the community. This could be big for you as we are wonderful at promoting one another.

Use keywords contextually. Don’t randomly throw out a coupon code without it fitting in with your back story. For example, I recently wrote a guest post for another blog that spoke about a camping trip my family had taken. In the post I made sure to add in a link to a coupon for L.L. Bean. Readers were thankful for the savings as well as the content, making them much more likely to come back.

Don’t overload your posts with links and keywords. This will be considered spamming and could cause your blog to be removed from Google completely.

Don’t be Afraid to Kill Two Birds with One Stone

Killing Two Birds at One Time

Killing Two Birds at One Time

As a general rule post quality content frequently, but sometimes it is important for you to multi-task your articles. If your site is setup to focus on all matters of the family you can incorporate savings, sales and coupons in with a story that mothers can relate too. Thus you are providing insight into your life while offering them beneficial tips.

Not every post will cater to each person individually, but if you tell a story about saving money or incorporate money into a story about a temper tantrum you may reach a broader audience. Does that make sense?

For example, I could write a story about my Christmas traditions. This is a great read for someone interested in my personal life. However, some people don’t care about that. For them I would suggest viral sales. Oh you haven’t heard yet? Well turns out some ads get prematurely released causing a frenzy over Black Friday leaks online. This is current news and one many of you will flock too. I could title this article “How Early Leaks of Black Friday Deals Changed My Christmas Traditions.”

See how I just killed two birds?!

By doing this you are opening up your schedule to engage on other blogs, using social media to promote or to write additional content.

I hope you have found this helpful. At the end of the day, you control your destiny. Through hard work and a mission to help others you will find success. Just remember that success can be measured in a multitude of ways!



Why Does a Writer Write? by High Desert Author Jenny Margotta

By Guest Author, Jenny Margotta

Cookbook by Jenny and John Margotta

Some Like It Hot! by Jenny and John Margotta













I am a writer. I have been writing since I could hold a pencil in my small, chubby hand.

As a child, I was fascinated with writing stories about Indians and early American

colonists. Later I added school papers, work-related technical articles, political opinion

pieces and more to my growing stack of fiction efforts. And along the way I added

editing others’ works to writing my own.

Two questions have been posed to me over and over for nearly as long as I have been

writing. Why do I write? What inspired me to begin writing?

I’ll answer the easy one: reading inspired me to write. I don’t think you can truly call

yourself a writer if you do not also read. I have been reading voraciously since the age

of 3. One particular book remains in my mind, although I read it well over 50 years ago.

The Day Must Dawn by Agnes Sligh Turnbull. It was the first book I read in the adult

section of our public library. I was in 4th grade and I remember the librarian making a

huge fuss that I wasn’t old enough to check out adult books. My mother, never one to

accept ‘no’ from anyone, proceeded to tell her I’d read everything of any interest in the

children’s section and I would most certainly be moving to the adult section.

The book had a fairly standard colonial-pioneers-on-the-frontier-facing-hostile-Indians

plot, which is why I initially wanted to read it. But as I read, I became enthralled with

the author’s descriptive phrases. One about the sun shining in the overcast sky like a

polished pewter plate has stayed with me all these years. When I read that phrase as a

9-year-old, I thought, I want to write like that. I wanted to be able to describe the world in

ways that people would remember for years and years to come.

I don’t know whether I’ve reached my goal yet, but I keep trying. And I keep reading. I

read for the stories, themselves, of course but, also, always hoping to discover another

author who will delight me with imaginative, innovative words to add to my store of

unique and memorable descriptions.

I recently reread The Day Must Dawn, by the way. I had long remembered that book

as a huge, weighty thing – on a par with Michener’s ‘let’s-start-with-the-beginning-of-time’ massive

efforts. The paperback edition I picked up was just 304 pages. Maybe

the hardcover was bigger. Or maybe I just remember things as they should have been.

Whatever the truth of the memory, I know one thing. A part of me these many years

later is still that 9-year-old delighting in discovering a huge, untapped store of books to


I continue to write. And I continue to read.

Jenny Margotta

April, 2013


Jenny is a member of the High Desert Branch California Writers Club.

Jenny Margotta and the late John Margotta authored the Some Like It Hot! cookbook. 

High Desert Food Writer Denny Stanz Tells How He Learned the Art of Writing

By Guest Blogger Denny Stanz

When I was in elementary school, I became fascinated by “Composition Class.” I was intimidated by the idea of trying to put words together and then being judged. But I was also excited by this very same idea, because it gave me an opportunity to use my imagination. Did I just pull words out of thin air? Where did the words come from? I had no clue. I still don’t.
This is the basic, elemental fascination I have with the art of writing.
Several years ago, I became obsessed with the idea of writing something that a publisher would deem worthy of being published. I did not know what that something should be. I wrote down on a piece of paper the things in life that I loved to do or felt I was good at. I looked at the list and two items stood out –  I loved being a father, and I loved to cook. My thoughts drifted back to the days when I became a single dad with a 7 year old daughter. I recalled all the responsibility I had, my fears, my concerns. But I smiled to myself as I remembered collecting recipes from my mother and grandmother so I could learn how to cook and provide good home cooked meals for my daughter. I thought about the different situations that arose where I found myself cooking meals for other people. A light bulb flashed in my head. I would write little stories describing these situations and then provide a recipe at the end. A storybook wrapped around a cookbook. Through these stories, I would teach men that cooking a meal was easy, no big deal. I would take away the intimidation factor. I would teach them that it was a gratifying experience that would bring them closer to the people they cared about.
Food Stories, my first published book, was born!
A few years ago I joined the High Desert Writers Club. I have learned a lot. I learned to accept criticism of my writing and I learned how to expand my writing skills. I learned how to get out of my box and be open to writing things I would not have done on my own. I am writing children’s stories and short story mysteries. I am working on a series of short stories where I have a dinner conversation with a historical figure or someone who is no longer alive.
When I wrote Food StoriesI had no idea what I was doing. I was just driven to do it. I wrote in a vacuum. Ignorance was bliss! I made loads of mistakes. But it lead me to today. Thankfully.

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